Maitrim Bhajata Akhila Hritjaitrim

A few minutes back, was listening to Maitreem Bhajata. Not the vocal version of MSS but the veena rendering by Gayathri. The veena version is played in the Yaman Kalyani raaga. I am not a geek of raagas but from what little I’ve listened to, Yaman Kalyani derived from Kalyani is used to play some of most melodious songs.Veena is one of the sweetest instrument for the ears. Anyone who has listened to Chitibabu’s Bells of Joy would accept that.

Accompanied with a solo mirudhangam, Gayathri veena rendering just blew me away. Even during the last Marghazhi music festival, I had been to Gayathri’s veena kutchery but with all the smell of bondas and nei pollis sneaking into the music hall, I didn’t enjoy the show completely.

On a not-so-cold evening, like today, with the lights switched off in a room, you’ve to listen to the veena playing to agree with me. I’m not setting ideal situations to enjoy the veena but it was as though she played a personal kutchery in the house, just for me.

6 thoughts on “Maitrim Bhajata Akhila Hritjaitrim

  1. Mmmmmm Yaman. Try listening to ‘Bhavayami Gopala Baalam’ (MSS version is the best, naturally) and the more famous ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ of the same Raagam. Bliss.


  2. Two songs I want to go to sleep with every night..
    Nanati Baduku – MSS
    Shiva Shambo – Maharajapuram Santhanam
    (both Revathi raagam)

    One song I want to wake up with every morning..
    Kurai onrum illai – MSS
    (Shiva Ranjani/kaapi/Sindhu bairavi)

    Eternal Bliss!!

    Can anyone send me links to the first two?


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