Surya’s Gajini Banner

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That’s the Surya’s Gajini banner that I was referring to in the Gajini post. This one is put up opp. to Panagal Park, T.Nagar and did attract me on the first glimpse.

Same picture from a longshot on my Flickr Photoblog, here and here.

9 responses to “Surya’s Gajini Banner”

  1. prabz Avatar

    hope this one is not another..”5 song.. 4 action…1 item number” sequence!!


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I hope not, Prabz. But you never can understand these kollywood magicians.


  3. Vimal Avatar

    Looks like Kaaka Kaaka Redux !!


  4. nandha Avatar

    surya doesnt look as good as he did b4.does he? getting old? balding?


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I am not a huge surya addict but I have to say that the baldness and his old looks ned to be attributed to the Maayaavi makeover. He is not yet done with the shoot of maayaavi and probably thats why he appears.

    Vimal, your statement should be wrong, i hope 😉


  6. Ghost_Particle Avatar

    Wohoooooooooooooooo, another shot em up flick…hope they have lots of cool time splicing scenes, slow mo, bullet flying….and Ashin…all together now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..

    Let it be as intelligent as Kaaka Kaaka…

    By the way, Mr LazyGeek, ive tried to access KSareSare’s website but its dead, and theyre porducing 5/6 movies till this may, but nothing on Maniratnams movie (all of it are hindi i guess and a few ram gopal varma mega budget flicks), maybe its not oficialy press released yet, maybe its a scam..but pray its a scoop, coz it really looks like a period-drama kinda movie…hope it have that epic story line and all…(waiting for kingdom of heaven from Ridley Scott)

    Happy Valentines Day to all,


  7. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Good writeup on Gajini and the book exhibition.
    Keep it coming. Would like to hear from you the press meet organised by IlayaRaaja on the Thiruvasagam project.


  8. Kannappan Avatar

    Hey Lazy

    Just an update. I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock Movie

    The song “What will be will be” Que Sera Sera comes in this movie and won an Oscar for the best song in 1956.

    The movie is very gripping and it seems the song is one of the popular songs in filmworld

    K Sera Sera Production company’s name ‘might’ have been inspired by this.


  9. sivatharshan Avatar

    stupid surya!


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