We will miss you, MS Subbulakshmi

MS Subbulakshmi
[Pic: hindu.com]

Shocked. In search of words to say. Your voice will always heard and re-heard by the coming generations. You will live in the hearts of all carnatic music lovers and non-lovers. Good bye MS Subbulakshmi.

Update [13th Dec 2004]: This blog was closed yesterday in memory of Bharat Ratna MS Subbulakshmi. If you had dropped in here, the whole of yesterday and saw this closed today page, for the kind of admiration and respect that I had for MSS, I wanted to something within my limits to pay homage to the God’s Own Voice and hence I decided to close this blog for one day.

43 responses to “We will miss you, MS Subbulakshmi”

  1. Rajesh Avatar

    We are in tears. Bless us.


  2. Sri G Kalimuthu Avatar
    Sri G Kalimuthu

    She is the definitive voice of the Suprabadam that will live on.





  4. Raj Avatar

    Shocked.You will be remembered forever.May your soul remain in peace


  5. Hanumu Avatar

    Day starts with your enchanting voice. It remains forever.


  6. v.vijayalakshmi Avatar



  7. Priya Avatar

    She will always remain alive with morning Subrabathams ..nobody will be able to recreate the magic


  8. egnath raj Avatar
    egnath raj

    Really we lost.


  9. Keshav Avatar

    It is real loss for the music community. very nice to close the site today in the sad memory of mss amma.


  10. mani sekar Avatar
    mani sekar

    my whole family is in tears. we lost a great soul. thanks for allowing to share my comments. i saw this in morning tv and cried so much. i really relish her bhajan vaishnava janato.


  11. Vinod Avatar

    Its a huge loss for the music community and all the music lovers in general. In the demise of a person like MS, one really feels the loss, because it leaves us all with shuddery questions – Will another MS ever be born again to enchant us with music divine? Will another person be able to match the diction and devotion of MS? Will another person be able to sing complex ragas yet lead an uncomplicated life? Will another person ever be able to win so many accolades and yet show no sign of conceit?
    May her soul rest in peace.


  12. Prabhu Avatar

    Irrecoverable loss 😦


  13. Zing Avatar

    Great loss…but the show must go on ! Isn’t it Rajini’s Bday 😦


  14. arvind Avatar

    Whoever you are Mr. Zing, with all due respect to Rajini, I dont want anyone to initiate a conversation with you on the show going on or not! Two incomparable people!!

    We all should try to realize the importance of this moment and maintain dignity. I fully understand the pain, sorrow and respect of Guru Subramaniam. We stand by you Guru!!

    This blog will be functional forever, but there will be only a few moments such as these that would pinch our souls. Lets respect that and observe peace.


  15. xyz Avatar

    It is a great loss to the entire humanity. this void cannot be filled by anyone. she was and still will be a diva. I believe she is an incarnation of god.her voice has no end and she will remain immortal.

    I regret very much regarding the comparision of a goddess to Rajini. WHo ever u r, if u do not feel the loss of the diva, u have no business here.
    And I request the web page guys to please discard the above mentioned message and please such messages shud not be in the beginning.


  16. Manoj Avatar

    Music world has lost one divine diva.Let her soul rest in peace.


  17. chaitanya Avatar

    its a great loss to the world of music as an era of carnatic music has come to an abrupt end. every day used to start listening to ur suprabhatam. we are all in tears .


  18. Krithika Avatar

    ‘Kurai onrum illai’ is still resonating! She will live forever…


  19. G Ravichandran Avatar
    G Ravichandran

    I had the privilege of scripting the biodoc “MS: A Legend In Her Own Lifetime” for the Films Division(Sound & Sight Productions, Chennai) some seven years ago. As can be expected, I did extensive research on her life and work and I was amazed by her musical genius coupled with her child-like ignorance of everything material. So much so, she had difficulty in remembering her ‘phone number! Well, MS Amma! You had a truly fulfilling life and spread happiness all around with your generosity in a financial sense and with your unforgettable music in a soiritual sense. May your soul rest in peace.


  20. v.harish Avatar

    7.30 p.m

    Read about the demise through the hindu newspaper and heard from all india radio. this loss is irrepairable and she lives on forever in the minds of future and past generations of her lifetime. it is indeed a wonderful life lived well at an extraordinary pace and simplicity, cajoled with a sense of oneness for all. a great power had been manifested. will the world realize the potential of human grace and life and purpose and repent of all illwills and hatred. to god be the glory. a life lived well and respected the world allover, i salute and my namaskarams to this eternal spirit of manifestation in human grace.


  21. Vimal Avatar

    Shocked beyond belief and in tears right now
    :_( That face of serenity and radiance and that amazing persona will no longer be seen in the future in flesh and blood. You are one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity!May you rest in peace, MS Patti 😦


  22. Suresh Swaminathan Avatar
    Suresh Swaminathan

    I dont think that there are any words to describe such a sweet tender soul as MS. Though I never met her it feels like I have lost someone so dear and close to my heart. I am sure many share this feeling. She is someone who showed such beauty and grace in her simplicity. MS practsied what the songs that she sang preached. She will always be remembered for her divine voice as well as the way she led her life. She will live on for ever in the hearts of so many! Oh Lord, i pray to Thee to keep MS safe with You. I trust in Thee!


  23. Praburam Rambadran Avatar
    Praburam Rambadran

    We will miss you, MS!
    Feels like Ive lost someone from my own family.
    Atleast, we are fortunate enough to listen to your voice every morning and evening.



  24. raapi Avatar

    Really sad!
    Amazing to see the same feeling generated across all music lovers!
    May MS continue to fuel our carnatic music for many many generations to come.


  25. viky Avatar

    this is first site i saw which was brought down for subbalakshmi’s death. i understand the pain people in TN are going through. even in mumbai… this news hit a sad note.


  26. eeshu Avatar

    Because of science and technology developments, we could hear your melodious enchanting voice for ever and generations to come. May God bless your soul and make your soul to stay near the lotus feet (Vishnu Padam – Brahma Kadigina Padam ).
    We miss you alot Grand Ma!

    Your beloved grands!


  27. Anand Avatar

    Like someone said in this post, we have started our day with your soothing subrabatham. You are an amazing person and may god bless your family.


  28. karthik Avatar

    If there was anyone who brought carnatic music to our generation without diluting its essence and meaning it was MS Subbulakshmi. If we woke up fresh and grateful everyday it was because of the splendour of her suprabhatam that played every morning in homes and shops all over the country. She transcended religion, region and every such non-trivial entities to show the true meaning of bhakti and music. She will never be forgotten and will live on through her art and bhakti. A sad day yet a good day because today she was reunited with the one entity she always devoted her time and energy to – GOD!! God bless her soul!


  29. karthik Avatar

    just wanted to correct my previous comment…..”She transcended religion, region and every such trivial entity to show the true meaning of bhakti and music”


  30. Morpheus Avatar

    She will continue to live through her songs we here.. May her soul rest in peace !


  31. Madhan Avatar

    I have had the privelege of seeing and hearing her sing in a private religious cermony and that was the moment I had a feeling that by expressing bhakti through her art she elevated me to a different plane of existence. Unparalleled is all I can say.


  32. Suresh Ranga Avatar
    Suresh Ranga

    We have grown up listening to her bhajans and Sahastranams. It is very difficult to believe that she is not with us any more. But then she is indeed with us, through her voice.


  33. Ananthachari Srinivasan Avatar
    Ananthachari Srinivasan

    The death News has really made me and everyone to sorrow and recall her yesteryears sacrifice to Music world and to Charity with greater Humanity.


  34. Mohan Avatar

    The Queen of Music we will miss you. Even in the iconoclastic, atheistic teenage times, I could not stop listening to your Bhaja Govindam. If I need to look at one self-actualised person, MS you were one. For 78 years, starting from the age of 10 you devoted yourself to one thing, you were sent in this world for. There wont be another MS. But in this blessed land, your inspiration will be there for millions of youngsters to aspire to one like you.


  35. Ananth Avatar

    The news brought tears, uncontrollable, for
    the sense of loss is profound…


  36. sat Avatar

    For four years, every morning that awoke me from my hostel bed at IIT, poured music to my ears, from the neighbouring township of Tharamani, the morning Suprabadam.

    It had become so much ingrained in my mind, that the words still echo every morning, even if I do not hear it. So much influence. So much power.

    ‘Tis truly a tragic loss.


  37. Lakshmi Avatar

    I didn’t know this news at all till now… I came
    to know only when desikan (who posted MSS Mudhal
    MSS Varai) sent me this link. First of all I feel sorry for that. we have missed such a divine
    We will start our day @ home by listening to The Legends ” Sahasra Namam”. When we chant that
    somehow we feel that our mind is free of worries
    and fresh…. I remember such a great women daily
    when we chant.. But now :-)..
    And one more , when I listen to “Kurai Ondrum
    Illai” I literally cry, tears automatically
    come into my eyes. I donno why…
    Missing her very much… No one has born
    to fill her place 😦

    — Lakshmi.


  38. Ajay Avatar

    She came….she conquered…. A Great!


  39. One more Avatar
    One more

    make it 40. i am one more follower of MS.


  40. Mani Avatar

    January 1997 I rushed through the streets of Nanganallur around 3 30 to get a seat for me and my patti for MS concert in Nanganallur Anjeneyar temple the concert was around 6 30. That day still stay in my heart when i saw MS concert on live for the first time. MS concert was a divine experience and i could see ppl standing on the streets ( Completely filled with the devotees) and enjoying the divine voice of MS . when she was singing Rangapuravihara it started drizzling and continued till the end of the concert. I could still remember the words of Ramani anns who concluded the cobcert ‘Rain has stopped and also the musical rain here’. It was a divine experience and will be there forever in my heart. MS is an assett to the Indian classical music and she will be there in every keertanai people sing in the future.


  41. Lavanya Avatar

    People seem to have this habit of bullshitting whenever a person dies.


  42. lalitha Avatar

    My mother Mrs Subbalakshmi Ganapathy Iyer who is 86 is a die hard fan of the late M.S. Subbalakshmi. My mother is unable to read English.
    However most of the tributes to MS has been in English. I am wondering if anybody can contact me and let me know if there is a publication of MS in tamil and where it is available. That will be truly appreciated. Thank you


  43. direct tv Avatar

    laughed all the way through


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