Badri Aandal Suggest

I did get a chance to watch the interview of Badri Seshadri, co-founder of CricInfo and an avid blogger, in Jaya TV. Apart from the unique innovations that he planning for his publishing venture, Kizhakhu Pathippagam, his bullets to the aspiring entrepreneurs were worthy. It was obvious that they were drawn from his hard earned experience. Great going.

Desikan is on a Thiruppaavai trip. To celebrate the festive month of Marghazhi, Desikan plans to capture the magic of Aandal’s Thiruppaavai in his blog. Today, his detailed writeup on Aandal[17 pages by print] takes the cake.

Google’s new service Google Suggest simply rocks. This is where the quest for real-time seach begins. And there is a long way to go. Here, as you type the search query in Google, it suggests you the top 10 queries, word by word. Confused ? Try it yourself.

If you are searching me for the confusing title up there, escape.

8 responses to “Badri Aandal Suggest”

  1. Guru, I’ve met Badri both personally and officially ( thanks to Cricinfo’s relationship with Sify). He is a great personality and we all have quite a bit to learn from his entrepreneurial experiences.


  2. Isn’t that feature of Google called ‘Autocomplete’? I guess it was a part of some word processor. Can’t remember which, though.


  3. Ooh Can I join this appreciation society too? Seriously, I have been following Badri’s blog for a while and it amazes me as to how Badri and other Tamil bloggers manage to write with little or no infiltration of English in their blogs, so much to learn!


  4. its not anything like autocomplete the autocomplte will just play with some words in the words inbuilt database thats all , but google goes thru all the search terms people do and builds it u have to think it deeply to knw amazing that is and how fast it works.


  5. Google suggest is just amazing, its like the explorer suggesting the correct directory/file when you type the address in the address bar.

    This innovation will surely go a looooong way.