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A Mani Ratnam scoop or a spoof

[Click the image for a bigger version]

A friend of mine, Karthi, did forward the above pic with a subject – Mani Ratnam’s New Film, Aalayam.

I probably wanted to verify the source and then post this. Am not posting this to make a scoop out of it or to bring in a speculation. Infact, going by previous instances this isn’t the way Mani Ratnam unleashes his new movie. Because I believe the movie shooting hasn’t started yet and many a time such teaser posters get released only when post-production works are in progress.

This could be true on one reason. K Sera Sera production house’s name is there on the list. Maybe K Sera Sera is co-producing the film alongwith Madras Talkies. But be it a spoof or a scoop, am posting it just because I am happy for the way the poster is designed. He/She must have been a Mani Ratnam fan. The font and the collage of pics at the background just makes it for a Mani Ratnam flick. Just couple of small mistakes, Mani Ratnam usually makes sure that he has the crew names written in tamil when its a poster for tamil movie. Also silly statements like With an International Cast never happen on a Mani Ratnam flick banners. I am sure.

Anyone with the details on the source of this so-called-Mani-Ratnam-poster gets a warm applause in the next post.

Update 1 – Koushik, got inspired by this poster above, created one more using the same poster. Check it out here.

43 thoughts on “A Mani Ratnam scoop or a spoof

  1. Hey.. it looks like the movie may deal with the cross border (pakistan..??) conflicts, with some touch of Mani’s trademark romance, etc… On close observation, the name AALAYAM is written like an Urdu Script, possibly to get our imaginations going in this direction !!!

  2. Hi LG,

    I heard about this poster in maniratnam groups. The poster is really interesting and it itself inspires lot of stories. Great job done by whoever it is. Especially the way in which “Alayam” is written is signature style of Maniratnam. I think this must definitely be a fake one as the girl/boy seen on the poster resemble the lead cast from the Afghab movie named “Osama”. Anyway if this movie happens then we guys are in for a real treat yet again from ARR and maniratnam

  3. On close observation, the name AALAYAM is written like an Urdu Script, possibly to get our imaginations going in this direction !!!

    Venkat, thats exactly why I started liking the poster.

  4. Suresh, Thanks for the info and I seriously it’s not true. Not a terrorism again. Let Mani ratnam try something diff this time. Whatya say guys ?

    But as you said it has to ARR. None than ARR can do it for Mani, at this point.

  5. I saw the poster on Mani fan group too.. Now this is what I’d call an imPOSTER in the truest sense of the word! 🙂

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not fervently wishing this were true!! 😀

  6. Hi,

    Lazy i do feel the same but i thought it as a love story between Afghan girl and an indian boy and his trail in rescuing her to india with war between America and Afghan as backdrop. though it sounds simple, mani can definitely make a great screenplay out of it and that will take Maniratnam to an international arena and that is what i felt. What you say?

  7. Prabhu Thalaiva, Ennakulla Thoongikitu irukara singatha thatti ezhupidhathey naina 😉

    Suresh, You sound nice but I hate to believe Mani Ratnam would be on the terrorism storyline again.

  8. The “with an international cast” phrase threw me off. Doesnt seem mani ratnamish to put something like that on his poster.

  9. scam!

    some creative guy out there…..

    aalayam was the name of mani’s first production company…

    afghanistan please!

    i could bet a 100 bucks that mani’s next film will be more subdued, slice of life, probably abt adolescence..knowing how he always bounces back [a la alaipayuthey]

    time to move on.

  10. yeah, Mani is not like Ashutosh.
    remember Swades carried a tag-line, “From the Director of the Oscar Nominated Lagaan”.

    most of mani’s movies did not have a Tag-line.

  11. maruthanayagam, also had a picture similar to this, i mean in the real picture (not a hoax)

    by the way, did you guys see the “Ram” trailer.
    it sounded different.

  12. Would be great if someone could catch mani and interview him regarding this.. just to know hi reaction and also i we were lucky he would divulge what his next movie would be about…

  13. Well its obviously pretty much fake, but what happened to that Kamal – Mani movie planned around the time of Anbe Sivam?
    I’m still waiting for the repairing of the ultimate 2 in Indian cinema..!!

  14. My frind works in Madras Talkies. Usually I get the dirt of mani movies earlier (only slight earlier) than most. So, I tried calling him after seeing this. Not able to reach him. His mom says he has gone for story discussions (even if i call late in the night). this happened to him during AKK also. Knowing mani’s pattern he comes up with a story first and then decides the cast. The posters are made when the auditions are done ( which he does for even experienced people).

    I know that they are working on a story but i guess they havent gone this far. knowing that i am a big mani fan ..My friend would have either fwded this or told me something like this happened.

  15. And another point is, Mani sir’s name wud be usually scribed as Mani Ratnam, not as one word.

  16. it definitely is a spoof. The vertical water-marked text on the right ‘TI…OME’ suggests, this is no MANi style. Also that ‘with an intl’ cast – a never before self boast we have seen from Madras Talkies.

    So lets wait and hope this team give us another great shot. Santosh Sivan in Mani Sir’s next movie would be just awestricking!

  17. hi well this does look interesting but to that comment if mani ratnam wud do yet another terrorism based story?..well we could expect that..but i have a feeling that he might be making a movie dealing with NRIs people who are living abroad..?? im jus having a guess becos.. he tends to get his ideas in a way dat everyone can relate to.. so maybe he might take abt struggling NRis or sumthign like dat and have a way to relate pple in india with dat.. it would be interesting though if he did somethin like dat

  18. Hi Guys,

    Its a hoax, i believe. Becoz mani is very serious and his body conditions are not good. He won’t make a film, atleast a year.

  19. hey guys …just a small do u et auditions for a Mani Ratnam movie if u r a newcomer…i heard he is makin a new one with newcomers and i wud like to try out

  20. hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is completely fake.. and infact maniratnam is doing a cross over film.. to be produced by Bbby bedi( saathiya and 1857 rising fame).. this is true statement ad u can also chk for more info.. though the picture looks stuning it does not carry maniratnams stamp



    2005 . I AM WAITING mani sir this Gopinath kanagal from USA newyork orginally from karantaka banagaloree

    Please let us know when is ur next release & story cast


  23. Hi

    what type of film? whether love or society based, that doesn’t matter, but we need the film with trio technologist (maniratnam-arrahman-pc sreeram), becasue they can make any kind of film to an extrordinary film for the peoples in every corners of the world.

    is it, arr is under composition of “the Lord of rings to be released in 2006”?

  24. This film is about Tibet China realtions.
    Kalaidascope which produced Saathiya was the original producers but later mani wanted it to produce under Madras Talkies.

    The story is about a Tibetian girl caught in the cultural revolution of Chinese in Tibet.
    It is a mega budjet film with three years production and will be released worldwide.

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