Blogs made a headstart over

Blogs made a headstart over main stream media because of the personal voice they had in every single blogpost. In the process of getting wider audience and millions jumping into the blogging badnwagon, if they end up being badly written, poorly gestated trashes of email driven culture, someone has to take note of such blogs and vrooooomm !!

– Thumbi, the MP(D) of lazygeek

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  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Whoops ! That may not be possible and necessary. Blogs like those Die of their own. Not necessary to have someone monitor them.

    BTW Lazy, whos’ Thumbi ?? interesting.


  2. Ajay Avatar

    Thumbi, the variant of Thambi [?] (Anniyan), the guy with Multi Personality Disorder [MPD] or the alter ego of LG 😛


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ajay, Got it right !!

    Keerthi, what you said is right but not always !!


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Oh My !! MPD guy ! please spare my blog.. i qualify for your assault.. yet !


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    No way keerthi, no way. i don’t mean to point that at a specific blog.


  6. tilo Avatar

    Oh I see, blogs on your blogroll which are not frequently update/ badly written can expect the axe, is that what you mean :-).


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Not even just being taken out of blogrolls, but forsaken for good. also, i’m not talking about regularity of posts but the purposes drawn to create them. I’m just trying voice my angst on blogs written just for the heck without any unique perspective.

    not that I’m just pointing out at others but many of my own blogposts have also been the same way. this post was born out of introspection of this blog and not inspection of other blogs.


  8. tilo Avatar

    I can totally empathize with that LG.

    And Oh BTW off the topic question – who is Suchak Saab in Ab Thak Chappan.

    He is obviously South Indian – credits call him Suchak I think, do you know if he has acted before?
    Looks like some villianous elder brother of raghuvaran.

    I think his bad hindi/ English added an extra dimension of evil.


  9. nomad Avatar

    Its fine as long as its just a case of “i didnt like that blog” coz that would be your personal opinion. But if you start asking others to do the same and start asking the writer to change, then i dare say u r crossing the limits. Blogs are essentially collection of writeups of an individual. One musnt start writing just what people want to read….he must write what he deems right and let those who are interested read. It is sad that blogs have fallen to the level of just writing to attract comments and blogroll entries. That is the reason why people have started talking on the lines ” Blog should be like this” “Blog should be like that” etc. etc. Read if you want , roll on if you dont.


  10. Lazy Geek's SP Avatar

    nomad, you have said close to what I’m trying to say. My only contention is that blogs do what you are saying, these days. It’s become a matter of comments and blogrolling as you had said.

    The cliched statement on blogs should be there is not rule how a blog should be. but there are unwritten rules how a blog shouldn’t be. And there are many falling into brackets. And if you had read the comments section, you would also see that I ain’t talking about other blogs in specifics. it’s about introspection and hence this is written by lazy’s MP(d) and not him. This comment too !!


  11. nomad Avatar

    I am sorry i did not realize u were talking in the perspective of the person blogging himself. If thats the case i fully agree with you. But otherwise, i still cannot see a justification for “there are unwritten rules how a blog shouldn’t be”( again…unless one is referring to his own blog…if thats what u r referring to ….u neednt read the rest of the comment…i just made a fool of myself 🙂 🙂 ) .
    Isnt it really the reader’s choice whether to read or not. Why then waste time with such “rules”. All this is just part of this hullabaloo over blogs becoming the next media powerhouse. It is true that blogs are headed for the spotlight, but losing the essence of blogging along the way will result in just what has happened to times of india.



  12. Tilo Avatar

    alrite I am waiting to see that spring-cleaning in action……….


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