Popular mis-quotes make a blogpost

I contested that it was a popular mis-quote to say Dalapathi/Guna was the last Rajini/Kamal release – Correct that as Devar Mahan/Pandiyan – A dozen movie-lovers contest me saying that I was also ‘Popularly Mis-quoting’- Correct me that it was Muthu/Kurudhippunal – I wander around for facts – Thanks to IMDB I say – Add a P.S to the blog entry that the IMDB entries convey Muthu released during 1995 and Kurudhippunal on 1996 – Another dozen of fierce movie-lovers join hands with the existing lot to fight the my mis-quoting spree – Kick me up with facts and their nostalgic memoirs – I give up and accept – Stand Corrected – Write this entry – Thinking how stupid it was to believe IMDB – I eat my own humble pie.

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