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Wanting to have a good detailed look the show, though I had no intentions of buying anything, I did wander around the Hindu sponsored Lifestyle Show like a kid lost in some festival. I made it on the Friday evening itself, to avoid the weekend rush hungama. Someone who went on Sunday complained that he didn’t even get a full coconut poli to eat in the food court, not to mention the very very overcrowded exhibition center.

Even as you enter the show, you shell out forty bucks as an entrance fee. Forty bucks. That’s a huge amount for an exhibition. Unlike other lifestyle shows which are organized in the little kalyana mandapams, this one was organized in the spacious trade centre. Each store had it’s ample space which was very appreciable. Worth the money that I paid on the entrance.

The Hindu had it’s own display right in one corner of the show where they had vintage pictures of Olympics. Their VIP lounge was as small as their ads on weekend classifieds. People had to bump on each other to see what’s going on inside. And when I tried the stunt, I saw someone like Pepsi Uma chatting with someone like Prashant. Before I could confirm their existence, an excited teenager was already trying to stand on my shoulders and peek inside, so I withdrew, swearing against the organizers.

The automobile stores had real cars parked inside and a family was seriously inspecting a Ford car for more than 45 minutes. I did a whole glance of the show and came back to the same store to see the father was doing something with the steering and the mom inspecting the headlights very meticulously. When I went it was the vice versa. The salesman was already sweating was having a panicked look of having troublesome customers. I did give him a friendly laugh and I think he got the sense.

All the homemakers (inclusive of grandmas, aunties and moms) who were accustomed to watch the evening Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin did take a leave and assembled for the show. There were northies than the southies. The crowd was only in the pakistani choli shop and in the carpet/mats shops. With a huge variety of shops, it was a real entertainment for them, especially.

If there is one shop were everyone bought things, including me, was the one dollar shop. Deriving the idea from the US where $1 shops are primarily used only by desis to buy toiletries and gifts for the Indian relatives (that’s what they do and it’s a fact), this one dollar shop was also damn interesting. Cheap look-alikes of Nivea and St.Ives were also found. Bu interestingly they had some real nice coffee mugs for a throw away price.

Finally the food zone, which had some real good restaurants like Copper Chimney (where you pay through your nose) and China Town were present. But with their usual speed of serving dishes, I only thought, they would have tough time coping up with the rush on weekends.

If you are a yuppie, earning big bucks from a MNC firm and a little spendthrift, you can loose thousands in such shows. While such shows display the luxuries in life than what you actually have now, they are definitely a hole in someone’s wallet. If you were present on the weekend to this lifestyle show, the first thing you do on the monday is to walk into your boss’s room asking for him for a hike.


  1. Nice one!!
    I feel at home being away from home when I read ur accounts abt the happenings in Chennai 🙂
    Miss them dearly though..

  2. Nice one!!
    I feel at home being away from home when I read ur accounts abt the happenings in Chennai 🙂
    Miss them dearly though..

  3. –>”Deriving the idea from the US where $1 shops are primarily used only by desis to buy toiletries and gifts for the Indian relatives (that’s what they do and it’s a fact)”

    It can’t be further from fact… If you were just kidding, its okay…

  4. Hi Geek..

    I missed that event even so close to home and not like Raapi who is far away…this is due to preplanned weekend programs. But after reading your article i reaslised that i saved some bucks to spend at real doller shoppe. Good and Nice article and not like TITS and BITS.


  5. Raapi, Wasn’t able to make it to the quizzes, thanks to vasool raja. Will anyway look out on the net if there is a commentary on what hap during the quiz.

    Tilo, Did see it. However the family meet/Vassol Raja is fixed next week. first time for fun. 2nd time is with athais.

    Swami, I wasn’t kidding at all. I mean it.

  6. I am surprised you wouldnt agree with Swami. I am still assuming you are joking about it. It is possible that some Indians might use dollar shops for what you have mentioned, but every other citizen of every other country living in US uses it for the same purposes. Besides, there are many little things but truly good ones that you get there which is why these stores are so much more popular among 300 million americans than among a few million so called desis.

    I am sorry if i sounded critical if you were still just joking about it. Just wanted to comment on the “fact”. Anything can be fun, no offence.

    Enjoy your blogs, Sudhar

  7. Sudhar, Appreciate your comment. But I also don’t want to be also critical of the desis using $1 shops.

    My personal experience with the desis and these shops forced me to write that. And hence I used the term fact.

    Maybe, I shouldn’t have generalised. I’m wrong at that. Also, maybe you guys could have excused me by thinking that I wasn’t generalising there, I was trying to make a mockery of those who really do that.

  8. Hey LG,

    I was positive you were mocking. I tried to explain it for that slightest doubt I had that you were serious. I meant no offence and no need to feel bad either.

    Isnt that the beauty of blogs? I have no rights to critique anyone’s. There is only exchange of thoughts. Everyone has a fair say.

    Appreciate your candid response. Sudhar

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