A lovely, lively sunday morning

the corner bookstore at t.nagar a mug of filter coffee at barista

Always sunday mornings are either spent with a Hindu and filter coffee or they are shared along with sunday morning television. Today was a little different. A friend’s marriage in the early hours at Porur and a meet with Prabhu later at Barista. Prabhu had come down from Bangalore and suggested we would meet. For the first time. All along we have been talking through gmails and blog comments and now we did meet.

While we initally planned to meet in my fav joint of Woodlands Drive in, we feared the rain/traffic and thought we could make it to G.N.Chetty road Cafe Coffee day. At GN Chetty Road, I was surprised to see Barista replacing Cafe Coffee day, at the same place. So we barged in and I suspected that we would be the bonee [first business of the day] there. Already there was a kadalai kutchery there and we placed ourselves at a corner, ordering smoothies(don’t go by the name. it was a cold drink. hee hee).

We had a lively chat on tamil film music, cinema, blogs, doordarshan and finally about the paani-ka-panga at chennai. Prabhu has tons of neat ideas for blogs and will start a blog soon. A music/sports/mobile phone freak, he did amaze me saying that he visits my site from his ultra-pompus handheld Nokia darling. Was amazed by what that tiny little thing can do. It can take videos, pics(those pics above are from his Nokia), GPRS and what not. I am thinking hard of changing my stone aged mobile to this one and start clicking with that mobile camera.

After a while, Prabhu suggested we would checkout the bookshop located at the corner of Barista. A corner means a real corner. The store was as named as The Corner Book Store. With just 4 feet on the diagonals, this book store has an attitude. It had some of the best books of all time including Ayn Rand, Betrand Russell and Dilbert Omnibus to Alchemist, Da Vinci fiction which were best sellers.

Interestingly, the guy who was taking care of the shop did show us a book which was looking like a Anti-Da Vinci Code. He told that the book was released well before Da Vinci Code and was it was now making hay out of the Da Vinci popularity. Not just that but also he did started telling us about other books and it’s authors. I was completely taken back by his knowledge on books and authors. Asked him if he has any more book in shop that was left without being read by him. He said so politely that there are many and he is unable to keep in pace with them. Probably the first time, I did see a book store guy being such a passionate book-lover. We did take a pic of that guy as a respect for the fellow book lover. He is the one in the pic above. Later, I learnt even Prabhu shared a similar thought like me about the guy.

The Corner Book Store seems to be promising especially if they can hook on to such book worms. A true haunt for a book lover. Not forgetting the full mug of south indian flavored Cafe Latte at Barista. Not the usual coffee-bar music that plays noisy this thing that thing music. They only play the children channel POGO on the television with a mute. And on a sunday it was Barney and the kids on POGO. What a peace, it was !!


Happy Skidding on the festival weekend

On the roads of Chennai, if you get to travel on this Aayudha Pooja festival weekend, here’s wishing you happy skidding. Many of us who commute using a two wheelers and even three wheeling auto rickshaws get a chance to slew/skid because of those pulpy pumpkins broken on the middle of the roads.

Breaking pumpkins, is believed to rush out bad omen from shops, vehicles and whatever stuff you believe to be affected by that omen. On this auspicious weekend, most of the shops break pumpkins alongwith the burning camphor in the middle of the road just opposite to their shop. Hence dudes, if you drive around Chennai and don’t notice the large white pumpkins on the road, boom. Drive safe and no skidding.

Even after repeated advice of the metropolitan management and the traffic police of Chennai, this superstition continues. And it will go on until pumpkins and bad omen co-exist. Probably every Chennaite is aware of the pitious story of a couple who died because of this pumpkin skid, some years back. Vijay, had been on Radio Mirchi and adviced in chennai slang about avoiding such incidents. Who cares.

P.S : Thanks to Praveen for these links.
This is why Mani Ratnam is a professional’s professional. Hats off !!
Sharukh Khan talks tamil, again [after Hey Ram], for the dubbing of Swades in tamil as Desam.


Kiss Kisski Kismat

Mallika Sherawat, the controversial Khwaish girl, is running around publicizing her latest film Kis Kiski Kismat. Didn’t know if it was because of the movie name or something, the trailer was just filled with Kiss Kiss and Kiss. Hero’s Kismat.

BTW, on her Rediff chat, she sensationalises the movie Myth, in which she pairs with Jackie Chan. Also last night in the Zoom channel, she was talking about her latest movie. She said a song in Kis Kiski Kismat called Talk of the Town, was an Item Number. Also added that while making it, she was too inspired by that Item number. While they played the song it looked like a scaled down version of Hello Mister Ethirkatchi of Mani Ratnam‘s Iruvar. If you get to see that number, do let me know, what’s so inspiring about it.


Data and Metadata

David Weinberger writes about Data and Meta data in the Third Age of Order. Something that I found very profound.

There used to be a difference between data and metadata. Data was the suitcase and metadata was the name tag on it. Data was the folder and metadata was its label. Data was the contents of the book and metadata was the Dewey Decimal number on its spine. But, in the Third Age of Order, everything is becoming metadata.

Why does this matter? It changes the primary job of information architects. It makes stores of information more useful to users. It enables research that otherwise would be difficult, thus making our culture smarter overall. But, most interestingly (at least to me), this does the ol’ Einsteinian reverse flip to Aristotle. Aristotle assumed that of the 10 categories by which one could understand a thing, one must be primary: Where that thing fits into the tree of knowledge. So, you could say that Alcibiades is made of flesh or lived in Greece, but if you really want to understand him, you have to say that he is an animal of a particular kind. But, now that everything is metadata, no particular way of understanding something is any more inherently valuable than any other; it all depends on what you’re trying to do. The old framework of knowledge — and authority — are getting a pretty good shake.

Interested. Read More. Link via Rajesh Jain.


Questioning Sujatha on Science Fiction

A science fiction short story called Mudhivu[The End] by Writer Sujatha was published on Desikan’s blog. Interestingly, it has raised a wave of questions on how do we define science fiction.

Mudhivu was a short story which was left out in the Sujatha’s science fiction collection, Vingnana Chirukathaigal. The story by itself is a series of letter written by three different people, one being Writer Sujatha himself.

While, the format and the narrative style is typical of Sujatha’s style, the content might provoke you to ask the framework of science fiction. Sujatha doubles up and answers these questions in the story itself. Until finishing the entire story, don’t jump to conclusions, like me. I was able to see the science fiction in this normal story only when I finished it. It’s amazing.

Because of these various questions raised on science fiction’s grammar, Desikan is compiling a set of questions. So Sujatha will step into the blog scene and answer the questions related to science fiction posted by blog readers. By any chance, if you pondering on anything about science fiction, post them here by Saturday[23rd October]. This one is sure going to arouse interest around.