Kojam Overa Theriyala !!

Thats Simbhu and Nayanthaara in Vallavan. Looks like this poster got the film into trouble. As India Glitz reports, Simbhu must enjoying the publicity, the movie is getting even before it’s launch.

I am not certainly not in support of these baloney protests. When songs like Cheena Thaana can get into the living rooms through cable, there are no issues in children looking at Simbu biting the lips on their way to school. It’s a similar controversy that got Shankar’s Boys back to the box. While Boys was a honest try of Shankar, I am not sure of the intentions behind this poster. But such protests have become an everyday affair and there has to someone regulating these protests.

The more interesting information on Vallavan includes three heroines including Nayanthara, Sandhya and the famous Reema Sen. Adding more to the spice, Simbhu directs the movie, himself. No, I didn’t say that the title of this post was relating to this. While Manmadan was a good effort if not a great one, Simbhu should probably be looking a getting a grip on the hero dominated kollywood rather than wearing the director hat. Ramp-up Remo !! Slowdown Simbhu !!

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  1. It started off with hero throwing flowers at the herione in old B&W movies, then they started pulling her hand, then as time passed they yanked the saree slightly, then started throwing fruits in their hips, then ran “bumbaram” in the stomach, then cooked omlette in the stomach, and now we see this…

  2. Looks like S J Surya has passed on the tricks of the trade to Simbu. Simbu is trying to create a controversy so that he can gain mileage out of it.
    Just because there is a precedent like Cheena Thana song or Kana Kandaen posters, I don’t think they should allow these hoardings along Mount Road.

  3. Even Kana Kandein with its hoardings got into controversies… This one is sure to rattle a few heads… Think Simbu is just going his Father’s way… Few movies after Vallavan, you can see Simbu’s name in all aspects of movie making – Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction, production, lyrics, music, poster design, editing… and what not !!!

    Yaaru modhala varaanu mukiyam illa… Kadaisila yaaru modhala varaanuthaan mukiyam – That’s the message he is trying to pass on I guess.

    Anyways, am looking forward to both thotti Jaya and Vallavan. Just wanting to see how much mature he has grown after his Manmadhan !!!

  4. guru,

    boys was not an honest try of shankar, it was a masala try of shankar despite claiming it to be a true portrayal of teenage life. the movie failed at so many levels because he couldnt strike the right balance between reality and cinematic license as he did in his serious movies.


  5. guru,

    don’t you think there is a difference between watching cheena thana in the confines of your house as opposed to watching it in the road? the whole purpose of the protest is that the poster may be seemingly inappropriate to be displayed in the public. what you do in private is your prerogative, but in the public domain you have to watch how your project certain things. is it silly to protest such things? depends on how serious people believe in trying to keep a hold on what is acceptable skin show and what is pornography. the filmmakers should also exhibit their sense and sensibility when it comes to advertising their products. have you ever seen kamal using his kissing scenes to promote his movies? that can be a part of the movie, but that is not the movie. this trend is more of trying to provide a ‘sexual” hook in order to get the audience into the theatres. cheap publicity do not a good movie make. watch new if you don’t believe it.


  6. Katz, Cheena thaana even was shown in theatres. don’t u think that is public space. if we keep going like this we can only make ‘thiru neelakandar’ movies.

  7. guru,

    a theatre is not a public space. that is also within the confines of a room where people who have no objections to seeing what they expect to see congregate. then why stop with this poster, why don’t we show hoardings of pornographic pictures too with the same argument? the point is not about making thiru neelakandar type movies, the point is about what you can display in a public space within a societal frame work. you can even make shakeela movies, so is it okay display a mammoth sized poster of her on mount road in an explicit sexual pose? it is akinto asking why people cannot canoodle and make out in the public when they do so at their homes, in clubs etc? the norms for public display will always be different from any of these venues and one must ensure you meet the norms.


  8. That poster snapshot infact looks disgusting!!

    despo guy bringing out his frustrations thro a meekly surrendering female!

  9. the poster is just to say what the movie about and its an indirect warning and a sample of what the movie is about. so the next time you see a guy biting a dozen lips on the mammoth size posters, watch out !!

    See how useful is a ‘bad’ poster !!

  10. I was impressed by these posters, however, i did not like the idea of having it on posters all over chennai. I dont see any reason why people should protest for this.

    But why did Mr. Ramadoss, who was against a bit of cigarette in Rajni movies, numb about a huge cultural calamity.

    Katz, do you think pornographic movies dont have posters. They are all over the walls, showing awkward poses worse than this. Only the quality of the picture will be bad. But this one’s terrific.

    There could be only one problem. I missed the traffic, watching this poster and more posters from Vallavan (Others non-controversial) to watch the technical crew of the movie.

  11. keerthi,

    the point is not that pornographic movies don’t have posters. but they are pasted on the wall that only people who walk next to them can see in the event it hasn’t been peeled off by some goat or has another poster pasted over it. it does not occupy prime position in a billboard style presentation. and that is not something common to madras as some people may rubbish it by saying indians have no other work. in la, a movie poster for brown bunny had to be removed because it adverstised a scene from the movie for which it is famous for. the scene being a graphic fellatio shot. people objected to it on the grounds that it is obscene and also in a practical way, a traffic distraction. no one came forward and said, people do this in their bedrooms, so it should be allowed in the public too. somethings are better left on the walls where they don’t offend many by being in their face and also avoid any traffic accidents. that’s about my point.


  12. Katz, I’ve to tell you that Chennai has bad billboard advts than this picture. truly. Enna athunga ellam vellakara penmanigal. namakku nammaoru ponnu appidi pose kudutha oru poi kobam varuthu. avlothaan.

    Those who protest aren’t puritans. Hypocrites !!

    BTW, coming back to shankar’s Boys here is my point of view. Boys is a puritan movie despite the outrages so-called bad stuff. Whatever they do the movie ends with the BOYS understanding their mistakes.

    If you say we shouldn’t be even showing the BOYS playing in Ranganathan street or taking a trip with the prostitutes, we shouldn’t have allowed Valmiki to write that ravana kidnapped sita or Vyasa writing that Draupathi being dis-robed.

    Got the funda !!

  13. guru,

    i am not saying white skin is to be allowed as opposed to brown skin. the point is that there are somethings that need to made more public friendly. well, if you believe people who protest are hypocrites, then let us become more open and not stop with billboards alone, but open the doors to pornography too. like vijay anand said, let us open the doors to theatres that showcase pornographic movies. let us open strip bars and everything and never ever breathe a word about culture, traditions etc. let us open the doors to everything because everything is being done be it behind closed doors or elsewhere. the fact is, we all like to pretend that we are extremely broad minded and liberal as long as it does not affect us personally. why did rajinikanth have to give into public demand and quit smoking when his name to fame started with that cigarette? so many ppl smoke, why did he not smoke on the screen? this issue is similar to that i.e. you can like what you want in your personal life, but when you do something in the public domain, it has to be toned down to suit the general public.

    as for boys, i still dont agree it is a puritan movie. please dont compare boys to ramayana or mahabharatha. despite ravana kidnapping sita, he did not lay a finger on her. and an attempt was made on draupadi to disrobe her, but that never happened.

    as for next the tamil scripture, pulavar shankar’s boys, the protaganists understanding their mistakes does not take away from the fact that it was not a realistic portrayal of the teenage years as touted by shankar. which generation does this movie belong? not my generation and definitely not the one after me. prostitute kitte-laam povve vendham, ippo ellam school liye matter mudichukellam! that is the truth. in real life, the character played by vivek would not have been khadi white clean. in fact, kadhal to a larger extent seemed more realistic because it was a more accurate portrayal of life when ppl run away from home. things are not a cake-walk. now if shankar had said this is just a teenage fantasy, yes, go ahead, siddarth could have been the next jt. but he did not. but it was a weaker screenplay than any of his previous ventures and that is why i don’t think it really does not deserve a mention as a good movie . i am positive anniyan will have a more tighter screenplay just to offset that venture.


  14. katz, comments in two or three parts. basically enakulla thongittu irundha comment debate singatha thatti vittuteenga.

    a)This title’s post ‘Konjam Overa Theriyala’ may be applicable to myself for bringing great guys like valmiki and vyasa but as your/my kamal sayid during the hey ram controveresy,” why do say a Mahatma is a mahatma and keep him aloof from public. Allow me to dissect and understand his personality. Give me a chance to become him. If anybody wants honestly he can become one Maha Atma.”. Similarly when it comes to debate I just quoted them but it any way did not mean to dis-honour them.

    b) Ravana kidnappedSita but did not lay his hand on her is just a vidantaavaatham. will this stand in any court ? I don’t think so. Similarly if I have to make a vidantaavatham I need to say that ‘Boys’ went to a prostitute but never managed to do anything. Infact none of them even laid his hand on her. But thats not my point.

    Probably your generation( your known generation) never did anything of that sort. I’ve had friends who have told me stories similar to Boys. I’ve known people talking behaving exactly like an OTMP in wine shop. Since you don’t know BOYS who did that doesn’t mean nobody did it. Probably the %age of BOYS who did that could be less. But why shouldn’t I take a movie on that small percentage of people. Did Bala not take a movie on undertaker who are less 1% of the population.

    If you watch Boys and come to a conlusion that they are ALL like that, Shankar shouldn’t be flamed.

    c) Some scenes of Boys were extremely embarassing to watch with the family. That by itself it a harsh truth. Though we know stuff like this happens in everywhere, we are just hypocritical even in our house.

    When you say these things should be tone down to suit the public. Define whats tone down. Thats a relative term. What could be TONED DOWN for you may not be TONED DOWN for me. For me a lip kiss existed since childhood when I watched english movies or when Kamal pressed his lips on Nirosha’s in Surasamharam. Simbhu does what Kamal did to his Kurudhi Punal posters back in 95 after 10 long years and still if you are fighting for such things, you must have not witnessed the animal called CABLE TV !!

    I’m resting my case here, your honour. Innoru Case’il sandhippom 😉

  15. guru,

    in my generation also, boys may have done that, but those were in the smaller percentage. and none of those boys went to a prostitute and came back with their virginity intact as does in the movie because after all the hero has to be pure and true for the virgin heroine!!!! most boys either fantasized and left it at that or ended up honing their skills with their girlfriends. the difference between bala’s pithamahan and boys is bala never stated this is a story to portray the undertaker’s life as we have all experienced in life! like i said, by setting up your hopes on a more natural teenager’s story, and then delivering a fantasy is what i am objecting to in calling it a good movie. appadi paartha, mumbai xpress is an even greater HONEST effort. boys was pure masala with few grains of reality strewn in. you cannot justify it as a story that talks for a larger population or was so natural that it reminded you of your teenage years.

    as for the public domain argument, agreed everything is relative but that does not mean that you cannot come up with a agreed benchmark. while kamal may have kissed gauthami 10 years ago in kurudhi punal, i personally dont recall if he ever had a poster on mount road of him kissing her (dont know how to fact check that). and you have answered your own question in your comment. just because you dont have a problem with that poster doesnt mean that everyone else should not have? so why blame the people protesting it when you have claimed that it is all relative? you make it look like the protestors are in the wrong because they take objection to something that you have no objections to. likewise, i have no hassles seeing posters of totally nude women, so does that mean that i should put one up on mount road by claiming you can see the same on ftv? i may believe in mercy killing but under the common law it is murder. likewise, people may have a cheena thaana dancing at home, but in the public they would rather keep her under wraps. it is not hypocrisy, but just knowing there is an appropriate behaviour for every time and place.

    cable tv can be a beast, but that is still in your house. let that run wild on the streets and then ppl will stop objecting to such stuff, posters will become immaterial when ppl are dancing in the nude right in front of you!

    lastly, for that kamal comment: he was correct in stating that and that thought process runs through anbey shivam too when he tries to make us think about how we can become God. that is my belief too. but the catch is that with his statement, he wants to become a mahatma. in your comparison, you were making valmiki/vyasa to be another shankar! that is where the critical difference lies.

    would you like to deliver your closing statement now?


  16. Sure. Will do that.

    I was trying to Valmiki or Vyasa to be a Shankar. I was trying to say, ” argumentunu vandutta, ellarum onnuthaan”. By making them god lets not keep theirs workd in the golden glass and go by whatever was said there. If we are doing that, which we are, lets also do that every single mortal’s story 😉

    Kamal kissing Gautami tight on her lips was the 10th day poster for Kurudhi[p]punal. I have seen and hated it myself. Ask me why?. I liked Goutami and hated Kamal handling her 😉

    Here’s the final statement, If I am saying the protestors are a humbug, I have a reason. Nayagan Bhashaiyiley sollanumna,” Kodambakkam bridge thundoda nikkira ponnu ad irukulla atha edukka sollu simbhuva naan edukka sollaren”, Side gappula Vasool Raja padathukku periya bannerla naalu ponna kattipudichikinu nindhaarey unga kamal avara nirutha sollu, simbhuva nirutha sollarean”.

    I dedicate a blogpost to you.

  17. Just as an info, many posters of Kuruthippunal did carry the still of Kamal Haasan kissing Gouthami.. :(( May be it was the marketing ppl.. :p

  18. guru,

    the point is not to make God a mortal, but to make God out of mortals. the whole shankar thing was to me the story was contrived primarily because it was supposed to be reflective of a wider population (as said by shankar) and ended being a story of a population of miniscule percentages and even then did not end up being realistic and was more cinematic. and for argument’s sake, one cannot compare everyone unless they are on the same plane. else, wouldn’t cheran be comparable to mani rathnam???

    my point on the protesting thing is simple: preferences are relative. they have as much right to protest as you have to admire the poster, be it this one, or kurudhi punal or vasoolraja mbbs. we always have a tendency to put down things that we dont care about and maybe others care about it. why include the protests in your post if you don’t agree with it? to each his/her own.


    ps – did you every write about the protest done over sandiyar and mumbai xpress??

  19. they have as much right to protest as you have to admire the poster, be it this one, or kurudhi punal or vasoolraja mbbs. we always have a tendency to put down things that we dont care about and maybe others care about it. why include the protests in your post if you don’t agree with it? to each his/her own.

    Atha thaan naanum sonnen. Katz, nerungee vandhuteenga.

    If you are asking me about why go against the pretestors, here is my question on the same lines to you.

    Simbhu is in the movie business and is making a banner to get his movie hit the box-office. Thats his right to make money. Why do a bunch of people protest against his right. Isn’t that interuppting in Simbhu’s karma.

    BTW, I did write about the protests of Sandiyar in my virumandi review. Mumbai Xpress wasn’t a protest at all. It was a prelude to protest. Snadiyar’s protest was costly. Kamal had to bring down a 50 lakhs set in Theni for that. Did you see that angry business in Kamal when he looked at the camera and said, ” Please don’t disturb me” during Madan’s Vijay TV interview. It ended up costly for Kamal.

  20. guru,

    look at the other way and ask why does not simbu create publicity for his banner and movie without resorting to cheap gimmicks? simbu’s karma? the point is that as long as simbu has the democratic freedom to put forth such publicity stunts, people have the democratic freedom to protest. who is right and who is wrong is a relative thing. so this will always be an open ended issue.

    btw, am curious to know if simbhu was taxed for the publicity of his business product as that was supposed to be one of the taxes levied on manufacturers. and also if all of their foreign trips for shooting is taxed too.


  21. While I’m sure it’s a publicity stunt as I have told in my blogpost, I’m only upset by people who are protesting.

    If protesting is a right just like simbhu’s right to put up a banner that way, its also my right to protest the protest. What say !!

    HAve a good weekend Katz, I’m off to a falls thats taller than Niagra. Will give a shout, Great Show Mani Ratnam/Kamal/ARR !!, from the top 😉

  22. guru,

    have fun at the falls. i think it is the snolqouie falls or something. i have been there and walked down to be able to catch the falls from its base point onwards too. seattle definitely is a cool place to be.


    ps – look forward to different debate on why we should not equate shankar’s work to any scriptures and all! 😉

  23. I feel that Simbhu himself would have masterminded everything right from the banner ad to the protests for it. Nalla publicity stunt!!

    And, I won’t be surprised if Simbhu goes on to place more billboards with the other two heroines also. Biting Nayantara’s lips for a poster is sensational but with Reema Sen, Simbhu might have to think a little better than biting her lips. Reema Sen level kku yetha maadhiri yosikkanum. And 3rd heroine yaaru? Sandhya? No comments.

  24. hmm..abt the whole poster thingi…to ppl who think the poster is alrite to be placed in public..i got one queston..would you go down the street or road where the poster is placed with your family and kids??…..this is supposed to be rhetorical question…coz i assume everyone has vekkam and manam..lol…and very most the akarai for their innocent kids who are immature…and wow…lazy geek!..cant beleive u actually allowed the previous nasty post by manoj!..

  25. hey good one lazygeek..good thing u removed that post, and yo u seem to be havin one heck of a site here…haha..and especially the joke abt the quickstar thing made me like cry outta laughter….its happenin everywhere u r right abt that.(this was quite some time ago..i was jus going back to the old months)

  26. vallavan, i think chimbu is trying to become another Kamal,but he should realize one thing
    Garuda is not the king of insects!!!

    get lost chimbu

  27. hey chimpu
    u may have kissed nayanthara for a movie!come out to the real world,even a slut will not kiss u!y kiss will not even bother to look at ur screwed up face!
    ..!.. off!

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