Carnatic Sells Big Time

And you thought only film music was selling in millions. The carnatic season special CDs exhibition happening in Sri Sankara Hall on the TTK road will prove you wrong.

Last evening, it was brimming with activity and there people flock the place to get their favorite devotional, carnatic music CDs with a lovely discount. The growth of technology is only boosting the carnatic musical sales. Bharathnatyam, Bhagavad Gita and many other important music are now available as DVDs.

I picked up couple of CDs and some rare gems of MS along the way. Sangeetham‘s editor Sriram’s Carnatic Summer is one of the appreciable efforts in this year’s music season. Sriram chronicles lives of twenty great people of carnatic music like Chembai, Ariyakudi, MS, MLV and others in Carnatic Summer.

My friend who was thoroughly excited at the music exhibition loitered around the entire carnatic music section, went back to the other hall and bought AR Rahman‘s Bombay Dreams. Carnatic music sells, rarely, I agree.

9 responses to “Carnatic Sells Big Time”

  1. Jaiganesh Avatar

    One young artist, whose albums I recommend is S.P.Ramh. His diction and bhaava is involving. Try Maharajapuram Santhanam’s Thyagaraja keerthanas. I bought one bcoz it had “Bala Kanakamaya” (remember the scene in Salangai Oli where kamal dances in the kitchen for his mother). I loved all the songs in that album, the winner was “Chakkani Raajaa”, I am still waiting for some one to come close to MS’s(MS=Maharajapuram) Gambheeram in rendering that song.


  2. Prabhu Avatar


    I feel many people are not sure of Carnatic Music. Thats why they hesitate to buy the CD’s or cassettes.


  3. ganesh Avatar

    hey lazy why u dint talk abt steven spielbergs latest film again whihc has alien in it .


  4. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Hi ganesh!
    I think if Spielberg’s movies had normal characters, then it deserves mention. Aliens, hi tech criminals, war heroes etc., etc., are commonplace in his movies.


  5. Man with no Name Avatar

    hey man, me first timer here.. saw that ad for the CD sale in TTK rd, the other day on tv… how are the rates? that theruvulae-thundu-potu-vikurae-rate or the music world or the ritchie street rates?? and all kinda cd’s available there???


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