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It’s the time of rehashes. With the recent kollywood heroes(namely two, guess who ?) movies being re-made from re-made movies, Gandhi Krishna has certainly delivered a re-hashed movie, with lots of interesting moves in the script. Chellamay, may well be called Kadhal Konden 2.0, except for variance the director has shown in the script and the backdrop of the movie is a lot different from the original.

If Selvaraghavan, used a orphan kid, to talk about possessiveness, love, affection and sympathy between the kid and a girl of his same age, Gandhi Krishna makes a similar relationship a little complex. The girl with whom the protagonist or anti-hero(however you may call), is related to, is an elderly mother-figure for him. Worse, she is also married. So we have a true hero here, too. However one is prone to get miffed by the perplexed situations that doesn’t tell you for a long time, how the hero considers his relationship with girl.

Bharath as Viswa has shown lots of maturity in acting. He was much better than the BoysBob Galy‘. The reason why many would like him as Viswa should be attributed to the character he plays. The appreciations should be equally shared with the story writer. Many a time, such mis-placement of applauds happen. Vijay was appreciated for his acting skills in Poove Unakkaaga. Rather it was his character that was sympathetic and got him all rewards coming his way. But in Vijay’s case, it proved profitable for him. Poove Unakkaaga became a big hit and took Vijay’s career to great heights. Hope this happens even to Bharath. Bharath certainly rocks in his dialogue delivery. A much sought after skill in today’s top heroes. We have shining examples of bad dialogue deliveries in Tamil films. I only hope Kamal Hassan and Vikram conduct a crash course on dialogue delivery for our hero dudes.

Reema Sen is a surprise package. She has well managed the role and has given hopes for her future directors. Full Points. The new hero Vishaal wades through the character. Girish Karnad is also there just for a sentiment.

Harris Jayaraj shows us a sneak peak into the kind of music Shankar’s Anniyan would have. With this being his biggest release before Anniyan, fans across can get ready an expect some good quality music from him. Sonalisa Sonali song’s tune and the picturisation has charmed many people to the theatres. One, being me. The Kawali/Dandia type song reminds me of a song from A R Rahman‘s Mr.Romeo. However I try to ignore that influence, it keeps coming back to the same song. That song was a climax number called Monalisa sung by Malaysia Vasudevan. Someone could have reminded about this resemblance. It might have been avoided. But Harris has really some nice BGMs in store. The romantic BGM with a male voice humming behind is absolutely fresh. Great Job !!

The dialogues are by Sujatha and Gandhi Krishna combo. Not only their realistic dialogues set the tone for the movie but they also ground the movie well. Here is where you find the shades of Shankar. Gandhi Krishna being Shankar’s assistant, shows those traces and makes the best use of dialogues to get the audience acceptance. It’s an unwritten success statement, that if audience could relate to the characters and their dialogues, the movie could manage a success. Chellamay is just another example for that.

And you know what KV Anand can do with his camera work. This one is a swashbuckling innings for him.

Gandhi Krishna with his some sharp twists and u-turns manages to sell the movie across. Nevertheless, the second half becomes stereotyped and the audience start whispering about what’s coming next. He is a promising new-comer and Shankar should be proud about his assistant who has etched out a technically well made movie. Something that Shankar has been consistent from his first film. One would have hated to call this as a re-hash if only the script didn’t bring back memories of Kadhal Konden, to a large extent.

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  1. Cool Dude Avatar
    Cool Dude

    I liked the camera as u have said. Movie not too good. GandiKrishna can do better.


  2. Narsi Avatar

    Hi Geek,
    The review abt the movie chellamay reflects the idea that I had abt the movie. Great stuff. Keep going…
    But one pricking thing is how did you miss Mr. Vivek who does a good job in first half. when Girish had a word in ur review why not vivek.



  3. Tan Avatar

    Hi Lazygeek, I am visiting u for the first time. It is a beautiful and neat site that you have. Though i don’t get to watch movies that are made down south, but your review was a nice read. Would be back for more. Good work, indeed!


  4. Nilu Avatar

    Was not Kadal Kondein also a lift off?


  5. Vimal Avatar

    Kadhal konden is Guna v2.0, with an overdose of vulgarity, masala and some cringe inducing sequences


  6. senthil Avatar

    can i see the movie guru..?


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Senthil, Has this movie not released yet in the malaysia.


  8. suresh Avatar


    That was a nice write up but i completely disagree with your views on the movie especially about BG score and Reema sen

    Read my views on the same



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