Happy Skidding on the festival weekend

On the roads of Chennai, if you get to travel on this Aayudha Pooja festival weekend, here’s wishing you happy skidding. Many of us who commute using a two wheelers and even three wheeling auto rickshaws get a chance to slew/skid because of those pulpy pumpkins broken on the middle of the roads.

Breaking pumpkins, is believed to rush out bad omen from shops, vehicles and whatever stuff you believe to be affected by that omen. On this auspicious weekend, most of the shops break pumpkins alongwith the burning camphor in the middle of the road just opposite to their shop. Hence dudes, if you drive around Chennai and don’t notice the large white pumpkins on the road, boom. Drive safe and no skidding.

Even after repeated advice of the metropolitan management and the traffic police of Chennai, this superstition continues. And it will go on until pumpkins and bad omen co-exist. Probably every Chennaite is aware of the pitious story of a couple who died because of this pumpkin skid, some years back. Vijay, had been on Radio Mirchi and adviced in chennai slang about avoiding such incidents. Who cares.

P.S : Thanks to Praveen for these links.
This is why Mani Ratnam is a professional’s professional. Hats off !!
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2 responses to “Happy Skidding on the festival weekend”

  1. venkat Avatar

    Hi I have been quite regularly visiting your blog now, for the past month. I must admit that I find your posts rather interesting and truly CHENNAI/SOUTH INDIA/INDIA oriented(in that order). Very amazing coincidence of matters of opinion as well. Keeps me close to Chennai, although I live quite away from the continent, in Swiss. I am aware that you write for your personal satisfaction but if this matters, I really want to say “Keep up the good work”


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Venkat – Thanks a ton for that kind note. And i am sure it does matter a lot to get comments/suggestions from you guys. Do keep commenting.


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