Blogger Meet Update

The rain clouds aren’t above Chennai. We are on schedule, as of now. I am awaiting a reply from our may-be sponsors. Looks like they have also gone on a diwali long leave. We have 15 official enteries through my comments box. We might have more bloggers if the rain isn’t playing spoil-sport.

Will put up a note here if there are any updates about schedule and place.

Update 1 – Sify Blogs, to whom we had requested a coverage has put up a note on their blogs homepage about the meet. However, the link is being directed to Blog Street India’s Chennai city directory. Thanks Sify Team.

Update 2 – Blogging Diwali, the Chennai way happened. Happened fine for 3 hours. Will put up an update here soon. Pictures will also been available soon.

2 responses to “Blogger Meet Update”

  1. Sudhir Parasuram Avatar

    Any updates about this blogger meeting, like meeting minutes ? 🙂

    And, how about a few photos ? That should serve as an inspiration to those who want to be part of the program next time – assuming they aren’t shocked by what they see in those photos 🙂



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