Chennai gets ‘median’ised !!

The Chennai that I left back is never the Chennai that I see today. That’s a common statement that we here from NRCs [Non Resident Chennaites] who keep rambling that how good Chennai was in those days when compared to the present. On the other hand we have these patriotic Chennaites who vow to live and die in Chennai even if there is an acute water scarcity. And if you ask them why, they would reply that Chennai still remains the heart of cultural /conservative India.

Apart from the New Yorker restaurants, Leather Bars, the Pasha discos of Park Sheraton and the re-opening of EC 41 on the East Coast Road there are quite a few things that’s makes Chennai better and even the so called patriotic residents and the NRCs fail to capture.

One such amazing thing is the drive to build a median from Guindy to Tambaram on the GST Road. From Tambaram it gets connected with the existing median that runs from Tambaram to Chengalpat. This new median stands at 3ft in height and 2 ft wide and is mostly continuous from Guindy to Tambaram. What’s the big deal about this?

The median that is built now is being made of cement with huge rocks and building blocks. It is also artistically curved at the ends that give a nice appearance. It isn’t one of those yellow painted grills laid as median, which you often find in Chennai. We used to jump over them when we go to colleges. Super heroes, huh!! Those are old humbug solutions. This one seems like a long time solution, probably.

And the interesting thing (!!) really, is that there are water pipes running inside these medians and there are these hanging plants/crotons that are planted throughout the whole stretch. Give another 2 months and see the drive from Guindy to Tambaram becoming a scenic ride to glory with all those greenish plants hanging in from the center of the road. Already Hutch, Airtel and most of this money spinning (read sucking) companies are adopting these medians for a particular distance. They pay the gardeners and make sure the plants are properly maintained.

The only hitch that I see here when some lorry driver who is on his high should crash onto these medians thereby damaging the median. I don’t have high hopes on the highways dept to repair all such damages immediately. Such acts may bring us back to square one.

But we are talking about the hanging gardens of Chennai here. Finally I am happy to get a scenic bike drive on the GST road to my workplace. I would love to have it soon.

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  1. Ravages Avatar

    Plus the new fopund drive to smoothen out roads, and cleaning up the gutters that is happening. And Gemini flyover being Airtelised.

    Not bad at all, I would say


  2. Jagadish Petluri Avatar
    Jagadish Petluri

    Is that true!!! Is Chennai making changes that way. Appreciate the stuff happening. It is really wonderful knowing that. But I don’t understand, why people in chennai won’t use source of most abundant energy known as “SUN”. Probably that will make the life less dusty!!!

    Hope Chennai will become, what it use to be!!!


  3. ganesh Avatar

    Hello me not in the list of so called NRC ok , i love chennai wherever im enna kolluthara vaiyaal irunthalum seri thanni illenalum seri madras madras than pa oops sorry chennai chennai than , infact coming back to my chennai in anothher year or so 5 varusham pirinchi irukken .


  4. Abhirami Avatar

    So what’s it going to be called? The Great wall of Chennai?


  5. Priya Avatar

    They actually have water in these water pipes?That’s good to know.Not being sarcastic or anything-wish they’d (They as In all the Huge companies that are adopting these highways)clean up places like Otteri where ppl died of Cholera before further Singarichufying Chennai.we need good water in those areas,really.
    All these new constructions, not to mention the Umpteen Flyovers are making Chennai looker smaller and congested everyday.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Well, they have dug bore wells in between the medians so that the water gets pumped automatically to the pipes and the plants are watered.

    Yeah if you take otteri as an example, I have a huge list of places that needs to be dressed up. North Madras is the worst affected. All that royapuram, pulliyanthoppu are badly hit by pollution and water congestion.

    FYI : There is this huge drive to clean up Koovam. And they are spending in millions to straigthen it up. Your final look at the dirty koovam is nearing. And if you are not in chennai enjoy more-than-enough koovam in Aayitha Ezhuthu, across the napier bridge.


  7. Priya Avatar

    That’s really good to know.


  8. sat Avatar

    Oh yeah. The GST road median is amazing.
    But then that median upto guindy is asking a bit too much.It is a bit difficult to maintain.
    And besides the traffic density is a bit too much – and if this median occupies a lot of space – how will they manage traffic?


  9. sankar Avatar

    Heres to hoping that it wouldnt meet the same fate as those “Veeranam” pipes.


  10. Shiva Avatar

    Yes..i partially agree with Geek..Being the regular user of Guindy – Tambaram HHHHIIIIGGGHHH way i found that the great wall of Chennai is good. But the problem is there are lot of places where the vehicles can take “U” turns and “right” turns. That needs to be minimised to the safety of all the vehicles. I witnessed aroung 10 motorbike accidents in the recent past after the so called wall was built. As Geek mentioned, the damaged walls needs to be repaired immly. If they take care of those two issues we can postpone the program of MADI ROAD ( like MADI RAIL) from PARRYs to TAMBARAM. That to we can postpone but we shouldn’t drop that idea because thats verymuch inevitable in the coming days.