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Nokia 6600’s the hero in Cellular. Was suprised to see this headline. Cellular is a hollywood flick that released last week in the US.

According to The Wall St. Journal article, the Nokia 6600 is central to the film’s dark storyline, which portrays both the best and worst features of cellphones. Kim Bassinger plays a mother who is kidnapped, locked in a room — and manages to make one random cellular call — from a rotary dial phone that was smashed by the kidnapper. She reaches a random individual, played by Chris Evans, who drives around Los Angeles trying to help her. And here’s the twist, Ryan must overcome common wireless frustrations, including poor signals, a low battery and inadequate customer service, to save her. In the process he is stuck with rude sales people while he stopped at a shop to buy a charger. Read More.

HP ran more than 4 pages of Ads on their range of computer systems in The Economic Times, Chennai edition. No idea why so much on a single day ?

Zoom, the to-be introduced mass niche channel(read commercial) of Times Network has ads all over the Times dailies. Zoom is planned to be aired on the third week of this month. Don’t know if our local guys at chennai have any plans for the CAS subscribers. Read more in the India Television site.

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  1. Krithika Avatar

    These hollywood people never run out of ideas, it seems.


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