Tamil Hits (!) – People’s Choice

With SCV Channel going live for most of the day, people call in throughout the day to request songs of their choice.

Some observations from the requests. The great Sirichu Sirichu Vandhaa Seena Thaana song from Vasool Raja seems to be topping the requests. Every hour atleast it’s been asked for nearly 5 times and played thrice. Every hour. Appidi Podu from Gilli ranks second. Reema Sen’s dance number May madham song from Jay Jay is also one of the top requests.

Lessons learnt – Item numbers are people’s choice. Appidi Podu isn’t a item number in the literal sense. The other two are certainly the best examples available. This being a representation of what people ask for, you know why producers and directors are hell bent on having Item numbers on their movies. What you ask for is What you get.

On a related note, a program on Zee Music called Item bomb, seems to bring a tease club into the drawing rooms. Item Bomb is an India wide search for bombshell girls who want to dance Item Numbers in the ‘worthy’ Bollywood movies.

Being called as a reality show, they follows closely the participant girl of the show and bring on-screen their prepartion and the performances during prelim rounds. It looks like show for Peeping Toms. Reality TV is been screwed up, completely. Why wouldn’t we think of rating the TV shows. This one would be rated A++ or RR.


  1. Guru,

    Please do a favor. Tell me what time the item bomb program is being screened. I will analyse it and let you know the rating what I feel 😛

  2. If people want aesthetic value – they would buy a few Bach CD’s. The reason why these numbers are asked and who asks them is obvious, and natural.

  3. Reality Show for item number contestants is a genius idea. It isn’t quite pornography but is at the edge of the cliff. As long as the production quality is not below average, I suspect it is going to be a huge hit.

    Lazy, we may not like it but aren’t directors and heroines already pushing the semi-nude envelope. Since a lot of money is at stake, it is normal for supply to be followed by demand. About the only solution is a better and more strictly enforced rating system. V-chips on TVs and under 18s thrown out of theaters.

  4. Guru,

    I saw the Item Bomb in the Zee TV on Friday (I think so). Initial round of 10 sec movements i don’t what they are trying to find from an artist. Its like dance ppl used to go and watch at Imperial!!! and now at our drawing room…Kashta kalamda samy. The movements, dressing tooooo much to rate

    The pathetic about this is you want our rating and i feel you have lot of GUTS to ask this question. My rating is Don’t waste your time by going to Jothi Theater or buy some VCD’s and just watch Zee’s Item Bomb. I personally feel its a fair rating.


  5. Im just curious-what does Item Number mean? Does the term ‘Item’ refer to the skimpilly-clad women with their grinding movements, trying to create a sensation on the screen? Im not a feminist or anything but its really degrading to call a woman an Item.Oh well, if girls doing it dont mind being called an Item, who am I to judge?

  6. I knew someone would crop out a question like this.

    But, yeah !! it’s a ‘legally’ accepted unwritten bollywood accepted keyword referring to a single dance number in a movie that’s intentionally sandwiched to ‘entertain’ the audience.

    A good example which comes to mind immediately when I say an item number is the September Matham song in Alai Payuthey with Channel V vj Sophia entertaining Madhavan and ofcourse all of us 😉

  7. Prabhu Kanna, Vutlla yaarum illaya !!

    Nilu, You’re right. But a eight std girl requesting this song could be natural to us. Not for her parents. Agree ?

    Ashok, It’s a huge hit already and I have a couple of people asking me about why I didn’t blog about it all these days. BTW, what you are asking for about strictly enforced rating system, may take decades before they are well in place, in INDIA. I’m being a realist here.

    Shiva, Vutukara amma kitta pesanum polla irukku !!

  8. Priya, it is most certainly degrading for anybody to be called an ‘item’ unless it is a person who does not specifically object to being called that way. It is not correct to call just any dancing person an ‘item’ irrespective be their dress.


  9. 100% right Ashok. The bollywood has churned out such accepted words and has spread it across even to the other film industries.

    It’s certainly degrading for someone to be called like that. The worst part is the girls who dance in this program don’t object being called that way.

  10. Guru,

    Naan bangalore la thaniya keeren naina. vootlam ellam madras la keeranga..And innum naan kannalam kattikale naina.

    item ellam vudunga annathe..namma kollywoodlayum adhe madhiri namma thaaikulatha izhivu paduthara madhiri sollunga keedhu. akka appadina arthame maaRi poachu.

    kaalam kali kaalam

    program time sollu naina

  11. Enna Guru…Koothu kalai katta arambiducha???? Ore Commenta irukku..

    I already sent you invitation and u din’t turn up and y are you asking for my permission to come home my friend…You are always welcome…

    But before come home, pls give me the aganda you want to talk to my wife…safe for both of US…


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