Blogstreet India had sent me

Blogstreet India had sent me a mail saying that this blog was featuring as Blog of the day, today. Thanks !! You guys made my day.

India Blogstreet has been live for sometime now and they have been consolidating Indian Bloggers to provide one centralised place for all-about-indian-blogs, inclusive of ranking to RSS. With the current number of Indian Blogs closing in at 900 and given the fact, the media has started talking about blogs extensively, blogs might increase exponentially. This service might become just like a portal to blogs/indian blogs. Great Job !!


  1. congrats!!! i am a regualr visitor of your blog and i really enjoy reading u’r stuff. keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah man, these fellas were absolutely right. I decided to start my own blog a few months back, and that’s ONLY after visiting and re-visiting ur blog a few times. U are persuasive man….hehe.
    So, in this case, I would say, u are an inspiration.

    Title well earned. Keep up the good work n I can see more of these coming to u in the future.

    And yeah, thanks.

  3. Its good for them; how can any one missout “THE” lazy Geek.

    By the way, remember, we two are partners. I am Lazy and you Geek …… 😉

    Kep us happy. All the best


  4. Prabhu, Anbu, Ravi, Arvind, Gaurav, Suthar, PVR and Latha,

    Yo !! Didn’t expect this . Thanks a ton guys !! It’s really this that makes a day apart from such sweet mails from blogstreet.

    You guys have a great weekend.

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