Notes for thyself

Watch Kathal.

Watch The Incredibles.

Watch Swades.

Enough of thinking lazy!!. Yun Hi Chalaa Chal has been running in the winamp loop for 12th time. Shutdown the comp and for heaven’s sake, watch Swades first.

12 thoughts on “Notes for thyself

  1. thala!!!!!! mudhala poi kathaal padham paaru. sema supera keedu. appala andha swadesu paaru saarukhan patha udana namm oru gilma ponnunga ellam visil poduthunga.
    kadasila unanda thudhu irundha mattum antha bomma padam……athaan nama saarukhan kuralu uttarulla antha padham paaru naina. vudu jute.

  2. Oh,my notes Lazygeek..but i may drop ‘Kaadhal’ but ‘Swades’ n ‘The incredibles’ will be there anyway…’Yun hi chalal..’ its great..but what about Kisna dude..its haunting.Rahman rocks in it.

  3. “Vikatan” has given 50 marks!! for “Kadhal” movie.
    That’s a BIG score for a movie being rated. If am not wrong, they gave same mark for “Nayagan” and the max was 52 for “Oru Kaitheyin Diary”. Rt?

  4. Ajay,
    Vikatan rated few more movies the same 50.If i am not wrong then Virumandi was also rated the same.I remember Avatharam also scored the same 50.

  5. Ajay – You are way off! Nayakan, Hey Ram and Mahanadhi also scored 60/100 in AV. There are lots of other movies which have gotten more than 50 marks in AV

  6. Swades should be first on the list. It is an awesome movie. Tho drags a bit and Shah Rukh Khan cant resist doing the “hero” MGR style postures (arms flaying wide open to the space!).

    Incredibles is toooo cooooote. =)

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