1. Just as I believe that we don’t have any bestowed rights to take out another life, I am also of the opinion that putting a man in Jail for ridiculously lengthy time isn’t going to be helpful to anybody.

  2. “we dont have any bestowed rights” – so who bestows rights on us?…by the same argument, nobody “bestowed” any rights on us to come up with invitro fertilisation techniques to create life.
    Maybe capital punishment wont be a deterant, but then do child molesters really deserve anything else?

  3. >> do child molesters really deserve anything else?
    Since the other option(jailing) is pointless, I am implicitly trying to say that it’s better to hang him.

  4. I believe capital punishment should be abolished. Its cruel…….to the victim’s family. Technically, death by hanging is almost instant & painless if done the right way. So the criminal hardly suffers for his crime. He should be made to live life, have children and then live the pain of losing a child. Yes, its going back to the barbarian age. So what??

    Yes…..capital punishment should be abolished.

  5. Keeping him in jail only costs the public money, i’d rather kill him and get it over with. It probably also scared ppl from committing crimes.

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