The Ada Ad – 199 ? 19.9 ? 19.9.2004 ?

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Does that seem confusing ? It really is. This Ada !! Ad that has been overworking on every Chennaite’s brain for the last month, is finally going to be out on 19 Sep 2004.

When it intially appeared as Ada !! in the top of the ad and 199 at the bottom, everyone thought it was a prepaid mobile service ad. But after a few weeks, Ada ver 2.0 released, number 199 mentioned below was changed to a decimal 19.9. Today’s papers sport the Ada ver 3.0 that has the date 19.9.2004. So finally on the 19th, the secret will be unleashed and chennaite’s can stop thinking!!.

We have had several Ads in the recent future like this like the famous Hutch Ad which came with just a Hi !! on the boards, the most famous AIDS prevention Ad Pulli Raja and ofcourse the Suryan FM. My intiall guess was that it was a Pothys Textile Ad because it has the Pothys green in the background. Then when I saw the number 199, I thought, like others, it was a pre-paid mobile service Ad. Now, I’m clueless. I am still waiting to find out what it is. One more pic on lazygeek photoblog.

Only guesses in the comment box, Please. And hey, by a freak chance, if you are the Ad maker, or connected to this Ad company please dude, restrain from commenting. Let the guesses flow through.

This is one real Ada ad!!.

13 responses to “The Ada Ad – 199 ? 19.9 ? 19.9.2004 ?”

  1. Anand Avatar

    When I saw the 19.9 I thought it was some freakish FM station!


  2. Kumaraguru Avatar

    The font somewhat reminds me of Ananda Vikatan or Kalki (not clear which one) 🙂


  3. Kumaraguru Avatar

    BTW..anyone know What happened to our “AD guru” aka ChandrachoodaRavagaSelectiveAmnesiaCC’s site?


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Chandra Choodan’s site is down. He said that he has emailed the hosting guys and he is waiting for a reply. He is also unable to re-direct the domain to his old blogcity account.

    Looks like he’ll back soon. Enna CC ?


  5. iterativeend Avatar

    cd be a TV series or a low profile movie..


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    probably yes, iterative end.

    but i am not sure if these TV guys can spend so much over one month for a series.


  7. Chenthil Avatar

    I still think it is the Reliance Infocomm guys with a 1.99 re call to any where in the world with a Rs. 199 plan to be unveiled on 19.9.2004


  8. Krithika Avatar

    I thought it was one of those FMs again, to be unveiled on 19/9/’04. The idea seems to be working though. Hutch was a good one.


  9. curses Avatar

    The font does remind me of Ananda Vikatan.. cud it be their retort to “pudhusu kanna pudhusu”?


  10. Prabhu Avatar

    My guesses. How I wish atleast one comes true

    1. Boat Service in cooum afetr it is cleaned
    2. Karnataka says it will accept what the tribunal says
    3. Ramdoss & Dr Krishnaswamy decide that they wont interfere in Tamil Movies
    4. All auto-rickshaws in chennai will have proper digital meters, no asking for extra charge.
    5. YSR agrees to release Krishna water for chennai
    6. adikkall naattu vizha for the sky bus project
    7. Cho’S Thuglak goes the web way.
    8. Ananda vikatan starting a new TV channel.
    9. Some announcement on Kalaignar’s kannammaa
    10. Rajini’s interview to some magazine. And that will be published in a course of 10 weeks or so



  11. anon Avatar

    my bet is that it is vikatan fm or something.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Looks like Ananda Vikatan is the most popular choice. Let’s see.

    If it was only Vikatan, I would complain the color wasn’t all that good, given Vikatan’s nice choice of colors.

    Prabhu, If only …


  13. curses Avatar

    can i add
    11. There’s a Rahman release in Tamil w/i 6 months to that list? 🙂


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