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7G Rainbow Coloby
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As you drive down the Liberty Bridge in Kodambakkam it’s impossible to miss this 7G Rainbow Colony hoarding. This has been there for quite sometime and while I was driving down last week, it did strike me that this was one of the most strategic locations in Chennai for a hoarding that could catch the most attention.

While we have the the adjoining sides of the most busiest Gemini Bridge filled with huge banners, this Kodambakkam locations attracts the best viewership, in my opinion. Usually when you drive over the Gemini Bridge in Mount Road, you can be as fast as 50-60 kms/hr. But on the Kodambakkam Bridge, its impossible that you can even drive in a cyclist speed. Worse if it’s on a rainy day. Your are forced to slow down heavily and the traffic moves by inches. So while you get frustated about the density of the traffic on the bridge and the propotional amount of fuel that’s wasted because of the wait, there is this Sonia Agarwal just opposite to you in the banner. Enjoy and see your boredom getting pushed aside. BTW, Should that be enough to prove the speed in which we move around in Chennai.

Incidentally I took these pics sitting on the driver seat of my bike. I was still, unmoving. Only that the other guys around me who were fellow waiters of traffic seemed to be displeased to see a me clicking the banner.

I did remember to put this pic online when I saw Sonia Agarwal on Ungal Choice in Sun TV. Pepsi has withdrawn the sponsorship to Ungal Choice and it’s another textile shop in Ranganathan street which is sponsoring the show now. Non-Sun TV subscribers can make a guess and I’m sure you won’t be right the first time. Uma still remains to be the compere of this show. Sonia did seem very shy and timid and she has managed koncham koncham tamil. Also she is very naive and has an infectious smile good enough to bowl over her admirers.

Looks like 7G RC will be out this month and those fellow traffic drivers would start drooling over this hoarding, then. Yet another pic on the photo blog.

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  1. I couldn’t help notice the “Sulekha” classifieds banner below that poster..
    Mannnnnn..They are everywhere!!
    Sonia Agarwal..Yepp a treat to watch. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t help notice the “Sulekha” classifieds banner below that poster..
    Mannnnnn..They are everywhere!!
    Sonia Agarwal..Yepp a treat to watch. 🙂

  3. She hardly managed to speak in tamil but it’s ok – she still has time. When somebody asked her whether she would act with kamal, she said “Wipu”(Vaaipu aka chance) vantha nadipen. It did confuse me for a while. Why does she need Sarika(kamal’s ex-“Wife”) to come for acting with kamal? – I wondered 🙂

  4. Goodlooking girls on a PTC bus seem to be recurring fantasy for our movie makers. In all my years on the 12B bus, rarely have I seen model types on the footboard.

  5. I guess the best-looking woman standing on a footboard has been Amala (“valayosai kala kala” in “Satya”), with our Kadhal Mannan for support 🙂 Did anybody manage to beat that?! Food for thought on this fine Friday morning! Alaipaayuthey Manasu…

  6. Oh yeah. That kodambakkam bridge is one of the slowest. I always figured I could walk faster….
    And rainy days – in Chennai????

  7. hi ,

    Sonia is gr8 from her first movie Kadhal kondein, she has marvelous eyes and a very cute smile,

    waiting for 7G rainbow to bloom

  8. I agree with ram… that beautifully picturised melodius valaiyosai gala gala vena song still remains unbeaten in the category of romantic scenes in PTC foot board… unga manasu alaipayaradhule aacharyame ille ram…

    Prabhu, how did u manage to browse the website thro mobile, is it an airtel-kk connection?

  9. But, there is a risk of consumer’s associating the ad (and the product) with the negative experience (bcos of the slow traffic). Dont you think?

  10. I have hutch g p r s connection. And the site looks decent. It does take time to load images. But its ok. Worth the wait . And sorry for the triple post 😦 some problems while posting.

  11. I, Me, Myself.

    [ by Latha (lathsmail@gmail.com) ] Hey Latha, here’s to u. Way to go dear, a pat on my back. Well, no one can blame me for respecting myself now, can u? Here pals, hold my hand and I shall lead…

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