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Chandramukhi – The Second Coming of Super Star


Kann Emaikkum Nodiyill Ada Ethuvum Nadakkum
Ithu Enakku Therium Naalai Unakku Puriyum
Hey!! Anjukkulla Naala Vaiyu
Aazham Paathu Kaala Vaiyu

reads the lyrics of the superhit song Annanoda Paatu in Chandramukhi. You might wonder if they were written based on the Baba’s lessons learnt document. May or May not be. Baba wasn’t the first of Rajini’s movie that failed in box-office. Yet it was a notable fall because the media was on all-time high about Rajini. It wasn’t the be a crucial time in Rajini’s career. He wasn’t in one of those if-this-fails-i’m-lost-forever times of his film career. Still, Rajini tasted the failure gracefully and refunded the financial loss to his distributors. What about his diehard fans ? He deceived them with Baba. He never repaid them nor even reassured them. Was completely out of the movie scene for more than 3 years after the Baba disaster. He probably wanted to go by his own dialogue, Sonnathaium Seivaen Sollathathaiyum Seivaen. Comes back with bang in Chandramukhi providing wholesome entertainment for the entire family. He treads in the most popular and the most safest roads of movie making that encompasses entertainment values for the masses.

Just like any AVM flick, Chandramukhi has an amazing proportion of commercial cinema for everyone. There is a ‘story’, some suspense, comedy, super hit songs, stunts and hey as a bonus it also has Rajini in it. Instead of the story getting twined around Rajini, for a change, Rajini ties all the elements together. If only it was the other way, he had to do more gimmicks and adhere to the silly formulas. More of this a little later.

Chandramukhi premise is ripped-off from a wonderful Malayalam classic, Manichitrathazhu. A haunting and a realistic movie directed by Fazhil has become a suspense thriller with lots of exaggeration[the graphical anaconda snake] and commercial compromises. I would hate to compare Chandramukhi to Manichitrathazhu because they just have the same story premise but the intention behind making them are a lot different. Apples and Oranges. The video shops are going to be haunted for Manichitrathazhu video allowing more people to understand the taste of malayalam movies.

Chandramukhi is a story of a girl suffering from multiple personality disorder also known as split personality. A curious urban girl comes in contact with a ancient story of a dancer Chandrmukhi, becomes interested in her and in the process of knowing more about her, gets affected with MPD. Before she gets too dangerous for others to handle, a psychiatrist treats her appropriately by risking his life. I didn’t want to write even this storyline but it’s just to show the point in which Rajinikanth’s character gets importance. It’s only in the last 20 minutes Rajinikanth does something closer to his character. Until then he just there to provide fun time for his viewers.

Jyothika the wonder girl does a great job in the title role. It’s probably the movie for which she will be talked about. Even though there is just too much kajal in her eyes, trying to dub her as a ghost, she gives a performance that will be rewarding. For someone so charming and fun filled even in the movies, a ferocious role must have been a challenge. She walks away with full marks for the acting sequence in the final scenes and her version of tounge twisting flirt, Laka..Laka..Laka. If only they would have downplayed her make-up and didn’t glare her eyes with those extra lights, the role would have been remembered for a long time. Nevertheless it’s her movie and she emerges as a grand winner.

Going by the popular mis-conception that there weren’t many punch dialogues for a Rajini movie, Rajinikanth’s tightrope walk in Chandramukhi paid-off well. If only there were many of the so-called-punch-dialogues, they would be analysed in every possible angle by the media and they would wage a virtual battle between him and some unassuming political star. Rajinikanth’s huge fan club must be having a great time watching their Thalaivar coming back to the Rajathi Raja type comedy where the story dictates comedy dialogues and not the other way.

With that Matrix stlye introduction Rajini’s character gets pulled into the movie real quick. But his character stands out for a long time until he starts to unleash the Chandramukhi mystery. It’s true that his voice has lost quite a bit of it’s grace. Still he has a powerful on-screen presence and has a fairly good sense of humour. Though it’s mostly of the slapstick genre, we enjoy it thoroughly. While he comes in the disguise of the king in the final scenes, he reminds the villainy roles he played during the yesteryears.

Rajini probably wanted to get out of the political blackhole into which he was drawn into with/without his consent. He probably wanted to relive his good ol’e days of Super Star. In that manner, even though Chandramukhi doesn’t showcase or boast the superstar status with magnificent BGMs or Vishk…Vishk sounds, Rajini comes back full swing. Choosing a story for his re-launch after Baba was so important for him. Chandramukhi which had a perfect script for an entertainment movie, was also successful in Malayalam and in Kannada which must have pushed him to use the script in his favour. It worked magic for him. While there could arguments as to how the movie could/might have been taken, with the given output it brings back the Super star as he was celebrated in the late 80’s. Welcome back !!

Prabhu, a very good actor gets very little chance to make an impact. He was probably very worried about the business of Chandramukhi being the producer and didn’t wanted so much on-screen presence. Vadivelu is on the track. While I would have still preferred to have Janakaraj as Rajini’s sidekick, Vadivelu was also comical. Nayanthara does her part neatly. But she was over-hyped during the pre-release promos. Good artists like Nasser and Sheila get wasted in the not-so-important roles.

Vidyasagar would get a second chance with Rajini for his next film. His BGMs thrills and keeps the tempo of the movie, high. Annanoda Pattu is the ‘once more’ type. Raa Raa is a melodious song and everyone watch it just for the Lakka Lakka sequence. My personal favorite is the Athinthom song which had shades of Illayaraja as mentioned in the music review. Some fine piece of artistry by Thotta Tharani. However it could have been avoided which would have made the film more realistic. But a Rajini film requies this grandeur. Director Vasu would be a happy man from Chandramukhi’s success. He has did a good job of bringing the best out of the crew except that he could have reduced the hyperboles to the story.

Leaving all the pre-concieved notions of recent Rajini flicks, if only you could be open, Chandramukhi is a paisa vasool. If you are the nitpicky type, trying to grip on the loopholes of the movie, Chandramukhi isn’t for you. Truly, not many are criticizing with a Rajini movie. For this is even more a special film, announcing the second coming of the Super Star. If only Rajini would stick to same film-making rules as of Chandramukhi, his fans would be the luckiest of all. For this way, instead of falling for the image trap, Rajini can play roles of his age which would be readily welcomed by kollywood. Hate being cliched but then this could just a beginning. There is a definetly a long way for him to go.

66 thoughts on “Chandramukhi – The Second Coming of Super Star

  1. Thalaiva.. more or less what i felt from the movie.

    Leaving all the pre-concieved notions of recent Rajini flicks, if only you could be open, Chandramukhi is a paisa vasool. If you are the nitpicky type, trying to grip on the loopholes of the movie, Chandramukhi isn’t for you.

    Well said!

  2. Hey,

    That was as always a great revu and i liked the movie a lot with all its loopholes. Especially Jyothika’s performance is terrific. Even Rajini does a good job when he becomes the Raja in final song which is his trade mark expressions and body language of that of a villain. I think still Villanious roles suits Rajini than anything else. with young breeds relying more on anti hero sunbjects to taste success, i feel Rajini can opt for a Anti-hero kind of role which will definitely be liked and accepted by the masses and his fans.


  3. lg

    re-read ur music review now
    realised that konja neram is rajini-nayanthara song
    and for that matter prabhu-jyothika do not have even one duet in the film
    or atleast thats what i vaguely remember

    and on athinthom-felt the same while watching the movie (i did not buy the music prior to watching.. i prefer it that way)

    btw u never gave details on how/when u saw the movie i thought that wld be part of the experience

    and am surprised u didnt say anything about the quality of the comedy – or atleast toned it down


  4. Lazy,

    Remember your words about Raa. Raa.. Song.

    “Very enjoyable except for the haunting voice that interrupts and pronounces kala kala kala kala. ”

    Surprisingly that Laka Laka Laka Laka got more importance because of Rajini’s Performance.

    Kumudam’s Verdict : Rajini Vandar Vendrar.

    Oru Vidaikula Adai Patta Alamaram Kan Vizhilikum Athu Varai Poru Maname….. Singa Nadai Potu Sigarathil Yeru….


  5. ha ha
    ur review is much better than the whole movie

    but as somebody said – it will be great if superstar does a full fledged villain role – his balding plate wud be more suited to that

    nanyantara was a joke in the movie

  6. Chamdramukhi Rocks! And Im not even an ardent Rajini fan 🙂 After the colossal catastrophe that was Baba, I think Rajini fans got exactly what they wanted from him.Like you mentioned LG, it was like watching the Rajini from the 80s.

  7. And btw, It was a pleasure to watch Vineeth doing the classical dance, compared to Jyothika’s vehement stomping around!

  8. Second coming of the Superstar? – When did he ever go…

    He is the Superstar for three decades, and he is the superstar always… A everygreen Superstar…

  9. i_f, The comedy between Rajini and Vadivelu clicked and yes I toned it down as its something that you should see to enjoy.

    Praveen, To be honest, Vineeth seems to be in the midst of a tornado in the last scenes. Finally for a good actor(in malayalam) like him gets to act in a winning movie. He was considered unlucky all these times.

    Venkat, Certainly it’s a come back of Rajini after he tripped down with Baba.

  10. Lazy
    Asusual enjoyed reading your review.
    More fair and balanced version. 🙂 Hope you have already watched Fox News .
    Rajini playing a villain role will be awesome, but fans wont accept it. Hope he choose some meaty roles with scopes to show his acting skill.


  11. Geeky review Lazy.Prabhu’s unnecessary use of English words is a bit odd. Dialogues was let down in few places.

  12. The movie started well. There were some disjointed scenes. You really do not know what the use of the dance master is and some scenes where he is shocked. The snake could have been avoided fully. Prabhu was so low key. His dialogue delivery was not good and he seem to be on pins and needles with Rajini on the same screen. Prabhu was not his casual self. The word nanba was used too much on the movie. The end of the movie dragged on. They could have made it more crisp, the way they did the first half. The story line was good and interesting but the execution in the tail end took some wind off the sails. All in all it was a fun movie. The songs ended up being better on the screen than from the audio alone Rajini looked good in most screens. But close up gave his age away. Some of the scenes the camera action was too fast and more fuzzy than clear. I liked the way Rajini was not running around too many trees. There seem to be a pattern in his movies around music his expertise in it, the servant girl, the angry and strong rich woman. Why the lady wanted him dead was not explained. Vineeth was better than I thought he was. He had impresive dance skills.

  13. nice review..

    I was starting to wonder that no one talked abt his villian performance in the climax. tht was a terrific performance by him. Glad to see that u pointed tht out. I felt he did prove his acting to those who say the he comes on screen and do some gimics..and there the movie is a hit.
    Its not possible to do a full fledged villian role now…but may be he could play both a hero and villian. Tht would be a treat to watch (remeber netrikan).

  14. Good review 🙂

    Janakaraj in place of Vadivelu? I felt Vadivelu did an excellent job in this movie. The first half was dominated by him and thalaivar. I have started liking him ever since he let go of Kovai Sarala! That was too noisy!

    I was also happy that Vasu did not get carried away that he had superstar by his side and completely change the script. At the same time I would have been happier if there were some mannerisms…like flipping the chewing gum instead of a cigarette…or he wears glasses in the entire movie, why not do it his usual way? Punch dialogues would have ruined the film I accept, but a lil bit of such things would have been good to watch 🙂

    Nayanthara…well, heroines usually don have a part to play in Rajni movies…her role was just to serve as a distractor..putting the blame on her thingies…I felt that was acceptable.

    Nasser was annoying! He spoilt a lot of the jokes.

    Sheela…she was there in the film only to give Rajni two fight sequences in the movie. Could have worked out her character to suit the movie better. Why she was against Rajni is not stated clearly. Should have been justified. That way the fights would have fitted better into the story.

    I do understand he is trying to break away from the larger than life image…and on that note one cant get a better comeback as u said! 🙂

  15. srini,

    WOW!! you actually managed to find faults with this movie!! i thought rajini movies were supposed to be flawless and chandramukhi was the cherry on top of that flawless cake!! are you sure you saw the correct movie? maybe it was mumbai xpress that you saw!! j/k. couldn’t help the sarcasm though. but it was a truly a succinct review with all aspects covered in one paragraph. nice going!

    btw, vineeth is a trained bharatanatyam dancer and has often been showcased in the malayalam channel asianet. relating to this, lazygeek – why no mention of her much anticipated bharatanatyam dance thingy? was that actually there in the movie?


  16. Felt sad watching a Malayalam classic being ripped off, distorted and raped to make the ugliness that C’mukhi represents. Other than die-hard R fans like lazygeek, no one will find much merit in C’mukhi.

    If you have watched Shobhana in the original M’thazhu, Jo’s “acting” will make you puke.

    If you have watched Mohanlal in the original M’thazhu, you would wish that R would stop acting (if you can call the BS he does on screen that). In fact that would be his greatest contribution to Tamil cinema.

  17. You can definitely feel the absence of A.r.Rahman in the Anniyan songs. But its still good.

  18. hi guys,

    Biased review for rajini – understandable. I’ve already watched mumbaix twice and still I’d say it’s better than chandramukhi. Maybe biased towards ulaga nayakan but why not cos he’s a doctorate. Anyways thalaivar’s vettaiaadu will do great villayatu and the rajini ghosthi will have nothing to do.


  19. When every tom, dick and harry of tamil film start speaking punch dialogues and fingure works (!) , Thala is going back to the roots. That’s why he rocks!!!

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  21. Hi Lazy,

    I have been a silent follower of ur blog and have read most of ur previous reviews. I have to say, i am really surprised with this review of yours. The movie was a disaster in EVERY department of film making(other than the story which was borrowed, sorry stolen). I don’t think only “nitpicky types” would dislike the movie, but any one who watches it with out any prejudice for Rajini’s image would hate it.

    Even considering Rajini’s movies as a separate genre on its own, this movie would rate lot lower in his list of movies. well if you take Baba as the benchmark, obviously chandarmukhi is a better movie, in that case any bad movie can be justified.

    The part in which Rajini portrays as the evil king stood out in the entire movie. That was the Rajini that Balachander had spotted as a talented actor 25 years ago. if i remember right, it was Rajini’s portrayal of Duryodhana in a stage play that caught KB’s attention.

    I wish Rajini could return to his roots.


  22. Nitin – Thanks for the update.

    Ravi – I wasn’t comparing Chandramukhi to the Baba at all. All I was trying to say that it was a good come back for Rajini from the Baba fall.

    If critically analyzed for technical wizardry and other things, you may call it as a failure. All I was talking was about the entertainment values in the film. In those terms its a huge success.

  23. I like your review. I saw the movie last week and wasn’t impressed ( Maybe ’cause I went with a lot of expectations – watching M.Thazhu).

    How is the hit part of it.

    Super Hit or Hit..!!

  24. Hey that was a good review.
    Doesnt this movie features Rajini in a stunt entry after a long time! (I dint see BABA). But the Matrix style was a little too much for him! I feel the movie in spite of good story line, music etc…is very ordinary the only reason for being a hit is Rajini! It was a surprise for me (being a Rajini fan) to see him take a back seat and let the story and another character play key roles (of course Padayappa is also in similar line.)
    Another example of Rajini taking a back seat is in the song Para Para where Rajini stands # 4 in the shot were they crew walks on the wall (sorry for such observation…it is Rajini cant miss that!!)
    Is this his transition of being a protagonist than a “hero”? How many variations would Kollywood accept?

  25. hi lazy,

    everyone know how a rajni film will fare and very easy to guess the story line. i dont long to see any rajni movie, but sometimes falls in line with the crowd. however, i pass by reviews like the one you have posted. O…..K….!

    Rajan Venkat,
    Riyadh, KSA.

  26. The telugu song ‘Raa Raa’ is not a composition by’s the tune by Gurukiran,the composer of ‘Aapthamithra’,kannada.The ‘lakalaka’ part may be VS’s innovation.

  27. lg

    oops i think u mistook me

    i meant that the comedy was not the kind of stuff one wld expect from rajini with all the “double meaning” stuff…


  28. Ashwini,

    You are right in saying. Even after I had written I was thinking kollywood wouldn’t take too much of variations. At this point the max he could do is to act like Kamal’s Cop character in his latest flick.

    I know many would object to even allowing me to think like this but he certainly can do a role like that. Amitabh has done similar roles. I would prefer Rajini acting in roles of his age. Why should he act as Chimbu’s dad or Surya’s dad in a good flick. He should/can.

  29. i saw a snippet of the movie on sun tv. someone was wishing that janakaraj be there instead of vadivelu. honestly speaking, if they had done it there would not have been a difference, for he would have fit in right away. the comedy was almost like the one in annamalai, same facial expressions, same style of dialogue delivery, especially in the scene that vadivelu enters rajini’s room and talks about ghosts. talk about returning back to his roots, rajini literally returned back to his roots!


  30. We all have to take into consideration it is a review of a Rajini movie. In case of Rajini movies you need to keep your thinking outside and go there to be entertained. The other factor is that all of us have been burned by Baba. I walked out of the theater in the interval as I could not handle the torture. Then one goes and sees old rajini movies and get entertained. So with all due respect if you expect to get entertained in Rajini movie, you would have got it in this new movie. Yes, there were not enough fights. Yes, there were no plot all over. Yes, the movie fizzled out at tne end. Yes, Laka laka laka was over rated. Yes there was too much telugu in a tamil movie. Yes Jo was okay. She was not great. But she was not bad either. Rajini did not have many punch lines. He was not great but he was not bad either. Do the comparison to his recent past and not to the old golden days. Prabhu was there to do more moral support as his company was the producers. There was no chemistry between Prabhu and Rajini. We need not had Shiela there and we woudl have survived. Nasaar a good actor was used badly. I can do a replace on him with anybody and nothing would have changed. What was Vijaykumars role. He has been good in similar roles but no scope. But overall it was like seeing Rajini climibing out of the massive pit he dug himself with Baba and that probably was his goal. I am sure he knows that he is too old and not in great shape to run around trees and should act his age. But it is a combination of us and him who do not give him the oppurtunity. We want to be in the nostalgic world where we expect him to do the same thing again and gain. After sometime it gets boring. I like Kamal better but I have seen what can be done with Rajini with a great director. He can act and emote and appeal at the right circumstances. But we never end up giving it to him. We did it to Big B for a long time and we are doing it with Rajini. It is very difficult to live to other people’s expectations.

    If you take that into context then I would believe lazy geek’s review was surprising but he seem to be giving the benefit of doubt to this movie. After the movie I came back with mixed feelings about the entertainment but I had no bad feelings and when I thought about Baba I did not feel as if I lost the money spent to see it. Time pass as they say.

  31. My thoughts exactly, Srini. I guess we shouldnt dissect a Rajini movie too much! Just go in there to get entertained.. To me, Chandramukhi was a wholesome entertainer.I did not go in expecting an Oscar performance by Rajini;-) . I only went in thinking ‘Please not another Baba, can’t waste another $10 ‘
    On that end, I’m completely satisfied with the outcome.

  32. srini,

    again a good one paragraph review. rajini is stuck in the hole he partly dug himself, the image conscious punch dialogue stereotype. he cannot ever escape it, for his fans will never let him. when you compare it to amitabh, despite him being in the same category like rajini, was willing enough to do many off-beat movies in the midst of his commercial career like kabhi kabhie, silsila, main azad hoon etc. in amitabh’s case, he actually retired when he was just over his prime and when he returned he thought he could do the old roles again. didn’t work and then he re-invented himself to play his age and despite being over exposed has done some really good entertaining movies in the recent past and a good movie like black. so it all depends on which path rajini decides to take.

    on the flip side, i am always surprised at how people say, this is a time pass movie, so keep your brains out and dont bother dissecting the movie. especially for a rajini movie! to reiterate: in rajini’s movie, something is everything! if he gets that soemthing across, the movie is peeeer gold!!

  33. I am surprised no once picked up the fact that Rajini was show popping in a chewing gum in style, rather than his usual Cigarette. Is he trying to say something to today’s youth or is he sick of it himself?

  34. i think LG and srini wrote excellent reviews for this rajni movie. I felt the movie was a surprise given the total lack of ‘rajniness’…the acting was terribly artificial though, especially between prabhu and rajni. Rajni’s getting old isnt he? hurts when the camera does a close up…i still dont think he’s old enough to play someone’s dad like a sivaji in devar magan or padaiyappa…the psychiatrist is the closest we’ll get for now i think. there’s not much chance of him sharing screens with some other hero…not yet. useless CGI snake aside the movie was a good couple of hours spent and i’d max watch it again just for rajni as the villian king doing the laka laka laka and the most delightful songs and bgm.

  35. we know what AB did when he ran out of money wid all that grandda roles and that movie wid govinda abt 2 conmen……………..he just was not the commercial success nemore and he is a superstar and was a part of that new wave bengali cinema that filled bollywood in the 1970s…………….but i dont think he can match rajni’s screen prescence……….

  36. No seriously, can’t they leave decent Malayalam movies alone? Or atleast get Fasil to remake them with second-rungers? First it was Thenmaavin kombaththu into Muthu (ugh) and now this.

    Disagree with this being a new beginning. Let’s face it: the movie may be good (haven’t seen it yet), but the man’s starting tolook like a prune.

  37. The excitement was feverish.Whether u watch in Albert theatre in Chennai or a cinema in Chicago…..the experince is unique ….it is a RAJINI movie.
    however there was one sad thing …over years I have been an ardent follower of Rajni.And I have always appreciated what a good actor he is.His screen presence, his timing, his voice, his delivery, his body language… is not by magic that he is such a good entertainer……but lately with all the pressure or for whatever reason……you can notice that these components are not the same anymore.Both in Baba and in Chandramukhi you can spot this.This is indeed a very sad loss that has been caused by the business of movies.

    Also Rajni has always had sucess with the Bachan model.All his Amitabh remakes have been hits and now i see him go through the same phase that Amitabh went theough few years ago.Luckily Big B is back in business on his strength of being a good actor with many hits including the latest “Black”.I only wish the same happens with Rajni as well..To recover a good actor and a great entertainer.

  38. At this time we are not comparing Big B and Rajini. There seem to be fans on both sides who cannot accept that others can also be similarly popular as well as create rabid feelings like their thalivar. With that said, let us be practical. Rajini is currently at the crossroads. Age has caught up with him. He had done every permutation of his tricks and it has become old. He had to bring back the magic of him being a super star and he has always gone back to the true and tested and it has worked. But even his fans would agree that it is not the same. He has become a one trick pony and the pony is getting sort of frail in the edges. The question begs to be asked – what next. Okay he has climbed out from the debacle called Baba but now something else has to come out. The only saving grace it to age gracefully but take powerful roles and Sarath Kumar seems to have done it better than him. I have enjoyed a lot of his movies. Most of them are offshoots of Vijaykanth’s village concept. But Sarath seems to have spun it differntly to a style that it seems to be made for him. In Ayya the father was better than the son and the character was etched out well. Let us take the case of Rajini, the part I liked at Padayappa was his older role as it was different and he seems to have something of a new style on it. Maybe the better heroines who are thrown at the wayside because of age can be better utilized and they probably emote better compared to the new ones who are pathetic. That would mean that he might have to reinvent himself and this might be difficult as his fans nor his directors are going to do. So the question is what next for Rajini. Knowing his movie frequency and he is not going to get younger in three years. There might be a dearth of stories.

    What does everyone like about Rajini – his style, his subtle and not so subtle message, his entertainment value. It does not mean that he cannot give the same value with good supporting people in older roles. That would be something I would disagree.

    About Big B, I also had the same feeling by saying that he cannot act. But he did act. There are some movies where he acted his age and he did it with grace. It did leave a lasting mark. If you notice in the past few years, he seems to have more hits playing older roles. He tried the younger role and it got rejected very badly as the stories were not good or he looked plain silly. The second act of his seem to bring out the actor which people always claimed he had and it has been fun watching.

  39. I saw Chandramukhi in London. It was a fantastic movie from Rajini. He did it again. I don’t agree with most viewers about Baba. For me Baba was a great movie with a lot of spiritual lessons and massive picturization. Anyway, Rajini has prove to the world – he is the greatest ever superstar in Tamil Nadu.

  40. jus enjoy the movie and don’t try to get into meticulous things(y chewing gum,y he ate ,y he slept , y they did that etc).
    Jus go n enjoy the movie for a man who entertained us from 16 vayathuniley.

  41. i am fed up of rajini’s insane gimmicks. it’s a tragedy to watch his movies anymore.

  42. hey kamal fans really sorry bout the fiasco of mum exp well an eddies rule cannot be a kamals rule waste of money im not able to laugh for the silly jokes of kamal repeated jokes kamals looks are horrible poor dialogues
    On the other hand cm is gr8 superstar is bac and bac wit a bang i dunno y ppl compare mthaz and cm jus the story is same if the movie was jus shot like m thaz no one cud have understood and accepted Vasu has done a gr8 job nasser has provd it yet again music is pleasing picturization is superb rr is 2 gud gr8 family entertainer and thats y its runnin choc a bloc seriously speakin even ss wudnt have thot the movie wud b such a big hit its pickd up like crazy and unfortunetly mum exp is not fading but its faded gr8 ss waitin for ur next ones and for kamal let gautam do it cos if kamal can stay out of his ways vv is sure to do wel provided he dosent release it wit another ss flick cos its too much for kamal

  43. Wanakkam ayya ungalin web site ay tamil mloiyil vele edungal enru migavum panivudanne keetu kolghireen nanri Wanakkam

  44. hahaha chandramukhi is more like a comedy, seriously speaking. jokthika ended up looking more like a lunatic than an angry spirit in raa raa. nevertheless, the movie did have its light-hearted moments and jaw-droppers.

    raa raa rocks! ((:

  45. well is a super hit movie…… the song raa raa is simply super …. but i cant understand the meaning of the song? do anyone know the meaning? in tamil pls?

  46. Well all i have got to say is that Thalaiva’s movies are super and i am like a major freak.The tamil version of Raaraa is vadai and it sounds extremely spooky.And i got to admit that Jyothika did a good job as Chandramukhi.

  47. the novie absolutely great but the fact is tat in malaylam the story was more apt,coz according to the chandramukhi charecte she would kill the man who prevented her from goin to her love ,which actually is the king n in thes case she should hav tried to kill only prabhu instead of the super star, so tats the only not justifiable thing, but ofcourse if these changes were’nt made then it wouldn’t hav been a rajni movie.

  48. good review. different story line & brilliant performance by rajini.

    In some scennes he has simply delivered the best. I have doubts whether any other current actors can don & do justice to the vettaiyan role as rajini has done (vikram next best choice).
    i just imagined others in this role and it was really fun. Infact in the original Manichithrathazu, mohanlal superbly overacted and made too much noise than the background score.

    jyothika,soundarya & shobana’s acting are all one & the same except for the 5 minutes dacing by shobana. i wonder sometimes why national award was given for shobana. applying ghost makeups and dancing does’nt deserve any award. maybe the award committee got frightened.

    hats off to rajini.

  49. I watched this movie like 6 times….why?? Trying to understand the relation between split personality and being possessed. Split personality is the emergence of a emotion that is shut away too long and it wants to come out, which it does when the person is provoked….being possessed is totally different….it is another entity using your body to announce its presence…

  50. Thus the movie does not make sense….I enjoyed the songs, the dialogues and the storyline…but it just doesn’t make sense…

  51. The title song Devuda Devuda shows that the team was more interested in attracting the teulgu audiene as they knew that we tamils will listen to any songs even if 3/4 of the lyrics isn’t Tamil.

  52. chandramukhi is last film for rajni because
    he is very m in 25 june in banglore when he go to

  53. chandramukhi so far the best movie iv seen!!because rajinikanth saying yaaaaaviruka bayameh..
    SARAVANAN iruka bayameh!!!! i like it so much!!
    and laka……laka………laka…..laka…laka…laka…laka………..!!and the idiot jothika saying RAA RAA.. SARASUKUH RAAAAAA!!

  54. chandramukhi so far the best movie iv seen!!because rajinikanth saying yaaaaaviruka bayameh..
    SARAVANAN iruka bayameh!!!! i like it so much!!
    and laka……laka………laka…..laka…laka…laka…laka………..!!and the idiot jothika saying RAA RAA.. SARASUKUH RAAAAAA!!

  55. chandramukhi so far the best movie iv seen!!because rajinikanth saying yaaaaaviruka bayameh..
    SARAVANAN iruka bayameh!!!! i like it so much!!
    and laka……laka………laka…..laka…laka…laka…laka………..!!and the idiot jothika saying RAA RAA.. SARASUKUH RAAAAAA!!

  56. Bluff u all lah!!Jothika is not idiot ok!!she is a beautiful angel!!lahh!! cozzz she too saysssss..

  57. Bluff u all lah!!Jothika is not idiot ok!!she is a beautiful angel!!lahh!! cozzz she too saysssss..

  58. Bluff u all lah!!Jothika is not idiot ok!!she is a beautiful angel!!lahh!! cozzz she too saysssss..

  59. Hey Uncle Rajini,
    Really i would like of him…. Looking so cute:) Rajini’s better his style than Kamal.. ah ha

    with love

  60. I would say that BABA is actually a good movie. Its spiritual in its content. But, chandramukhi is cool! Jyothika’s acting rules dude! But i wonder why they increased chandramukhi ticket price…from 10 bucks to $15… Hey but anniyan’s better! Cool…tamil movies are improving.

  61. i would say that chandramukhi was a betta movie than baba.this movie was amazin thanxs 2 jyothika and her skillful actin. altho anniyan was betta

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