Kamal’s Dasavatharam – Navarathiri ?

kamal dasavatharam

As a part of the deal, Ravi will also produce another film with Kamal Hassan titled, Dasavatharam to be directed by K.S.Ravikumar. In this rip-roaring satire, Kamal will play 10 roles something similar to what Sivaji Ganesan did in that classic Navarathri.

Some of the characters that Kamal will play are George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain and a few other characters which is a closely guarded secret.

Dasavatharam is said to be the most hilarious script in recent times. Kamal and Ravikumar combination is sure to make it a sparkling entertainer. The film will release for 2006 summer.

Read more from Sify.

Seems exciting to me. How about Crazy or Sujatha for the dialogues ? These are the types of films Kamal should be playing for the rest of his acting career. Am expecting for more information on the actual Dasavatharams he will be playing. Any believable wild guesses on the roles ??

Thanks Praveen for the link.

P.S Prabhu K mails in with a hot news subject. Seems like Sun News has a news item on the next movie of Rajinikanth to be directed by Shankar and produced by AVM. Seems fishy to me but I can’t stop that little chuckle in my face. Devuda Devuda Rumor Rumor Devuda !!

25 thoughts on “Kamal’s Dasavatharam – Navarathiri ?

  1. Sounds good! MD – I hope it is not Deva.
    Going by Kamal’s penchant to mock Samiyars, he’ll certainly do a Jayendravatharam.

  2. Hello LG,

    The hottest news for me on earth is what you have provided. Thalaiver with Shankar, oh my god I can never imagine such a vibrant combo than this, Very sure he is going to full lakalaka..

    Already, with manirathnam one evergreen HIT he gave THALAPATHY. Still remember those words, yaru deva…avanunga.. namala patha payanthu poravanga…

    Now, with yet another classic product to be delivered. Very very eager to see from the day1 of shooting till 250 day of the movie.

    Already, I feel MUDHALVAN is for the one & only superstar. But he missed it. But not again. Never too late always.

    Hope this will not be a rumour & it comes true.
    It was a sweet surpise for me!!!

    Thanks LG 🙂

  3. George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain, what the hell is he thinking? He is doing a saturday night live show or what? these spoofs would suit satyaraj style of movies. Even for his genre of movies, these roles are over the top. Although the actual movie can turn out to be awsome and prove me wrong, at least at this moment by the description of it, it sounds nothing but crappy.

    And LG, when did you become a producer/director?
    “These are the types of films Kamal should be playing for the rest of his acting career”…what is that supposed to mean? It seems that you are the one who pinned the story and screenplay. dude, nobody even knows the story, hec, for all you know, this could be a rumor.

  4. i wanted a movie in tamil, much like Hotshots and top-secret. and this one is a waw!

    Thalaivar is back on his moods. KSR should be able to make out such a satire. All Rise.

  5. Keerthivasan,
    Let’s wait for thalaivar’s Prey And Play to come out of its mysteries first 🙂

    Dasavatharam sounds interesting and he can pull 10 avatharams off and how!

  6. I hope dasavadaram would be released with rajini next flim i am sure that kamals movie is going to break records all over the world. Because he is the only person who could still give varaities in his movies all the best to my everlasting universal hero.

  7. WE were all disappointed with kamals mumbai express the reason because it was released with chandramuki and we all know the results.But this time we dont want another flop from kamal it hurts his true fans and i really wish dasavadaram should be released with rajini next flim and create a new record in tamil era.

  8. Kamal’s Dasavatharam .

    This movie is going to break all records, and to release with Rajnis ‘s Movie will make it
    more super hit .


  10. Many people are mocking at Kamal in the first part of this blog. They have the right to do it. But they should remember that Kamal is the Pride of Indian Cinema. Can u compare him with others in achievements..? No. Never. There is no other actor like him in this Universe. I am not a Tamilian. You Tamil people should be proud of him. We malayalis jealous upon you for keeping him in Tamilnadu.

  11. atarmatai olikavum ,thiyaavargalai olikavum,tamil thiraiulagil vesampodum nadigar kuttatai olikavum varugirar NAMMAVAR ULAGANAYAGAN KAMALHASSAN.


  13. any body can act like rajini but none can act like kamal so only he was called nayagan the uncomparable hero later he be will be known as the ACTING GOD

  14. any body can act like rajini but none can act like kamal so only he was called nayagan the uncomparable hero later he be will be known as the ACTING GOD

  15. i have seen dasavatharam twice such a great flim in never indian history.after hayram such a good flim.only kamal can play this 10 roles. nobody in indian cinema compare to kamal. Such a marvales actore.He deserv to get oscar award. i wish him very best future.

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