From Homer to Kalki (a) All about In Medias Res

What started as a close shot of the bronze-god Achilles ended up in a detailed write-up of in medias res.

Mdeii Anand who’s interesting review of Troy started a comment mela which led to his explanation of a storytelling method called ‘in medias res’. From his words, in medias res often refers to the narration of a story that starts off in the middle of an action wherein standard things such as character introduction, setting introduction are dispensed with. The characters/ setting are apparent from the actions or if they need to be explicitly stated are done so through the course of the narrative.

If you interested how Homer’s Iliad and Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan were connected finally through the same blog post, read in medias res. Very neat and informative, especially for movie buffs.

8 responses to “From Homer to Kalki (a) All about In Medias Res”

  1. Anand Avatar

    Whoa! Thats a big plug. Thanks man! BTW CC wants to know what ‘plug’ means.


  2. tilo Avatar

    Yuh, what’s a plug?


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    All the meanings of the word Plug.
    1. [n] an old or over-worked horse;
    2. [n] an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire;
    3. [n] blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly;
    4. [n] an electrical device with two or three pins that is inserted in a socket to make an electrical connection;
    5. [n] electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark;
    6. [n] blatant or sensational promotion;
    7. [n] a wad of something chewable as tobacco;
    8. [v] persist in working hard;
    9. [v] make a plug for; praise the qualities or in order to sell or promote;
    10. [v] deliver a punch to;
    11. [v] fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug
    12. [n] in breech-loading guns, the metal plug or cylinder which closes the aperture in the breech, through which the gun is loaded.
    13. [n] A high, tapering silk hat. [Slang, U.S.]
    14. [n] A stopple.

    Thanks to CC/Ravages for that.


  4. tilo Avatar

    make a plug for; praise the qualities or in order to sell or promote;

    so was he praiswing the qualities of in medias res – none of your definitions seems to apply.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anand was saying this : [n] blatant or sensational promotion;

    But it wasn’t. It deserved it.


  6.  Avatar

    again for this form of story-telling, Troy or was it just self -promotion.
    Alrite let’s just move on


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