Weekend Webclips[Google style]

Anand‘s Aeroprise wins First Prize at Mobile Showcase 2005. A time to rejoice. Congrats Guest Blogger!!.

Anniyan website is now functional with some more odd looking Vikram’s snaps. I am not sure how many more different Vikram’s are inside the movie. The trailer is also up but it isn’t the version thats has hit the Chennai screens.

Walmart closes down DVD rentals, hands them over to Netflix. Now it’s Netflix Vs Blockbuster assuming Amazon stick with it’s business.

Dilip D’Souza has good set of easy-n-tough Tin Tin questions. Try your hand. I got atleast 5 correct answers, I think.

3 responses to “Weekend Webclips[Google style]”

  1. cogito Avatar

    The interesting fact is that Walmart has not only closed its DVD business but would be partnering with Netflix ! So one competitor down and a few more to go..


  2. Ajay Avatar

    Anniyan trailer looks awesome!! Catalyses the curiousity on the movie… looks like Shankar is really coming back with a bang!


  3. Vishnu Avatar

    Anniyan trailer has a couple of scenes borrowed from the Matrix series. Didn’t expect Shankar to do it.


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