The Hindu on Cinema Weblogs and ofcourse Lazy Geek

It’s been quite a while since Allirajan, a senior editor of Hindu, had mailed me asking about weblogs on Tamil Cinema. A blog reader Ratnavel had pointed him to this blog and he had a list of questions on cinema blogs. I wrote back to him with my responses and also pointed to other cinema based weblogs like Teakada and Mdeii Anand. Allirajan came back after few weeks to know more about Blogger meet. I replied back with a commentary of a recent blogger meet and few pictures taken during the meet.

This happened more than 6 months back and I had completely forgotten about it. Today the column about cinema weblogs, The World of Reel Time Weblogs, is on The Hindu‘s Metro Plus Coimbatore section and it features this blog. Ofcourse there are a few spell mistakes[THEY mis-spelled Teakada as Taekada] and a mistake that there was a cinema bloggers meet that I had organised. I did organise blogger meet but it was a general one and not specific to cinema blogs.

As said rightly, though it’s my personal space and I write on what I like to discuss, it’s the readers who make/break a blog post with their comments. The recent post on Kamal Hassan did have the least of my participation and it was an amazing gathering of thoughts. No, No it’s isn’t a cliched filmfare speech where our hero says, “Thanks to all fans who supported me thoroughout”. The damn our hero would actually bother.

Forget all that it’s cool to have your blog featuring on Hindu, I say.

17 thoughts on “The Hindu on Cinema Weblogs and ofcourse Lazy Geek

  1. Lazy, Its definitely cool to have your blog featured on The Hindu. Another feather in your cap! Keep the posts coming 🙂

    Considering its a post about Tamil blogs, I’m hoping a shameless self-plug would not be too out of place… Hope you and some of your readers check out my month-old blog @ http://bbthots.blogspot.com



  2. Congrats, Lazy… great going…

    Now for the off-topic info… hope you’ll excuse it as it comes from a fellow Google fan…

    Not sure if you’d already seen it… I am seeing it for the first time today…

    … the way Google has integrated its satellite imaging technology with its maps… now you can see satellite images of the route you take…

    Looks swell…


  3. Hi Guru,

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and an avid fan of your reviews. I am from coimbatore and was pleasantly surprosed to read about you in today’s Metro Plus. I will be happy if you want me to scan that page for you and send it since your in the States.

    I’ve been blogging for nearly 1 year and you were one of my inspirations that made me blog. And by the way, you are a good PR of yourself!


  4. Thanks Balaji and you did a cool self plug. 😉

    Narsi/Chakra and Kaps, Thanks a ton.

    Anon – Will certainly read that. The first glance make it interesting.


  5. Arvind/Keerthi – Thanks.

    Anti, Nandri Thalaiva. All in the game, man. I took that cartoon very positively. Good one.

    Maharajan, Thanks. I haven’t yet seen that. Sounds very nice.

    RK Nair, Wow you mixed the good and bad well. Thanks and this is exactly the truth. Life’s like that.


  6. Rajesh, I looked at the email address again. Wow. Thanks for that. It was a coimbatore edition so even I may not have got that in Chennai.


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