The E.T – Infinite Ingenuity


It was probably 19 years since I watched E.T on screen. Obviously, I was a kid then. My orientation towards ET had different dimensions. My eyes were filled with tears when the lonely alien lies there in the middle of a hall in Planet Earth and weepingly utters,”Mom Mom!!”. Since then I believe(!!) I’ve grown up. I have discovered my liking towards movies. I’ve watched hundreds of films since then. Have watched the T-Rex walking mightly in Jurassic Park. Have enjoyed the gigantic space ship on the skies on an Independence Day. Have seen Titanic go down, Apollo 13 getting stuck in the space, Robots getting away with Artificial Intelligence and Darth Vader fighting Star Wars. Having this huge line-up of graphical wonders lined up, ET still seems to a wonder of movies. As I watched it yesterday, I still had tears running on the same shot. I don’t call it empathy for an alien. I prefer to call it as the magic of E.T.

Steven Spielberg‘s ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) brings out the child in you. As Spielberg says, ET is like a good quality wine. The more the age the better it gets. What a genuine storyteller we have in Steven Spielberg. After E.T, he has a share of heaven reserved for him. He has soothened so many souls with ET just like what Illayaraja and SPB did to millions of tamilians.

When I finished watching the movie, this is what I felt – If only…If only I get to make a movie and If I can weave a story as profoundly imaginative and strikingly humane as ET, I would feel accomplished.

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  1. Ram.C Avatar

    Indeed, it was a great movie…

    I never used to watch more English movies when I was young. Few exceptional movies which I watched and still remember were E.T, Spy who loved me (not when it was released first), Police Story, The Love bug etc., Great feeling of remembering the scenes still…

    Sometimes, I don’t get that feeling nowadays except with few movies.


  2. CrazyGeek Avatar

    Off Topic:

    Did you get chance to see ANNIYAN Trailer.

    Amazing!! Shankar raised expectations more after seeing the trailer.


  3. Nitin Avatar

    Crazygeek, did you see the trailer online, or at theatre, if online please post the link please. thanks


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    CG, As nitin says post the link. I remember being swayed away by Shankar’s Indian trailer.


  5. Breaking New Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking New Balaraman

    No No .. Why are you guys asking the question again – it is a real trailer that is shown in theatres. I posted about it a week or so back.

    Can’t find info anywhere on Aniniyan release dates/theatre – very desparate to attend the first day’s show. Since they showed the trailer @Satyam I assume it is getting screened for real there at some point.


  6. IBH Avatar

    You should read this…

    It is a popular belief that Satyajit Ray’s ‘The Alien’ is the inspiration for SS ET…i did blog about it…I have read ‘The Alien’ and i feel it sure does…

    I also liked the indian take on it…”Koi Mil Gaya” and especially the Jadoo…it had more kid’s friendly face than ET’s..:)


  7. CrazyGeek Avatar


    I saw trailer in Theater. And I couldn’t find it online. If I get to know the link, I will post it.

    Trailer contains the following:
    1. All Five Song Clips (Kannum Kannum Wonderful picturization in KL Airport)
    2. Vikram fighting in Matrix Style.
    3. A Frog with masala is fried in oil and similarly there is a man sitting with masala all over his body. Vikram in Undertaker Getup frighten him by questing about stealing 5 paise.
    4. Prakash Raj and Vivek like a villager investigate about Anniyan.
    5. Finally there was a sumo with some code written in blood. On seeing that praksah raj says that “This guy is trying to Covney Something”

    I went to Kana Kandein Movie just to see the Anniyan Trailer


  8. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Nice description of Anniyan trailer,CG. BTW, how was Kanaa Kandein ? Heard it was a suprise hit. True or a media rig ?


  9. CrazyGeek Avatar

    Kana Kandien is not so good da. Its an amature movie by K.V.Anand. I don’t find anything intresting in that movie. Noteable person is that Villan Prithivi.


  10. hari Avatar

    To all those who want to see anniyan trailer goto is a link right on the homepage and you can find 2 versions of trailers there.Trailer-1 the same as in website and Trailer-2 the theatrical version.It does look grand like other shankar movies but I find it has TOO much of similarity to Indian, especially the way vikram speaks etc.

    cheers to the upcoming of Tamil Cinema!


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