We Are The Web

Oh !! It feels so nice to say that. Isn’t it ? To be a part of the immense, ever expanding, never ending, pastures of web, is definitely a cool thing. Think about the web and it’s infinte possiblities, you will have be jiving. If not, you will not be reading this weblog. Atleast, I wouldn’t be writing it. I enjoy the web. And it roughly 10 years since it started to be used widely.

The next Wired magazine [Aug], has a special feature that reflects the grand past of the internet, the current and an interesting peek into the future of the net. I subscribe to the offline magazine so I got my copy today. These articles aren’t online yet but would eventually be in the next couple of days. 10 Years that changed the world, the special feature, starts from the point of Netscape’s IPO in 1995 and tracks the interesting fads and happenings of the web until now.

John Battelle, author of Search Blog writes a special column on The Birth of Google. Though this has been beaten to death several times, it is never boring to read interesting stories on Google.

We also have pages on Marc Anderssen, whom we forgot to salute for his Mosaic browser, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and even Wonkette – the political blogger. Did they leave blogging ? No way. A special note on the blogs of war that talks about the US soldiers who blog from Iraq.

BTW, Blogger is 9th fad in the Top 10 Web Fads listed by CNet. It’s no more a fad. A way of life for some.

5 responses to “We Are The Web”

  1. Krithika Avatar

    “it is never boring to read interesting stories on Google”

    But the hyperlink is pointing to Yahoo! 🙂 Any why is it that Wozniak is always forgotten?


  2. sat Avatar

    That was quite an interesting read.

    And am eagerly waiting for the online Wired.
    I actually thought blogger would be higher up on the list.


  3. Kishore Avatar

    Blogs is not just a way of life, quite often its more a reflection of the self.. a way for some to look at themselves by being beside themself.


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, You are on One home page of Google.

    Check my Blog.. 😉


  5. Vj Avatar

    Nice Blog Lazy, been reading it for some time now. Keep up the good work.


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