The long Navaratri festival

Sir Vidia Naipaul

The long Navaratri festival weekend is here and is already promising to be fun. The Nobel Prize in Literature winner, V.S.Naipaul will be here in Landmark today for a book reading session of his latest book, The Magic Seeds. His visit to Bangalore Landmark store, yesterday, seems to have awed the Bangalore book lovers.

The Magic Seeds is set to be a sequel to his previous bestseller, Half a Life. Willie Chandran (who first appeared in Half a Life) continues his quest for purpose and a place that he can claim as his own.

Having read his path-breaking short story collection, In a Free State, very recently, I was interested to check-out the session. I am still not sure if I can make it. But I am hoping to. And if anyone makes it, do share the wit and images.

7G Rainbow Colony was out last week. Seems like Selvaraghavan has done it again in the box-office. 7GRC has recieved some rave reviews already, in the media. The word is spreading and the theatres are already crowded. Thanks to the curb on video piracy too. The tickets are sky rocketing. Getting tickets over the weekend is going to be tough. But thats the disporting thing in watching tamil movies on the opening weeks. I am going to make it.

4 responses to “The long Navaratri festival”

  1. Sowmya Avatar

    So, 7G is finally out..
    But being in Bangalore.. I have to wait to see the movie.. Only today, these guys have reached a decision that non-Kannada movies will be released after 3 weeks.
    The songs are great.. Have been listening for some time..
    Hope you post the review soon


  2. Chakra Avatar

    Looking fwd to your review Lazy.. I make it a point to check out your blog for any Tam movie related stuff.


  3. Priya Avatar

    Perfect timing for a blog on V.S.Naipaul.Just picked up a couple of his works from the library, the other day. Will share my thoughts with everyone.:-)


  4. Princess Avatar

    So did you make it to Sir. Naipaul’s Book-read? I did.:-)) Pretty good actually. Lots of run-of-the-mill questions, and some witty answers. 🙂

    And they gave us brownies and samosas!


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