12 thoughts on “Come back in full color, Mr.Mani

  1. I know you would blog this lazy. but too quick for a lazygeek.

    Lets hope he is back very soon. ratnam’s next movie could be with vijay. heard it from sources close to vijay…any idea?

    – paacha


  2. Whoops! again?! Wud that mean less work for him in future and hence less mani-quality movies..?..hmm…..hope not. Pray for his better health. (with that bit of selfishness to watch even more good Indian movies). And hope he makes a blockbuster in Hindi and fulfill his wish of making the northie critics eat thier words!

    “Ezhunthu vaa Thalapathy”!! 😀


  3. Lets hope he gets well very soon. Let him not make any movies for sometime. Thats acceptable. But we need him. Indian cinema needs him.


  4. Hi guys!

    Mani has had just angina not an attack. So he should be back pretty soon. i just hope that he doesn’t get himself stressed out too fast by making “Yuva” style boring movies and instead focusses on making small scale but enjoyable/emotional movies like Mouna Raagam.
    Get back to the late 80’s early 90’s MR. You were on top of your craft then!!!. And dont forget to do some light hearted comedy, that’s the panacea for you!!!.

    Vaazhga Valamudan!!

    (Avid Mani Fan)


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