Tring Tring….

samsung e315

I ain’t sure if this is the coolest looking mobile in town, but its the most profitable to own. Amazon allows me to buy this Samsung E315 for $100, with a T-Mobile connection and gives back $200. So I get the phone for no cost and also get an extra $100. Cool. I would probably buy few books and DVDs for that extra money that would come to me through mail after 3-4 months. BTW, I have no idea what I would do the with T-Mobile’s 1000 minutes/month plan with unlimited minutes on weeknights/weekends.

This Samsung E315 has a VGA camera and video recorder with 15 second clips. Also allows me to take profile shots of myself. I was looking out for Nokia 6620 and just because T-Mobile doesn’t offer that in my zipcode, I had to settle with this. On the merry-go-round of my mobile shopping, I bumped upon a common truth, myself. In Asia/India, we have more advanced phones than what’s offered here in US of A.

Now, you guys don’t bounce those comments on the latest cell phones and make me feel more envious !!

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  1. yes, that is very true. In India, I have seen people using hightech phones which are not available here. I have not heard good things about T-Mobile here, I use Cingular, and its really good. How is cingular in Seattle?


  2. looking for cool phone for free go for cingular razor they are giving it for free look for phone atleast whihc has blutooth and make sure this phone works in india it will be usefull when you go back to india


  3. Lazy,

    u might want to double check abt the unlimited night and weekends. With 1000 minutes for 39.99, they dont offer the unlimited night & weekends.


  4. Sign: The plan is called “T-Mobile Get More 1000 Nationwide Minute Plan with Unlimited Nights and Weekends”

    LG: I am looking for a new plan and phone myself. This looks like a good package (handset has got 4 stars reviews), sadly its not available for Newark, DE 😦


  5. Lazy,

    More than the choice of the cell phone, it is your choice of the carrier which is bad. T mobile service is so pathetic in most of the places. So many dropped calls, missed calls and even voice mails. So i would say taking a verizon service would be a better option unless you are looking for more minutes in very low price(Bad service as well).


  6. Lazy, make sure that you know all those mail in rebate loop holes. Sometimes they have these idiotic rules like you get to send in you rebate forms only between 250-300 days after the purchase. By the time it comes, you would end up forgetting or losing one of the documents, and finally stay put with some loss! So make sure you know it!


  7. i have the same phone..only it is called E316 under cingular…i made abt 150 bucks off rebates..

    great looking phone…some great features..very light for the features in it…thats a great thing..but it doesnt have IR port/USB..does it? thats the’ve got to buy data cables and stuff to transfer photos to the comp

    and mine has some kind of bug…it switches off and on by itself sometimes and that makes everything stored on the phone (not the SIM) like sms, contacts vanish!!!

    strange, eh? i hvnt had the inclination to get it fixed…

    btw, cingular sucks..i hd tmobile before and i thought that was bad…seems like nothing is as bad as cingular…so much for the bragging abt being americas largest network..huh!



  8. It all depends on what you want. If you are going to use ur cell phone in and around seattle, Tmobile is not bad at all. Seattle s the headquarters of tmobile and you have no less than 5 lines wherever you go. So this plan seems like a good one.


  9. How good is Verizon there? I’m looking out for a career with Verizon here in India. Can somebody elaborate


  10. hey lazy, the phone looks real cool but t-mobile is not that gud…their nationwide coverage is real bad…if u are going places or travelling by road, chances are that u will not be able to make even a 911 call when required…verizon is supposed to have the best coverage in the country – thats y the extra price…followed by cingular/sprint…

    phones/technology in asia/europe are much more advanced than here…there is the monopoly game that ppl play here & do not let competitors from europe to enter…


  11. Lazy…I used to have Tmobile before. The reason they offer cool phones is cos their coverage sucks. I would advise buying Verizon or Nextel. They have the best coverage.


  12. Hey,

    The 1000 minutes/month plan doesn’t include unlimited nights and weekends , its 1000 whenever minutes, do check before subscribing.


  13. Oh my gawd !! i’ve ordered the phone already and its confusing now. anyway, useful advices are appreciated as usual 😉

    let me see if can find a good deal with verizon. seems a good option.

    Kalpana, I’m going to use it only around seattle so as you say tmobile is headquatered here, i can walk into their hq and ask them for a refund, if their service sucks.

    capri, I probably may not travel much until spielberg wants to have a dine and rink with me in hard rock cafe or woody allen wants to dicuss his next screenplay in the hot restaurant of manhattan. I agree to what you say and some of friends have warned me of the same fact before. i hoping you guys are wrong 😉

    Tapasaya, Thanks for suggesting veriZon. see if i can do something now.

    Kannadi, this url again,

    it says unlimited nights and weekends


  14. lol Lazy. Welcome to the rebate/best deals club :-). Every wireless provider in the US sucks. So if you find something that suits you, just stick with it. Besides I think they have 15 day return policy nowadays. So you can test it out and return the phone & coverage if you feel they arent upto standard.

    BTW, Check out google earth ( that was released today


  15. Few days back i saw a deal on Motorola V3 Razor which is much more cool than this one. That mobile costs arnd 35k in India and you can get it free over here :-))), i have few friends who brot it since it came free, even when they didnt have any needs for a mobile. Just with the thought that in India they cud have some joo with the hifi mobile.


  16. Srini
    I have worked in verizon briefly. From my experience, verizon is doing well (rather very well). Its a fortune 100 company or so.. But it has the worst work environment, you can ever imagine. Make you over-work and a very unprofessional bunch. Well I dint want to say this..This was because of too many indians in the company..from the director level to underneath. Well thats the situation here. In India, from what I heard its a decent place to work for and pretty much like any other other company. Besides they are moving lots of their operations to India..and its burgeoning..So I heard..
    So verizon is a nice place to work for if its in India..thats my opinion Sorry for the -ve tone. I could not help it.


  17. Thats a decent phone Lazy so is ur plan. I use T-Mobile it isnt as good as Cingular…but pretty decent. Verizon doesnt offer good phones or plans…so T-Mobile is good option.

    Samsung is one of the most user friendly phones. But did u know this phone doesnt have a timer alarm and bluetooth?? It has decent reviews from CNET.

    Lazy, Senthil and Ganesh: RazR is a bad phone…it was recalled, thats y its going for free! So is the case with their V600. I use V600 have exchanged it 3 times in 7 months due to battery problems.


  18. Hey Geek,

    One comment about Samsung phones is that, their batteries lose their charge soon. I have a Samsung -forgot the model name though. It is the feedback from my friends too.


  19. Yes there are good phones available in india, but beware they cost a bomb and you get no money back from any service provider. Here you get your phone and then go hunting for your service provider.