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Other than Vidyasagar getting a neat break with Rajini film, was there anything special about Chandramukhi‘s music. But who wants to write a music review for a Thalaivar movie. I am not Anti-Rajini. I like him and hence to make him proud, no review/preview stuff for music. But then here is the sort-of-one-liner [not necessarily] for them.

a) Annanoda Pattu – A typical Kolla Kuthu Vidyasagar song. For Karthik it was Maya Maya [Baba]. This time it’s KK. Neat job but some bad pronunciation. Didn’t like KK crying, Ah!! Ah!!. Made it seem seem like a moan.

b) Devuda Devuda – Vidyasagar wants to compete the opening build-up music for Rajini, with ARR’s Muthu music. Never. Who else except SPB could do it for Rajini’s opening song. Shankar Mahadevan himself didn’t impress for the Baba song. SPB delivers. What a way to reach the high pitch and say Repeatuu. Cool.

c) Kokku Para Para – Cute song. Seems like an ARR song for a Rajini movie. Wonderful Harmony.

d) Athinthom – Did I hear Maankuyiley Poonguiley recently ? Very close to that Illayaraja classic. Don’t agree with me ? Listen once more. Yet again it’s SPB’s forte for such numbers.

e) Konjam Neram – Decent melody. May not have been in this album if not for Prabhu-Jyothika pair. I hope so at least. Madhu Balakrishnan’s voice suits Prabhu. Asha pronounces Alagu for Azhaghu. Could have used a Tamil singer. Honestly, I like Asha and Sadana Sargam singing except for their bad Tamil.

f) Raa Raa – Smokers, take a break. A classical number to move the movie. Very enjoyable except for the haunting voice that interrupts and pronounces kala kala kala kala. I know the movie plot is based there but then as an album the song fails because of that.

Pretty mediocre for a Vidyasagar album. He has given better ones before.

Marks ? 1190 out of 100 like Thengai Seenivasan rating Rajini in the Thillu Mullu interview. Remember Iyampettai Aruvadainambi Kaliyaperumal Indran. Same stuff. Rajini is out of the rating race, read more, for his fans.

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  1. I thought the Konja neram song was picturised on Rajni – Nayantara?? BTW, the song is extremely mediocre..reminded me of a stale 80s tune.
    My pick of the album is Raa Raa – plotwise, the most important number in the film. Though not upto the level of ‘Oru Murai vanthu’, it was very melodious and was sung with infectious energy by Binny Krishnakumar and Tippu. I am curious to see how Jothika – who is a dappanguthu expert 🙂 – will cope up with a real Bharatanatyam number, matching strides with a trained classical dancer like Vineeth.

  2. Jothika..a Dappanguthu expert?..may be you were carried away by that stale remix number in ‘Manmadhan’..other than i have never seen Jothika really dancing…even in the above said song,you can clearly make out from her expressions that she has strived hard to do it,she just appeares like small school kid,trying to remember her steps during dancing.But then about Jo dancing Bharathanatyam…god save..

  3. Manoj: I wanted to place Jo’s dance numbers in some category, so I mentioned dappanguthu for lack of a better term! 🙂

  4. As I am typing this, on my SunTV at home (thru the Dish network), I am listening to one of the best ones by SPB (a Prabhu starrer – Nakshatram in which the song “Ponmaanguyil Singaaramaai Panpaaduthey” comes). Simple Superb listening to it every time. I am reminded about this also in the context of Guru talking about “Maanguyile” baani song in Chandramukhi. Also I have a copy of Thillu Mullu and watch it often since in my opinion, it is the best “Thalaivar” comedy movie ever, especially more so since my brother, I and a few more people are great fans of Thengaai Srinivasan, Venniraadai Murthy or any other comedian of yesteryears.

  5. Lazy..i know you man. Are you sarcastically saying the songs suck. I know you and I understand that. Putting in the right way.

  6. “Konjam Neram” thingy is very close to “Mazhai Varuthu Mazhai Varuthu Kudai kondu va” from “Raaja Kai-a vecha”

    Vidyasagar has just added bits and pieces from ARR and IR to make it seem like a complete album. I do like the songs though, currently looping on my winamp…but I also know why I like it…Rajni 🙂 Baba is far ahead.

    Am just hoping that after seeing the visuals, the songs will become a hit.

  7. Hey Geek
    Why this Euphemism? This music totally sucks ! It is like a thagara dappa music. Ofcourse the voice of SPB and Karthik rocked !

  8. Going to disagree with this album being mediocre. I think its far from it. Vidyasagar’s pieces are a melodic dream, with a simple urban touch. The problem with Rajni movies is that you’re forced to picture Rajni in every frame of a song, so you can never appreciate the song for itself. What if this album was for some other hero? Like you mention, it really reminds me of a souped up 80s movie of the SPB era. I think vidyasagar deserves some credit for trying to bring some of the magic back given that all Rajni’s got is a hardcore base of fans who grew up on his 80s hits not just the masala movies of the 90s.

  9. That’s right, Caleb!
    We’re used to Rajni’s duets go like “Super star yaarunnu ketta” and “style style than super style thaan”. So, we lost the taste for some good melodies like “Konjam Neram” and “Athitom” (and “suthi suthi vandeega”, even deva’s “Nagumo” ). May be if it ain’t Rajni’s movie album , it would have scored better review than this.

  10. A guy in my class who watched Mayavi, came to class on the next day, went to each and every bench and personally requested them not to watch the movie 🙂

  11. After reading all these comments, am planning to go and get a CD for Chandramukhi and listen to it….!! Hope I won’t be taken in for a ride after listening to it

  12. Hi Geek…

    I totally agree with you that the music is medicore since our expectations are very high. But i have some positive points to share with you…

    First of all you can clearly listen all the words of the lyrics in the song which we r not able to do for the past few years except very few songs. For that Kudos to the music dir. and the Singer. In this album, one song is of total classic and of different lang. and barring that song others are Ok nature and audiable.

    Music is so melodius and can hear it couple of times without any irritation and thats also a positive aspect in this album.

    Have no idea how will be the picurisation…hoping for a better one to give more life to the songs.

    Overall this album may be medicore since our expectations are very high from Vidhya, SPB and Rajini combi..But i can say its a Ok one as of now.

    Last but not least “Thanks for your spicy column”


  13. VS forgot to switch off the Rangeela song “Mangtha Hai Kya…’ while recording this Kokku Para Para song 🙂

    sorry baa…ithelaam kadaila vikkara rhythm loops la?

  14. “Athinthom – Did I hear Maankuyiley Poonguiley recently ? Very close to that Illayaraja classic. Don’t agree with me ? Listen once more. Yet again it’s SPB’s forte for such numbers. ”

    – Yeah, Definitely reminds of Karagaatakaaran :-). But as you said, SPB is all kalakkals.

    ‘Konja Neram…’ is such a nice melody and I don’t know why Asha was chosen.
    Other than her bad tamil, Asha’s grandmotherly ‘keech keech’ voice spoilt it. Read somewhere that she is a pretty close friend to Sivaji family and thats why she got the chance.

    ‘Raa Raa’would have been for the Tollywood audiences. Rajini movies kku ippa athu thaane trend!!

  15. It is nice to hear our thalaivar song after long time. About the music review of the film is very simple. If thalaivar in the screen everything is good to hear. But when comparing to baba it is much better particulary the entry song.

  16. It is nice to hear our thalaivar song after long time. About the music review of the film is very simple. If thalaivar in the screen everything is good to hear. But when comparing to baba it is much better particulary the entry song.

  17. i love the songz in chandramukhi. after all its our super star’s movie. there is no right for people to coment as he had already achive everything.


  19. Jyothika would have taken more efforts to do that action .But it was very very funny when I saw the movie.

  20. Jyothika would have taken more efforts to do that action .But it was very very funny when I saw the movie.

  21. This film was a syco film but the jokes in that film of Vadivel were superb .”Mapu vetchutaanda Appu” superb punch dialogue.Superb songs”kokku para para”.The punch photos of sekar were wonderful.The acting of prabhu was excellent.This is a all in one film.

  22. Hi rajini sir ,ur chandramukhi movie is really super!.The story is really very different which have attracted all your fan all around the world!.im very happy and have watched chandramukhi movie 5 times in theatre.Actress jothika’s acting is really super and she had a important role in chandramukhi,this shows how intelligent is she was!.Her bharatha natiyam is really wonderful!.She have done homely role in chandramukhi.I think one of the reason why this chandramukhi become hit and famouse is because of two important reason one is superstar rajinikant and jothika!.There is a lots of nonsense crasy fool sssss all around the world who who is giving nonsense opinion about jothika and also about the film!,these kind of fans should not take any attention because they are simply suck!.When the chandramukhi film realised all this crazy fans crowded the theatre all around the world and now damm dare to give nonsense opinion.you guys out there who tells joh anything ! you guys are damm suck!.

  23. Thalaivar ‘s movie is superb!!!
    This film is very great, there is a mix of science and religious ‘s belief…
    All songs are great, Vidyasagar must have worked hardly…
    The song “RAA RAA” is superb, even I don’t understand the telugu language, I can feel what she is saying in the song because of the music, the rythm.
    It is very interesting… and we can see the film with all family, no prob, it is not like movies of Kamal Hassan…

    Jothika has acted very well, in this film, she had a very good character, she had the most important character in this film after our Super Star… She is a talented actress…

    Jothika didn’t polute the Bharathanathyam, because it is a part of her character, it is logik,in the movie: she is not normal, she is possessed by a spirit!!! OKAY!!!

  24. Yes I agree this movie was good. Jhotika realy showed her talent & at the same time she was looking gorgeous. The song ra ra was fantastic realy made to listen again and again. Story, song and every thing was good. Vineeth’s dance was very the good. I realy enjoy wacthing the movie. It was a total different experience. Hope our community will give the fullest support for movies like this.

  25. jo.. though she wasnt trained professionally…. she has done a good job dancing. but Vineeth was phenomenal.. i really liked the song. and i also liked the scenes with vadivelu.but i think rajini’s stunts in the beginning of the movie were hilarious. his make up adds to the hilarity!i think his dance wasnt all that groovy.he lacked the energy which was there in padayappa.Apart from all that .. the cute guy who used to hang around with akhilandeshwari (the guy who fought with rajini) made me sit up.he had amazing muscles.

  26. wow! jhothika is cool.
    nayantara is cool too but she didn’t act very well.
    I like 3 songs in that movie called ra ra , konja neram , koku parra.

  27. i personnaly feel tat all the song composed by Vidyasagar was very nice, melodious and with the right type of music to entertain people of all age, race, country and language. There should not be too much of commments about Chandranukhi’s music as it is not easy to compose songs especially in Rajnikanth’s movies.
    If u people think tat u all can compose even much better music that Vidyasagar in Chandramukhi, then go ahead !! There is no need in unnessary remarks !

  28. i think miss agi was right about her opinions. i belief she is dancer too.pooja n jacintha selvi …..u both can go n fly kites. ha ha haha…hahaha.

  29. chandramukhi is really a wonderful movie.jyotika’s action is really super.comedy is also super.I wish my favourite heroine JYOTIKA hearty congratulations for the success.i wish her to have a golden future.

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