Blogger’s Park

Blogger’s Park is probably the first no-URL-wrongly-spelled column in the main stream media. Ramya‘s acquaintance with the Indian bloggers has reflected well in the article that details blogger meets. It was truly suprising to know about the two bloggers who got married after meeting in a blogger meet.

There are many blog sites listed on the article which would probably open up many readers to the blogs. Have to appreciate Ramya, the journo bloggers and Hindu for spreading the blogging magic with well researched article.

8 responses to “Blogger’s Park”

  1. Hey G!
    H r u? Saw u last time at d barefoot play. It was after reading d article in the hindu dat i found out u werent in town. when are you back?

    -manoj kumar
    StudentConcepts.Org[do u remember me now? :)]


  2. Hey Manoj, I am here at Seattle still. Not yet back. BTW hope you guys had great shows of EVAM Indrajit. Were you associated with them in this play too ?

    Kaps, Oh !! I missed reading it. I haven’t subscribed to the online edition of India today. My crib was that not many MSM’s articles contained perfect URLs. Good that you told this.


  3. LG,

    I think Anita Bora had put up some scanned copy of the India Today article (not sure whether it was readable enough) around the time when the article was published.


  4. Hey G!
    No i wasnt on stage this time. We had some StudentConcepts members working with them for promo’s and backend. When i went for the reading, i realized that its a tough play to pull off. It went great! Its over now and getting ready for the next set of shows. Its been exactly a year since i took up stage now. There are plans to go to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune with some of the shows. Should be exciting. Nice meeting you last time. Do check out our website and blog when u have time LG. Would love that!
    Manoj Kumar


  5. Tilo, It was well researched. Ramya had asked for opinions and she got it is at the surface level. She followed up for many things for knowing all the details. she wanted to know more about blogger meets happening elsewhere than bangalore.

    For a blogger, she already was, she could have written her own draft without any inputs. that effort is commendable and probably thats her job too !!