Come Again !!

And so the rain came down today on a Sunday, telling us, this is how a rain looks like. Chennaites refreshed themselves about the PHENOMENON called rain and went back to sleep. But before that rain went away.

FYI – Little Johnny wants more rain!!.


  1. Looks like the rain Gods are playing hide n seek with Chennaites.I remember the good ol’ days when schools would actually close due to. heavy rains..!!!we’d come back home to have fun with paper boats -normal ones and Kathi kappals 🙂
    Ah.. the joy of watching the rains from your verandah with some thing hot to drink or munch …
    Every time I see those dark ominous clouds here in the East Coast (which has become an everyday affair by the way), I’d pray that some of it travels all the way to Chennai.

  2. yup rain on East Coast makes me think of home. But I certainly don’t when my tap is running full flow during shaving/brushing… 🙂

  3. Yea whats with the rain-a-day trend now in the east coast…its raining pretty much every damn day and ruining my evening tennis time.

  4. so all you guys from east coast pray 5 times a day for 41 days and send atleast 2mm of rain to chennai.

    if so i will have a soorai thengai to luz pillayar 😉

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