There is this very interesting

There is this very interesting discussion going on in the comments section on Kamal Hassan, his movies, his personality and all-things-Kamal. All this with comparison to other directors like Mani Ratnam and Bala. I’ve done this before at length, both verbally and in writing, in the blog and with friends. Sometimes got myself flamed for it too.

What I am doing now is just watching this space like any other lazygeek reader. One of the joys of blogging comes like this as a conglomerate of ideas and thoughts. I enjoy it. Thanks dudes.

5 responses to “There is this very interesting”

  1. Lazy geek
    I just wrote a write up on Kamals recent movies, how many of them being inspired by hollywood.
    Interesting part is Kamal fans was all over me.
    Completely forgetting the basic point is about orginality and not his acting skills.
    Do read my write up and tell me me your opinion.
    K K Nagar Kirukkan


  2. heh, i read that interview with ismail durbar. wow, he really think a.r.rahman is an useless music director or something. comparing himself to arr. my respect for ismail has been destroyed.


  3. Maple….

    First of all sorry for this comment and this is no way related to this section by Geek….

    What happened maple…there is no spice in your comments nowadays? may be due to PIZZA culture? Come back to pacha milaga culture. I don’t know what to read and u know very well that in my fav. links and have no idea why it should continue over there.

    Write something interesting as u always do…i mean some days ago. Now i feel the gap and other differences. Comon dear…..get back to old form.

    With warm regards