Happy Birthday Dude !! – AR Rahman

AR Rahman

As South Asians took root around the world and their local movie culture avidly followed them, one could hear Rahman’s music even if it didn’t puncture the consciousness: as background music in restaurants and posh stores, in the very beat of certain neighborhoods, and of course in the movies that occasionally broke out of Desi ghettos. Lagaan, the insurgent epic centered on an Anglo-Indian cricket match, was nominated for the Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar. Again Rahman’s work went uncited — though not, by Western film cultists, unappreciated. As they discovered India’s pop cinema, they realized that along with the ferocious emoting and delirious dances, there was a master composer — the man Indians call the Mozart of Madras.

The column of Richard Corliss, That Old Feeling: Isn’t It Rahmantic?, appears to be a timely one. A fantastical testimonial of AR Rahman and his timeless compositions. A must read for Rahmaniacs on his b’day.

My bit is here. On a hot sunny afternoon, walking by the crowded streets of Tambaram, I stop by the corner of the road for a synthesised music blaring from an audio shop. I could even identify ABBA, Jackson, Eagles and Carpenters before that. But this music was soothing and very different. I’m not making nay comparions here. No exaggeration. True. Someone on the audioshop said the composer was a 25yr old guy. I bought the cassette not for the music but for Mani Ratnam. It was Roja. The year was 1992.

Since then I’ve been mesmerized by AR Rahman for good and never turned back. If I were to know a Rahman music album got released, I bought it blindly. I never bothered the crew and the cast. If it was Rahman, the cassette was mine. I even bought music of movies like Andhi Malai which never released. And yeah I closely followed ARR music release schedules. Would have posted them here if only there were blogs in 1995.

Rahman still continues to inspire a generation of people , around the world(is that politically right?) who are transfixed to his musical chords. And we should be pleased that a unassuming dude from Chennai is making the world dance to his HUMMA HUMMA.

16 responses to “Happy Birthday Dude !! – AR Rahman”

  1. curses Avatar

    Happy B’day Thalaiva!! 🙂


  2. Raj Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Yep I read the article abt Rahman.It was really good.Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Chandra Avatar

    Rahman is an icon, a brilliant chap. He created fantastic music that had its foundation on a unique type of sound, that was never heard before. When you hear this sound, you know that you are hearing a composition of this genius.

    Till today, that sound which pervades in his compositions remains unreplicated and will perhaps never be. But the maestro too for various reasons could not create that sound in some tracks ( very very few ) in his 12 year old illustrious career and the result was compositions that were commonplace.
    At the end of the day, Rahman will be forever remembered for being a true genius who inspired a whole lot of singers and listeners with his ground-breaking compositions.


  4. Ramchi Avatar

    “The greatness of a person is in the joy he spreads through his work”. Rahman belongs right in that category.Rahman’s greatest achievement is not in the awards and accolades but in bringing an unknown smile to your face when you hear his music.When u listen to Rahman’s best,you feel rejenuvated,ur heart feels lighter,ur body sways unconsciously and at the end of those 4minutes, his vibrations linger in your head for years to come.That’s what ‘Fanaa’ does.That’s what ‘Tu hi Re’ does.That’s what ‘Thoda Thoda’ does.Wishing the Genius a very happy Birthday!

    Thanks Lazygeek!Your Blog is anything but Lazy!Keep up the good work!


  5. Ashok R Avatar
    Ashok R

    The Time article is very generous and justly so. But I wonder if it has come in the print edition.The “AR = Allah Rakha” I suspect stands for Zakir Hussain’s dad (anybody knows for sure?) who composed music for movies in the 40s as A.R. Qureshi.
    Now that Bombay Dreams is closing quietly, maybe LOTR the stage version will be ARR’s big bow.


  6. Ajay Avatar

    Well, I seem to be a bit late on this note and just read some deserving and articulated comments on this “dude” of our Chennai. But I just can’t let go with a comment being another ardent fan of the genious ARR right after Roja.

    Belated B’day wishes Sir.Rahman. You the man!

    Thanks Guru for the space to share and….


  7. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Happy birthday thaleeva 🙂

    Anyone knows when godfather music is getting released??


  8. Sunil Avatar

    Its not just his music…the way this man has carried himself since Roja is as amazing as the chords in his songs! His humility and compassion for fellow human beings, his spirituality and dedication to the art of music, is nothing short of legendary. With due respects to SONY, my choice for the Indian Idol doesn’t need a second thought – AR Rahman! India salutes you!! And very soon, the world will too!!!


  9. spidey Avatar

    I have one wish that i hope ARR fulfills. Its about time he start some project with the Bharathiyar songs.

    I want him to compose music for the Bharathiyar songs (a la Thiruvasakam by the mastero) and make sure that it is taken to each and every person of tamil (and of course Indian) origin.

    I can only imagine the spirit that his music can add to the very very inspirational Bharathiyar songs.


  10. Maverick Avatar

    But Lazy, was AndhiMalai composed by ARR? I also bought that one seeing ARR’s name on the credits and later found that it was not upto his standards. And I later read somewhere that ARR was only consulted for the music arrangement and he never worked on the album.


  11. jackson macwan Avatar
    jackson macwan

    hi helo a r rahman sir. I am jackson i wrote a letter to u but no reply sir. sir please reply me my number is 02673 246446 please reply me
    i am u r fan sir u r a great muscian . please reply me.
    my e mail id is jacksonmacwan@yahoo.com


  12. nirmal prabu Avatar
    nirmal prabu

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    thanting you
    nirmal prabu


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