Devuda!! Devuda!!

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Oh !! Oh !! Annanoda Paatu
Oh !! Oh !! Aattam Poduda
Oh !! Oh !! Akkaraiya Kettaa
Oh !! Oh !! Artham Nooruda

19 thoughts on “Devuda!! Devuda!!

  1. Heard all the songs in Chandramukhi !!! Nothing special. Maybe it might sound better on screen. IMO, It all sounds like ‘IR for Rajini’ rehashed!!

    btw, did you notice KK singing ‘ArthU Nooruda…’ the first time in that song ? (0:30 to 0:35)?

  2. Hi LG,

    The songs are really cool & great. What a music… One more rajini-Kamal posts in a sequence! Not again.

  3. Hmmmm… I’d be lying if I sed the music is mind-blowing. Most of the songs sound like old ones. Devuda like Dhool, Annanodu paatu like Nooru varusham indha maapilayum.. I’ll stop!

    But it isn’t bad either. Expectations-a meet pannala.

    Kokku Para Para sounds very cute 🙂

  4. Maverick, Noticied it first time itself. As the tempo increased, KK was on his own trip spelling that word in hindi. But its still ok as KK finally managed to sing it well.

  5. Narsi, I did notice the sequence only it was put up. I don’t why it follows me in the blog 😉

    CG, enjoy da enjoy.

    curses, always i’ve been thinking of Vidyasagar as a good mix of illayaraja and others. he has been consistently doing that and I am not very suprised here. Even he was booked to chandramukhi, these were my expectations of the music and it’s now fulfilled.

  6. Yo Maverick, u are in a way right, but then no Rajini soundtrack has been special, certainly not after 1994 when Veera came out. After Veera, it has all been a image conscious Rajini and everything else is in the background. True, it sounds like a pre-Annamalai soundtrack. But I am sure it is gonna be a good watch once it comes up on screen and for a Rajini fan, that is all he (or she) expects…

  7. Rajinis back…why cant he just STOP acting…me not a fan at all…but still ive watched all his movies and yes nothing better since Veera, Basha or even padaiyappa….lets c how this turns out…

  8. aNti, I dont think Veera was the last best music for Rajni’s movie, i thought Muthu was good. But yeah, not only did Rajni’s movies after Muthu suck,the songs were bad too. I have heard good things about Chandramukhi, so lets hope. heh, just like ghost_particle, im not a big fan of Rajni anymore. Biggest fan of Kamal, and starting to like Vikram. I used to be one of the biggest fans of Rajni when I was a kid, but back then, i didn’t really pay attention much to the story, or the dialogues, just his action, and fighting. Like his old movies Mapillai, and Aboorva Piravi. But after a while understood Kamal’s movies, his comedy with crazy mohan dialogues, and his acting is just excellent. I am waiting more for Mumbai Xpress, and Anniyan. But yeah, Chandramukhi does have pretty good soundtracks, Rajni’s songs are usually karathula paatu, if u follow those karuthus or not, it sounds good to hear. Hope, Mumbai Xpress has good decent songs with Illayaraja music. I know Anniyan will be great with harris jeyaraj

  9. Siddarth, true.. Muthu had a couple of good songs. Hell, being someone who a lot of ppl say is a ARR fan, I shld not be saying this, but apart from Oruvan Oruvan (best ever intro song for Rajini) and Vidukathaya (the most poetic thalaivar paatu in recent years), none of the other tracks will ever have a chance of being remembered for their quality. But i agree with u a certain extent, but can never choose Muthu over Veera or vice versa. My point, as I have said here is that a Rajini soundtrack these days need not be excellent to notch up sales. Just the Rajini branding (i.e. his name) is enough. And the picturization will take care of the rest :). So i wont say this sound track is bad as some of my friends claim. But I will definitely say that it seems to serve Rajini’s purpose…

  10. Paata vidungappa. Thaleevar paatula enna style panna poraar appadingaradhu dhaan mukkiyam. Because, that will be reused by simbhu in subsequent movies 😉

  11. Wow, annanoda paatu, devuda devuda and athindom are excellent songs. Annanoda paatu reminds of vijay’s movie songs. Fast beats and fast singing. MOVIES IS GOING TO BE GOLD AND IT’S GOING TO STRIKE THE SILVER SCREENS BEING FIRST MOVIE MILES AHEAD OF EVERYTHING ELSE.
    Did you see the chandramukhi gallery, he looks perfect. Who can beat him. Im also a huge and huge fan of vijay. He is the best too. Mumbai xpress is a total loser. Who would watch anniyan, mumbai xpress when you are getting a mega treat like CHANDRAMUKHI. K bye and good luck rajini!

  12. Aiyyo songs sahikkale.
    Mumbai Express going to Megahit in all versions(Tamil,hindi,Telugu).

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