Movie of the Year 2004

Kamal and Pasupathy in Virumandi

This is usually awarded finally. Let’s get this upfront and go back down the Best-Of-Kollywood-2004 list.

Among the numerous good and bad movies that kollywood saw this year, Virumandi takes the cake. Be it for Kamal Hassan‘s directorial skill or sheer touch of class in screenplay which was a tightrope walk or simply the cast of Virumandi which supported the screenplay, Virumandi walks away with the Best Movie of the Year tag. Few things that I probably felt were the best in Virumandi were, Picturisation of the whole movie inside sets which didn’t seemed like one, Abirami’s fantastical sketch of Annalakshmi, Pasupathy as Kothala Thevar and the Shanmugam as Peykkaaman.

Here are a few lines that I blogged just after watching Virumandi –

Virumandi is a just an observation of modern day, cell phone cultured rural folks of Tamil Nadu. There is however a message implied in this observation which is made without passing judgments on their life style, their sentiments and their everyday outcries.

Few other movies that I thought were worthy contenders are Mani Ratnam‘s Aayitha Ezhuthu, Cheran’s Autograph and Selvaraghavan’s 7G Rainbow Colony.

Aayitha Ezhuthu missed out in characterisation of Inba Sekhar though it had superb screenplay, dialogues and cinematography. Autograph had amateruish acting though Cheran had a novel approach in story-telling. Selvaraghavan came near close to Virumandi but didn’t match it in the technical forte and background score.

The Best Of Kollywood 2004 follows. Do leave your suggestions/comments.

Tamil Moves that released during 2004

7G Rainbow colony, Aayitha Ezhuthu, Adithadi, Alagesan, Alagiya Theeye, Amma Appa Chellam, Anbu Sagotharan, Arasatchy, Arul, Arumugasami, Athu, Attakasam, Autograph, Bose, Campus, Chatrapathy, Chellamey, Dreams, Eathiri, Enavo pidichiruku, Engal anna, Gajendra, Gambeeram, Gilli, Giri, Image, Jai, Jana, Jeyram, Jore, Kalam, Kalumulla kalamvarai, Kamaraj, Kanavu meipada vendum, Kangalal kaithu sei, Kathal, Kathal dot com, Kathaley jeyam, Kavithai, kovil, Kudaikul mazhai, Kumaran s/o mahalakshmi, Kuthu, Loves, Mahanadigan, Manasthan, Manmathan, Matchi, Mathumathi, Mathura, Nee matum, Neranja manasu, New, Oru murai solividu, Peralagan, Pethi sollai thattathey, Puthukotailirundu saravanan, Saga, Sema ragalai, Setai, Shock, Singara chennai, Sulaan, Thendral, Udaya, Ullathai nee killathaey, Uyirosai, Vanam vasapadum, Varnajalam, Vasool raja, Vayasupasanga, Virumandi, Viswa thulasi

Thanks to Namma Nanganallur Vasant for the list of movies. I am not sure if this is a exhaustive list. Suggest if there are any movies to be included.

24 thoughts on “Movie of the Year 2004

  1. Right Prabhu. Azhagiya Theeye is one of the good honest films that came this year. Probably not in the top 4. But yeah I do accept it had the potential.

  2. ‘Autograph’..amauterish acting..Cheran was funny in those crying scenes ,agreed,but other than that the movie had a decent performance from its cast.

  3. Virumandi No 1! No argument there. Haven’t watch Azhaghiya Theeye but the song ‘Nenjammelam’ is good.

    Geek, you going to do a song countdown?

  4. Yes, definitely Virumandi is the best movie of the year. Here is my list of best movies of the year

    7G, Rainbow Colony
    Ayutha Ezuthu
    Kudaikkul Mazhai
    Azaghiya Theeyae

  5. I agree that Virumandi is the best of the lot in the year 2004. And to make this process easy I think you should list down all the movies released during the year 2004. I take liberty in posting the same on your behalf.

    7G Rainbow colony
    Aaitha eluthu
    Alagiya theeye
    Amma appa chellam
    Anbu sagotharan
    Enavo pidichiruku
    Engal anna
    Kalumulla kalamvarai
    Kanavu meipada vendum
    Kangalal kaithu sei
    Kathal dot com
    Kathaley jeyam
    Kudaikul mazhai
    Kumaran s/o mahalakshmi
    Nee matum
    Neranja manasu
    Oru murai solividu
    Pethi sollai thattathey
    Puthukotailirundu saravanan
    Sema ragalai
    Singara chennai
    Ullathai nee killathaey
    Vanam vasapadum
    Vasool raja
    Viswa thulasi

  6. Thanks Vasant for that. I didn’t have the entire list except for the good ones. BTW, did you compile the entire list by yourself. Great job then.

  7. Ofcourse not Lazy. Got it as one of the so called forwards. Some guy has compiled all this (God only knows how long he took for this!!.

  8. Lazy

    You may include one more film in your list if you watch the movie KADAL from Shankar’s Assistant Balaji Shaktivel.


  9. You are right Vimal but not throughout. Some places it was a little jarring. ARR’s Aayitha Ezhuthu score was apt and hit the nail on the head. Can be better. From the titles to the themes that were set for all the three characters Aayitha Ezhuthu background score rocks !!

  10. I dint watch all the movies, just tried to list the ones I saw.

    Good ones:
    7G Rainbow colony
    Alagiya theeye
    Kudaikul mazhai

    Aaitha eluthu
    Kangalal kaithu sei
    Vanam vasapadum

    Okay types:
    Kumaran s/o mahalakshmi
    Vasool raja
    Viswa thulasi

    Worst ones:

  11. Ayutha Ezhuthu by Mani’s standards wass a let down, but I will never agree that it did not make it to the best movies list of the year. Virumandi was good.

  12. My List:

    Best Story telling – Virumaandi,Autograph

    Best Direction touches – 7G Rainbow Colony,Aayutha Ezhuthu

    Best Commerical movie – Gilli

  13. I totally agree with lazy on Virumandi being the best movie of the year.I also think Azhaghiya Theeye(AT) was a better movie than 7G Rainbow Colony . The actors in AT have acted better especially the character Chitappa and the movie had a proper flow from the beginning to the end.7G just goes well untill about half and then just goes crazy.
    I think I would rate 7G Rainbow Colony, Kudaikul mazhai along the same lines where both the stories have new thought process and would have turned out to be an awesome movie had the screenplay been better.
    My rating would be
    1. Virumandi
    2. Ayutha Ezuthu
    3. Autograph
    4. Azaghiya Theeyae
    5. 7G, Rainbow Colony,Kudaikkul Mazhai
    6. Viswa Tulasi
    7. Perazhagan

  14. I guess this blog really demonstrates the fact that “opinions differ!” I actively disliked “Virumaandi” and “Aayitha Ezhuthu”– thought both were devoid of a compelling story, though Kamal’s deft handling elevated the former to an interesting experience. Here’re my favorites (in no particular order):
    Kudaikkull Mazhai; Azhagiya Theeye; Autograph and Perazhagan.
    And, reg. “7/G Rainbow Colony,” it would’ve made it to my list if not for the last 20 mintues, which I considered a cop-out…”My list” doesnt mean much to anyone except myself! But why then did I post this?! well, isnt that what lazygeek.net is all about 🙂

  15. Prabhu Venkat, We matched in some places. But Kudaikkul Mazhai missed to have made it into the good ones list.

    Heloshia, Agreed that Kudaikkul Mazhai might have made it if only screenplay was good. very true and for me, it was a let down. probably i expected too much out of it.

    Ram, KM is in your fav list. As said before i wasn’t convinced particularly because Parthiban calling it a commercial kavithai. And also Perzhaghan didn’t match the mallu original kungnikoonan. Yeah, 7g had an elastic ending. do post your entire list. we might have some discussion from there too.

  16. LG, I agree with you that Parthiban should’ve really let his work speak for itself instead of his talky “trailer.” Though a novel idea, the trailer did put off some of my friends… I ‘kinda’ liked “Adithadi” but thats coz I like Satyaraj’s insouciant attitude…of course, the movie’s too much masala fare to figure in any “top 10” list…thought “Shock” was technically brilliant…but my biggest disappointment was “Vasool Raja” which I thought was pretty lame…

  17. Prabhu Venkatramani,

    Aaiydha Ezhuthu along with KKS in Upsets list,but you have New,Chellamay in OK types….hmmmm.I can’t get that.AE was anyway better than these too,especially much better than ‘New’…worst ones list is OK.but i wish ‘New’ too to be there..anyway opinion differs.

  18. Manoj,
    You got me wrong. Upsets are into a seperate category – where I expected something good from Manirathnam, Bharathiraja & PC Sriram. I blame on my expectation.

    1. Aaitha Ezhuthu – But for climax its fine
    2. Vanam Vasapadum – Okay, not that punching.
    3. KKS – worst, too artificial.

    ‘Chellamey’ was just entertaining, not bad.

    ‘New’ is somewhere b/w okay and worst, I gotta move it to some place….moved to okay coz Simran came to mind that time 🙂

  19. “Kanngallaal Kaidhu Sey” had a relatively unexplored subject at its core but, as you said, had an unbelievably amateurish execution. Nevertheless, I thought the movie did have a few bright spots (after all, its Bhararathiraja who wielded the baton!)…and ARR’s music didnt hurt either!

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