So damn lazy

Chenthil sent me a link about Mediaah!! Blog being closed due to legal issues, sometime/longtime back. Not that I overlooked it but then the mail was drowned into my mail box and I just didn’t follow it up. Looking back, I should have responded pretty fast by a post reacting for it. Mediaah which was served a legal notice by a media ‘biggie’ requesting/compelling /asking/whatever-heck to remove some 19 posts because they were denigrating the company. I haven’t read those 19 odd posts but I am sure with the blogosphere’s reaction to it, Mediaah was just trying to be unbiased. Now this can happen to anyone of us, bloggers and there should be a clear line of understanding of what’s being slanderous and what not. I only hope, Mediaah will be back and I get to read their archives again.

No cribs for Kribs. I am sure, he will be back after a break. Cool off, guys.

Last few weeks, I was busy following Seattle’s weather to catch my morning bus and wasn’t following blogosphere, closely. It’s only when Kribs says,”goodbye”, I get to read Sudhish’s Kamath’s interview on Kiruba’s blog. It’s exciting to see Sudhish with so much enthusiasm with his fingers pointing the west. More than that his premise for their upcoming films, especially the one named Bad News, triggers my expectations. Good luck Sudhish on That Four letter Word.

3 responses to “So damn lazy”

  1. Chakra Sampath Avatar

    I hav read those 19 posts… there is nothing defamatory in them. ToI over-reacted.


  2. Kaps Avatar

    You can read the 19 posts at the following blog (it is hosted by an anonymous blogger)


  3. Sudhir Parasuram Avatar

    Read for a different view of the whole thing.



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