Contact Weekend

I’ve been lazy, not offlate, for quite sometime. From Shalini’s new kid to Anand’s Silicon India Interview to Srikanth’s Curry Rock[i know you are in India, Sriks], there are a bunch of friends with special occasions and 10 digit numbers that I need to dial-in to get in touch with. That’s my only job this week other than the 8 movies that have arrived from the library today.

Well, yeah!!…there is car search, bellevue strawberry festival, shopping uppu/pulli/perungayam at mayuri, hair cut, guests for lunch on saturday and ofcourse the favorite blogging. All this in less than 48 hrs from now. Gotta go….

7 responses to “Contact Weekend”

  1. Guru
    DC pakkam varadha irunda sollupa, we can meet.
    All the DC bloggers are planning to meet likely in July 14th, after Srikanth comes back from India.

    Question for you, are you planning to buy car at Whats your budget range and models
    Desis always prefer Toyato,Honda,Hyundai in that order


  2. speaking of uppu/puli/kayam shopping did you read Instant Kaapi’s new post on Project Fresh Stuff or rather lack of fresh stuff in desi stories across the US?

    I guess the problem is more acute in places with a lower desi population perhaps because of the low turnover.

    If your moong doesn’t sprout you know it has been in the store forever :-).

    What is your desi store like?


  3. OT: Guru, did some maintenance on my blog and have added you again this time on blogroll (as opposed to the static links I used to have before).


  4. Hi Geek, came here after a long while, glad to note you are in Seattle. I work in PORTLAND now. I might be visiting Seattle mid-July, we should try meet over coffee (in Seattle, what else but over coffee.)… Ashok


  5. Guru,
    Totally un-related to this post, but everything to do with the previous one. DO NOT watch Anniyan. Total waste of time/money/effort! I’ll be writing a post on reasons NOT to watch Anniyan in two or three days. My reasons will be there. Peace!