Weekend Tech Bits

IBM strengthens it’s Business Intelligence capabilities by acquiring SRD, a company specialising in identity resoultion. SRD’s products can answer “Who is who?” questions in the area of analytics with accuracy. That’s a big leap for IBM in the BI arena.

It’s over. Oracle has purchased more than 97% of PeopleSoft’s stock, and the application vendor is now a wholly owned Oracle subsidiary.

Must read for the Google guys. This is a long read but a neat technology review of Google and suggestion for Google on the road ahead. What’s Next for Google by By Charles H. Ferguson.

Windows Media Center PC is making way into the living rooms.

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  1. radhakrishnan nair Avatar

    Hi Lazy,

    The link on Google is available only for registered users. If you have that article saved as hardcopy in your PC, can you pls mail it across to me at radhakrishnanc(at)kggroup.com


  2. Mehwish Avatar

    my comment is that all of the Indien Idol is really good to sing (the finalits)..
    if Abhijeet wasn´t there!!!

    Top 5 contestents will bee:
    1.Rahul Saxena
    2.Rahul Vadiya
    3.Prajakta Sukre
    4.Amit sana
    5.Aditi Poul

    i like then really much….
    i am not from India
    I am from DENMARK and i have seen all of the episodes!!!!

    love to all of u!!!