Cardboard Krishna arrives home

cardboard krishna

For a change, cardboard Krishna jumped into my carpeted house from the balcony, this time. And I got to eat lotsa seedais. However, missed Sun TV playing Kettathum Kodupavaney[Deiva Magan] and Ullathil Nalla Ullam[Karnan], numerous times on a Krishna Jayanthi.

Brewing Kaapi in a Starbucks city

Hemanth is currently visiting Seattle and having a nice time with movies / bad time without his Mac. We met over lunch yesterday and had fun time discussing Madras stuff and ofcourse a little bit of cinema. Incidentally, we found ourselves, that we both worked/work/will work for the same company back at chennai and here too.

After a naan filled lunch, we decided to walk back and started talking about cinemas and the famous Grand theatre at Anna Nagar. Hemanth is hanging out in Seattle for sometime and hopefully we will get to meet often to catch-up. I am not going to allow him to escape without talking about our respective blogs.

Read Hemanth’s interesting account on we stumbled against each other.

Travelling through the bus gets

Travelling through the bus gets interesting day by day. The gentleman beside me was sitting with small cardboard in his hand. It read,”Bush lied about Iraq. Impeach him”. He seemed like a normal corporate man who is returning from office to his home. He was holding the cardboard in his hand while waiting for bus and then kept it inside the bag while travelling in the bus.

Now, without getting into any US political details, of which I’m proud to be oblivious of, if we could have a totally unassuming common man in India showing such a harmless protest and get back home safe, I would agree we have freedom of speech/expression. Not that I’m blaming the homeland, rather dreaming that even if one were to hold a placard like that he shouldn’t fear the autorickshaws lined-up in front of his house, the next morning.

7 Rajinis & 10 Kamals

As for the remuneration, Rajnikant’s formula is a combination of a fee plus a share in profits, it is learnt. In that respect, he reportedly took home anywhere between Rs 15 cr to Rs 20 cr. That has already made him the top earner among stars, not only in India, but also Asia, next only to Jackie Chan.

And he is now said to have worked out a 50:50 profit sharing formula with AVM Productions for Sivaji. That is sure to increase his earning potential to anywhere between Rs 20 cr and Rs 25 cr and catapult him even higher.

I’m going bonker bonks. 25 cr for just one movie is one hell of a money for an actor. Never seen that before in the history of Indian cinema. The tax officials would be witing to get to the source of this article, Can U solve Rajnikant’s biz formula? from ET.

Meanwhile Karthi mails me with a Kumudam reporter ‘report’ that Sivaji storyline might be a case of 7 look-alikes. Rajini seems to have heard a story during his childhood and goes in search of the rest 6 people who look-alike him. With Kamal’s Dasavatharam news adding 10 roles of Kamal we might get to see 7 Rajinis and 10 Kamals. Get ready for sore eyes.