Big Daddy Blogs

The computing big daddy Microsoft, makes his super slow entry to the blogdom. Now with the already late release, we would expect him to come with the latest(latea vandhaalum types…).

As of now(mind you, as of now) MSN Blog tool really bores with the look and feel. It has the typical msn layout with the kind of silly options that blogger and live journal were offering, sometime back. It’s time someone in their R&D will buck up and re-invent them in tune to blogger. With the kind of money Microsoft can pump in, this is going to be just a matter of time, I hope.

4 thoughts on “Big Daddy Blogs

  1. yes Lazy,

    tried MSN Spaces.. it looks prety decent with the Add photos options, and profile management, and also the trackball feature. But the URL, is so very big.. But honestly it looks simply like profile viewing only and doessnt have the look and feel of a blog.


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