Captain Teaming up !!

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With Rajinikanth clearing-off his political intentions, I was hoping that kollywood and politics will be dis-jointed in the near future. If only it happened, it would have been a welcoming move for the kollywood fans. We would have less of camera facing dialogues and more of story oriented scripts. Vijay and Simbhu types would talk less to camera and more as characters. We wouldn’t have movies being released under tremendous pressure during their release times because of the political air running across, like what happened with Rajini’s Muthu.

As Vijaykanth gets ready kickstart his party on September 14 at Madurai, those dreams are slowly turning into nightmares. Vijayakanth kept his word and has to appreciated for that. Only that he delayed his entry into politics, he kept the words to his fans on forming a political party. For the starters, last year he promised to enter politics with a party of his own on April 14th. The decision stayed but the dates got shifted by another 5 months.

What else should we say except, times have changed since MGR and we have seen the extreme moodswings with Tamil Nadu voters. Good Luck !!

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  1. Somu Avatar

    Vijaykanth has given a clear mandate to his fans to make his Perarasu a hit at any cost !! So, I presume it would have lot of camera facing dialogues as you say !!


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    No no. Let these guys be encouraged. Let them contest lots of elections, spend lots of money and at the end loose. Nalla maatuku oru soodu! Adhu kaaLai maada irundhaalum seri, kaaterumai aa irundhaalum seri


  3. Jacky Avatar

    A popular Tamil weekly is conducting mock polls at various cities in TN and things don’t look good for Captain! He’s yet to even garner 10% voter share in any city. It mostly ranges between 2-7%. I think Tamil voting population is partially awake. Good signs there!


  4. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    Vijaykanth as the leader of the Nadikar Sangam has proved to be a good administrator and able leader. I personally am curious as to how he will handle politics. The need of the hour is a good charishmatic leader, who can dispel the growing cynicism about politics among people.
    If Vijaykanth( or anybody else) can go towards even removing a quarter of the, often unjustified( & biased) cynicism, things would indeed lookup in the state.


  5. Karthik Prabaharan Avatar
    Karthik Prabaharan

    Tired of seeing DMK or ADMK parties ruling Tamil Nadu and accusing each other in every possible situation and trying to file cases against each other all the time. No constructive opposition (for that matter in any state or even in Central Govt. in India)

    You never know, as Mutrupulli was mentioning, Vijayakanth proved as an able leader of Nadigar Sangam. If he could turn out to be a charismatic leader, that will be a welcome sign for TN.

    Again, it is an extreme difficult task for him and he needs to do lots of hard work. People like Vaiko tried to form an alternate but till now, they were not successful.


  6. iyengarkatz Avatar

    anybody who wants to enter politics in order to improve and enhance the existing political system and thereby, affect a positive change in the lives of the people should be welcomed whole heartedly. time will be a better judge of their performance than any of our prejudiced views at this point.



  7. Raj Avatar

    I am on captain’s side 😉 Its boring to see just two parties win alternatively and no one has a different approach to the issues faced by people.
    Let’s give him a chance, who knows he might set right few things 🙂


  8. senthil Avatar

    திரு. காப்டன் அவர்கள், போட்டியிடடும், இவர் பட்டால் தான், சோம்பேறி(LG) நீ முதல் வரியில் சொன்ன மாதிரி தமிழ் திரை உலகம் திருந்தும்


  9. saithilak Avatar

    hello there ,we need good leaders not good actors.


  10. Nitin Avatar

    offtopic, songs from the movie Ah Aah released, music by ARR, great songs LG.


  11. Keerthivasan Avatar

    katz, politics can no more affect people. no more working for people. the intentions are very clear.

    Vijayakanth coming into politics is a disaster. He might have initial gains, but in the long run he will be lost. he cannot sustain the experince of the fellow oppositions.

    we have seen many people without experience start a new party. of course people who had been there in politics start a new party and they survive.. But entering into the politics with a new party .. is no good.

    vijayakanth will not be an exception just because he is an actor. I see immaturity all over him and his team. welcome to TN Politics, they are all qualified. God save us all.


  12. Saravanan Avatar

    Damil cinema thurayila mootham pattayiram peru velai seyyaranga. ithulla directors 5%, assistant directors 10%, stunt men 20%, dhunai nadigargal 50%, dechnicians – 10%, comedy kalaignargal 1%, nadigaigal 2%, nadigargal 3% irukkanga. ivanga anaivarin aatharavai petra engal annan gaptain arasayil varuvathai ethirkkum lazygeeki america gaptain rasigar mandram saarbaga naan vanmayaga kandikkiren.

    Jokes apart why do you oppose actors coming to politics. judge by his performance dont judge him by actor tag. what is the difference between u and ramdoss err.. thamilkudithangi. i support anybody who improves the people’s quality of life. i dont care whether he/she is an actor or software engineer or from xyz profession.


  13. Tamizh Selvan Avatar
    Tamizh Selvan

    Vijaykanth..oru tamizhan illai..golt. Want to see some tamizhan becoming CM for TN. Is that too much to ask??


  14. iyengarkatz Avatar


    your opening para is set in pessimism. it is like saying there are no more good people in the world today, no more good intentions in the world today. one never judges a book by its cover. hope springs eternal. you cannot write off anyone entering politics as people with hidden agenda unless of course you actually have results to prove and compare.

    politics today is a stagnant cesspool of rotting flesh. no one wants to enter politics because our perceptions of politics are negative. when i asked my hero what i would need to enter politics, he mentioned i would need to have muscle power to get into it and make a mark. such is the state we, the people have let politics come to. and that is why it is a welcome change to see people want to enter politics.

    you make it look like people without experience is a bad thing for politics and one needs experience to be good politicians. by your account, india must be a developed country! experience in politics has nothing to do with serving the people. intentions are more important than anything. motivation to serve the people is more important that the experience of being in politics. who knows, the lack of experience could be a good thing in changing the system.

    let us not dissuade people from entering this arena based on our assumptions of their capabilities. let us actually see them perform and then comment on it. in fact, i hope to see a younger generation of ppl enter the fray in the near future.

    tamizh selvan,

    why are you allowing a kannadiga to be your cm?? why are you allowing outsiders to work in your industries? why are you kumbudufying a maharashtrian as your thalaivar?? the background of a person is not as important as the services they can render to the state or country and thereby the people. let us not be caught up in these regional battles and lose out on winning the war!!



  15. Keerthivasan Avatar

    aaah ! Katz. Its been long since we had conversation. 🙂 How are you, pal.

    BTW, I swear people in politics of this kind are never going to serve people. Never. You and I will not come into politics, because we have the fear of survival. Why will anyone do that. Rich people simply dont care. Poor people somehow want to survive, most of them become rowdys. This is literal truth. Please dont say, it is not like that. Most of the people wandering on roads, atleast think they are some rogue of some sort, and they feel proud about that. Rich Rowdys become dadas. And Dadas become party leaders. And what did you say – Pessimism, well thats the way we are heading to.


  16. iyengarkatz Avatar


    been doing good though really busy. what about you?

    now back to business 🙂

    well, i don’t know about you, but i do harbour dreams of entering politics. it is one of my more idealistic dreams. i agree with you that the fear of survival is real and apparent, but i also believe that there is a point beyond which the fear of survival will turn into a fight for survival. if ordinary people feared for their survival, india would have still been in chains for a longer time than it did. it is only because the ordinary people took extra-ordinary actions to fight for their and the future of india’s survival that we are where we are today and so many legends were born.

    no doubt what you say about dadas becoming politicians is true, but i don’t believe that the whole of the land is being or can be intimidated into voting those people into power. sometimes it is as simple as not having a better alternative. bush was not voted in because he was the best, he was voted in because the other guy did not seem reassuring. and that is why we need newer people to enter the political fray. and that is why i really don’t oppose vijayakanth’s entry into politics. as much as i don’t like the actor he has turned to be, i am also interested to see if he can do something right. who knows, that could be the starting point for others to follow suit.



  17. Mery Avatar

    Your site is realy very interesting.


  18. Raj Avatar

    I think Vijaykanth entering into politics is a
    new begining . I tired of witnessing dirty politics in this state . His entry into politics
    might encourge other good people also . Let us listen what this new politician going to say .



  19. seilamai Avatar

    ann seilamai,onun purayichiyay thudagu onun pathaiyill puthiya puukal puukatdum.


  20. HK Avatar

    I have never ever voted becoz both the major parties in TamilNadu are equally bad. For the first time I feel like voting to give atleast a chance for the new party.

    Anyone can say anything, but it is he who prove what he said succeeds. Let us hope vijayakanth will succeed and make Tamilnadu a better place to live in.


  21. suresh Avatar

    I think Vijayakanth coming into politics may not be such a bad idea. But he has to work very hard to spread and publicize his policies among people of tamilnadu with a revolution, speed and vigor. Then only there is a possibility for a good win to his party. Both DMK and ADMK and few oter cast based parties have money and partymen to mobilize the people to vote for their parties. Viajayakath should neutralize such a force by more attractive and great plan with his fan club. He should recruit some good number of educated advisers in his side for ploicy direcitves. The victory is possible only if he keeps strring the wind in Tamil nadu till the elecion day else his party will be forgotten.


  22. Shantha Avatar

    Welcome Captain


  23. basker Avatar

    It is for everybody,we should think about the politics which is going on for past few years.Only two parties are there alternatively.Their main aim is to earn the money by using politics influence.they are not doing anything for the people.DMK probably will announce stalin as the next leader and even DMK party members don’t like this.In ADMK except jayalalitha there is no other leaders,she is an one woman army.The main thing is there is no need for vijaykanth to earn the money in politcs.he already has enough money and he thinks he can earn the money in film industry and some business.we everybody know he has the helping tendency.Now among the all paties i think he is very good.We will give one chance for him.


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