Nothing’s new

… men get tired of everything, of heaven no less than of hell; and that all history is nothing but a record of the oscillations of the world between these two extremes. An epoch is but a swing of the pendulum; and each generation thinks the world is progressing because it is always moving. But when you are as old as I am; when you have a thousand times wearied of heaven, like myself and the Commander, and a thousand times wearied of hell, as you are wearied now, you will no longer imagine that every swing from heaven to hell is an emancipation, every swing from hell to heaven an evolution. Where you now see reform, progress, fulfilment of upward tendency, continual ascent by Man on the stepping stones of his dead selves to higher things, you will see nothing but an infinite comedy of illusion. You will discover the profound truth of the saying of my friend Koheleth, that there is nothing new under the sun.

– by Geroge Bernard Shaw in one of the best books ever written, Man and Superman. I only wish we had a dozen of GB Shaw’s alive to set the world on a wisdom quest. Though quoted by The Devil in the play, this single quote can balance you from overdosing your ego, whenever you feel accomplished. Adangumaa Kannu !!

5 responses to “Nothing’s new”

  1. Gp Avatar

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  2. A.Rao Avatar

    Poignant simplicity


  3. Srihari Avatar

    When I first read this post, I immensely enjoyed the post (as I agree with G.B.Shaw had to say) and closed it.
    But, somehow I am actually feeling the very same, at this very moment, for no decipherable reason and here I wanted to comment, misusing ur comments section :).
    Nothing’s gonna make no difference!


  4. RS Avatar

    Profound thoughts…but kind of makes us feel more wearied 🙂


  5. Anjali Avatar

    i’lcheck that link geek.GB!no one to equal him.


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