Nilavin Nagalaai Araikkul Mazhaiyaay Elumichai

Nilavin Nagalaai Araikkul Mazhaiyaay
Elumichai Manamaai Irukkanumae
Innoru Nizhalaay Iraval Uyiraay
Irubadhu Viralaay Irukkanumae…!!


  1. Was happily listening to “thazhuvudhu nazhuvudhu”, and you point to something better! not fair! now girl friend is jamming my ears..:D

  2. Prabhu, I agree with you. I don’t need one however.

    Nithya, SPB is just so good in Thazhuvudhu. ‘Speshtam’ P Balasubramanian. He pronounces tamizh so well like ever.

    Anti, Illa Anti. I’m just typing what I’m hearing.

    Kishore/Keerthi/Prabhu, Sekiram kalyan panungappa. BTW has any married dude commented here. I know Nithya is however she isn’t one of those BOYS.

  3. Remember, ages back, you had a post on the best songs of 2004, and I said Yenakku oru girlfriend vendumada had the best lyrics. The one line that absolutely lifted my spirits was “Iraval uyirai” – and now, you talk about it again.

    But Mr. Pa Vijay went and gave that stupid interview and lost all respect I had for him

  4. Ravages, I thought you had amnesia 😉 I know the look on your face now(no !! not that amnesia joke again).

    I probably didn’t register your comment then. I accpet, now. Good lyrics.

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