Business Standard has a well analyzed column, Southern ditty, on the new kollywood music directors.

Podcasting proves popular. The minute Blogger founder EvHead‘s ODEO is on BETA, I’m trying it out just to checkout even if I may have no listeners.

What’s latest in realityTV, you ask. Britney documents her love life with Kevin Federline as a six part series for UPN Channel. Who’s watching ?

How is GMAIL’s storage counter still running. Simple, they have added one more digit to the decimal part and hence seems like it’s running fast but it is actually slow. It’s kind of irritating to see a number running always at the side of GMAIL homepage. Urges me shout, WILL YOU STOP THAT CLOCKING !!

Chat with Amit Sana, the Indian Idol runner-up, today. BTW, my post on Indian Idol turned into a discussion board and there are already more 500 comments on it. Looking at the flood of comments, I closed the comments for this blogpost. After getting a few emails asking to re-open the comments section, I opened it up again. I ain’t sure when my backend dB would crash because of this.

10 responses to “As-sorted”

  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Where is the Music Review for Mumbai Express. Im waiting to know your reaction on Ilayaraja’s Vande Matharam.


  2. Maran Avatar

    Mumbai Express music came out?


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Maran, If you check out Mumbai Xpress, I would say about the piracy thing 😉


  4. Kaps Avatar

    Lot of errors in the Business Standard article. They say that Yuvan Shankar Raja is composing music for Anniyan (Harris Jeyaraj is the real Music director). Selvaraghavan has been mentioned as Selvarajan. When they were talking of new breed, I though they would talk about Vijay Anthony, Joshua Sreedhar, Srikanth Deva and Bharadwaj to some extent.


  5. Ferrari Avatar

    Romba neram thedi paarthen. Idhula endha item layum Kamal pathi posts illaye 😦


  6. Sowmya Avatar

    Nothing related to your post, but, Did u study in PSBB ?


  7. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Mumbai Xpress music is a big let down 😦


  8. Nitin Avatar

    NO Way man! Mumbai Xpress is way better than any of the other movies that are coming out on April 14th. Sachien is bad, Chandramukhi is ok, but MumbaiXpress is just great. Illayaraja has again proven he is the raja when it comes to music. I would have to say the Vande Mataram song was a little irritating, but the rest of the songs have great music, and lyrics. The theme song has the best music. I would like to see a review soon.


  9. JD Avatar

    All great and good but why do your comments are sorted in reverse order?

    I wanted to read the comments on your Rahul Saxena thread but it’s pain in the butt to read it the reverse way. Could you please provide option for reading it the way other blogs do??



  10. Maran Avatar

    ((How come I cannot see a thing at mumbai xpress website. Why ppl design flash sites without preload bars? Why? Why? Kamal give me a call for your next movie site.))

    I was just about to post the above comment when I decided to give the site another try and what you know…it works! Nice site! Now I’m worried about Ferrari’s comment. Oh! the drama.


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