Falling Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie Falls

To cut the small story short, they said Snoqualmie Falls was taller than Niagara. Since I didn’t have a measuring tape of that size, I couldn’t confirm. But it was sure fun and tons of tiredness. The walk from the top of the falls to the bottom was a through a trail and finally I had jump a fence to touch the ultra-cold water. Clicked tons of pictures. Have uploaded a few on Seattle Photoblog.

If you are visiting Seattle, its a must go. Oh !! forgot to tell you, Burger King’s Onion Rings rock. Vengaaya Bajji.

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  1. Thanks for the pics. I am so out of Tamil movie world, inghe vandhu romba naalu aachu, I am glad when I hear Kamal/Rajani. Vera yaarum theriyadhu.
    What am I doing reading your blog…to catch up of course. No, occasionally usefulaa ezhudharae…
    Onion rings..endha ennai yil pottu edukarano. Last week Burger King Ponneen, kutty payan naccharitthu vittan. Star wars bommai venum endru. I went to counter and said give me the deal that has the toys and hold the meat please. Before I could make her understand, pozhudhu vidinji pocchu. Finally, did not get the toy he wanted and he is ‘nachar’iching again.

    Oh, I digress, beautiful pics. I have to visit Seattle.


  2. LG

    this reminds me of the days….went there many times. Its especially cool when u go there when it rains (which is most of the time). Have u been hiking up ranier? awesome trekk…



  3. Hey, LG, nice pics. I agree too with the fact that BK’s Onion Rings rock, have you had them with the zesty sauce that they give you. But it has a lot of calories.


  4. An Indian visitor to our Rochester, NY office told me that Niagara Falls was the #1 destination for Indians. It’s about 120km away, so I took her last weekend. OMG, sardhars, their Western-dressed daughters and Hindi all around. My guest really liked the park’s cleanliness.

    Snoqualmie at 268′ easily beats Niagara at 170′ (average of the two).


  5. Looks Nice.
    Did you go skinny dipping in there?

    Doesnt the onion rings contain beef stock in their oil or something?


  6. off topic. “I am sure Kamal is as thrilled as I am. Since he’s out of town shooting, we have not been in touch,” said Mani Ratnam.”The same effort goes into the making of every one of my films. Sometimes, a particular film is able to touch the hearts of the audience. The sincere efforts of not only the director and actors, but the music composer and technicians as well, go into the making of a good film. But not every film makes its mark. At such times, we just have to get up, stand firm on our feet and carry on.

    It’s about 20 years since ‘Nayagan’ was made. If Kamal and I get together to make another film, we must definitely set our sights higher. As soon as I get even a germ of an idea, I will definitely approach Kamal. Till then let’s wait and watch.” It would be great to see Kamal,and Manirathnam working together after so many years, and by the way he has started working on a new movie, umm, no peep about it.


  7. You should try Onion rings with the Zesty Onion ring sauce @ BK!! Intha oor chutney 🙂


  8. the pics were nice. the west coast is very beautiful, thats the only part of the country left for me to explore now…

    thanks for the haiku links. also for the onion rings link, havent eaten good ones in some time now. BK is my next stop!


  9. That was an awesome picture, LG..

    This made me to recall some hot stuff like bajjis & other stuff, which we used to get near hongennakkal falls in Dharmapuri district. Just after getting out of the falls, if you eat them.. hmmm…nothing to match that experience


  10. Neon, Snoqualmie is on the western side near the Issaquah and mountains.

    Poi, You got to visit Seattle. If you get a chance do visit. Nice out here.

    Ashwin, I’m yet to go trekin on rainier. Am waiting for the sun to come out yet.

    Nitin/Kalpana, Thanks a ton for the zesty sauce. Namakku therinchathellam ketchup. Will try the sauce for sure. BTW Kalpana is it you ??

    YB, Wow. Thanks for that.

    Sat/Muthuvel/Karthik/Ram C/Shant/Muthu – Thanks for guys for the note. Nithya, Nice that you noticed the pics. Experimental ones. Manasulla PCnu nenappu !!