Sleep-less in Seattle

Oh !! yeah, I am probably sleeping too much here and that’s a note to myself.

Apologize dudes, I logged out without any notice and it’s been one of my biggest breaks from the blog. Thank for all those assumptions/wishes in the previous post that included being abducted by aliens, aadi maasam cry and sowkiyama stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Someone with the nick ‘an old friend’ had guessed it partly. However, it wasn’t a post that was intended to make you guys blink but just a FYI note to say that I may not be able to update the blog everyday as it was from India.

Anyway, I loved the movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Just for Tom Hanks. Had never expected to be here anyday. Microsoft is just a stroll away from here. Like Chicago, Seattle too has an unpredictable climate. Not-so-cold-not-so-warm types. Rain comes down often without bothering you too much. To be straight, this one is a hillstation like our Ooty. Been wandering on the downtown area for the last week and I’ve lost couple of kgs by that, given the steep roads. Went to a Udipi Cafe last night and nice masala dosa after a week.

Just one more week and I would settle down to start blogging from home. Chennai guys, enjoy Saravana Bhavan and Sun Tv(!!). I’m deprived of them(again !!). This is called as desi crib and it’s starts right here for me.

23 responses to “Sleep-less in Seattle”

  1. Raj Avatar

    Welcome to Seattle and Evergreen state.Excellent place to live life to the fullest.I am in Edmonds.Any idea abt ur duration of stay here ?


  2. Ajay Avatar

    ah! “Desi Crib”.. apt term 🙂 Welcome back to US


  3. arvind Avatar

    Hey Lazy man,

    Ippidi oru suspense kku nallla climax… welcome to the US…. you can catch up with a lot of things here like the seattle sonics (NBA) who are doing well, micheal jackson who is not doing so well and once so well doing about-to-split charlie sheen and denise richards couple…

    Good luck with everything here and please start blogging.. its like missing the newspaper every morning for a week…. dude, u have become an irreplaceble part of our lives..

    have fun! and blog…



  4. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Oh. Kadhai ippadi pogudha??



  5. Rohit Avatar

    Dai Guru,

    Looks like you are in Redmond/Bellevue area, I live in Redmond, lets talk call me at : 425-772-3468 or email with contact


  6. Nithya Avatar

    Couple of activities in seattle during the weekend, in case u r interested
    1. Garba at Sammamish High school – saturday evening
    2. Bollywood music at Mirabeau club in Queen Anne
    3. Violin concert on saturday evening and vocal concert on sunday morning

    Oh well, may be you wudn’t want to do anything indian here…

    As you can guess, I live in redmond. Send me a mail if you need any help/info/tour around microsoft campus…


  7. Sriram Avatar

    WB to the US.


  8. Nitin Avatar

    oh no. so LazyGeek, u have settled in USA. I cannot believe, im gonna miss the photos and descriptions that you provide from chennai. but still good to hear that ur in seatlle.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Whoa !! to many guys and contacts already in Seattle.

    First it was Cryptologist Raj and and many others.

    Ajay, Thanks man. We will talk soon.

    Arvind, Thats flaterring. Thanks a ton. Will start blogging soon.

    Prabhu Thalaiva, Appidi thaan. When you flew to east, I flew west. 😉

    Nitin, Yeah you are right but i think every other place is as interesting as other. You must be thinking I am lying now. Oh !! I am, just for consolling myself 😉

    Sriram, Thanks.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hey Rohit mams,

    Never knew you were at Seattle. I wasn’t even sur you were checking my blog. You are right, I’m on the Redmond/Bellevue area. Have noted your mobile. Will call you for sure.


    Thanks for the help. Will email you and be in touch incase I need some help settling down.


  11. Venky Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    Hey man, Got your link from Kiruba. Seattle is one of the best cities to live. I resided in Seattle few years back and it was fun. It was less polluted and less crowded that it is now.
    There are always some activities going on in Seattle. Heard that the tamil gang in Microsoft have their own drama troupe! Let me know if you want any contacts and I shall try to get them for you.

    Anyways, have fun! Did you try Rasoi in Downtown?


  12. Anand Viswanathan Avatar

    Incidentally, I was in Seattle last week, a beautiful city. When I was there, the climate was very good. I have got some pictures and things you could do over there, if you are interested.


  13. Priya Avatar

    Welcome to the US!Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the States.there’s lush green and plenty of rain(for those of us from Chennai who really need to see rain once in a while),all year round. Btw, Is this a temporary assignment or are you here for a long term one?


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anand, Thanks for that. Can you pass it on to my email address [lazygeek[at]gmail].

    Priya, Are you also down here at Seattle ? This one is for a longer duration.


  15. Freeyavedu Avatar

    I m into desi crib too. Back after an amazing trip to India, I already waiting for my next trip. Dunno when it will come. Nice post


  16. Anand Viswanathan Avatar

    Oh, forgot to mention that I have it as a post in my blog at (


  17. Priya Avatar

    Im in the East Coast-Virginia . I’d been to Seattle for a long weekend. When in VA, needless to say, you are more than welcome to visit me!
    As for desi crib, that makes 2 of us.Got back from a month’s vacation from Chennai, and back to the same old question after every vacation’What the heck am I doing in this country?!’. Oh well, that’ll pass in another week or so(I hope).Goodluck on your project here!


  18. Sowmya Avatar

    Goodto see you back in action.
    But will definitely miss your posts on Chennai !


  19. GhostParticle Avatar

    Hes BACK!!! from Seattle…and yes Tom Hanks is/was the ultimate…

    Welcome Back MrGuru…


  20. Ashwini Avatar

    Any chance for a bloggers meet in California?


  21. Ashwini Avatar

    Any chance you will visit California? We can set up a bloggers meet.


  22. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks ghost particle.

    Ashwini, No plans as of yet but yes, I would love to do that soon.


  23. Lazy blogger Avatar

    Happened to read your blog when i was aimlessly googling. Its good! Welcome to the USA. I’m a “madras”-ite (after 5 years, i still cant get used to “Chennai”). I was seeing everybody else’s comments, dont we all think exactly the same way! Anyway, keep posting!


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